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  1. Thanks @castletonia. So there is your pump answer. A vs500 will run it, but you will have an issue with the topside as I mentioned. I would guess that was a used control system from another spa that was not worth fixing. It happens quite a bit in the used spa resale business. But that doesn't excuse the single speed 4hp pump or dipswitch issues. https://www.spadepot.com/Balboa-VS-Spa-Control-Kit-P3185 https://www.spadepot.com/15-HP-Spa-Pump-2-inout-Side-Discharge-48-Frame-240V-P692C690.aspx The pump is a must, but the control system might work fine with the dipswitches
  2. In a nutshell, purge until no new gunk comes out and start fresh. Keep your chemicals to the basics and see. How long have you had the spa? What is your maintenance routine? Do you have any chemical automation (ozone, uv, salt)? What are you testing with?
  3. Well, there are usually air control knobs on the top edge of the spa that mix air in with the water, which turns it white coming out of the jets. It seems to hold on a little long for that, but can you close the air controls? I am not familiar with sanichlor. Please define "balanced" water and explain your maintenance routine. @waterbear, do you have a minute?
  4. That is a strange looking watkins. I can see the sticker so know you are right, but that's a new one on me. Does it have a big control pad on the front? @castletonia, can you identify this tub? Is any of this equipment original? It doesn't appear to have ever had an iq pack or circ pump, and has a single filter and lots of jets. Could it be running a 4hp?
  5. The existing hole may be too large for the plastic adapter plate that will come in the new Balboa vs500. Costs will likely be around $800 for pack and pump. Watkins have some unique plumbing and usually use a 24/7 circulation pump. Please post a pic of your equipment area so we can see what is going on with the plumbing. On a watkins tub I would go with a 2HP pump at most.
  6. Hey Mario, welcome to PSF. Earlier in the thread the OP posted that the pressure switch had been jumpered, and so eliminated from the equation. He even posted a pic. Otherwise, you could have been correct in your diagnosis.
  7. I see you already did. The vs system does not use that topside. That seems to be proprietary (made for a certain brand of spa). The LB in your system model number appears to stand for "Leisure Bay", and was used in several brands of spas but may not be available anymore. I haven't shopped for one of those in many years, and I didn't have alot of luck finding the pack available anywhere. You may have to make some sort of adapter plate to use a vs system and control panel.
  8. 1-off (down) 2-not sure what panel you have. 3-optional, I would turn on. 4-off 5-on 6-off 7-off 8-off 9-off 10-can't read it on your pic. I would use the same pump that was originally in it. I am not clear if your posted info is the oem pump. What brand and year was it? @CanadianSpaTechis right, too much pump can damage all kinds of things. For spa packs, I would say Balboa vs500. But the control panel is probably different and will require some modifications to make it work. Post a pic of the control panel.
  9. https://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.php?/search/&q=Rash&search_and_or=or First, use Ahh-Some spa purge. Read the many threads in the link regarding this subject and see what others have done. Come back with any questions. Has a doctor said it is bacterial, or is that your assumption? Did they do a culture to identify it? @waterbearmay have some advice.
  10. There is no problem using a 2 pump control system with only one pump. But your primary pump must be 2-speed, and wired correctly with the board dipswitches in the correct positions.
  11. Post a pic of the control pack, circuit board, and topside so we know what you have.
  12. Engineer, guru, genius, god... we hear them all. But what's in a title? Right? We don't let that kind of stuff go to our heads, geniuses that we are. I mean, to be a spa engineering guru genius you MUST be modest as well. All those millions of helpless people relying on our godlike wisdom and intellect is a tremendous responsiblity, not to be taken lightly. But we handle it with style and grace, undaunted by the extreme difficulty of our task... Wait, what just happened? For a moment I felt like George Clooney at the oscars...
  13. Set dipswitch 9 to off. From the visible corrosion on the heater I would say it's junk. Is it on a gfci breaker?
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