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  1. Test hot to hot for 240. With it removed? If installed, turn on power and test across fuse for voltage. You should read 0 volts. Test them as above. As I recall, on that board there is a tiny fuse, maybe a half inch long, that is soldered in. This is the low voltage fuse. Test it with your meter as well.
  2. Make sure they are good pics so we can see the components on the board. And include the wiring diagram on the inside of the box cover. Do you have a voltmeter?
  3. Do you have a multimeter or voltmeter? Check voltage on both circuits at the circuit board, then check voltage out to the pump with the jets on. Post a picture of the circuit board.
  4. What brand?? Are there any errors? Post a picture if equipment area and circuit board.
  5. Can you give a better description? Maybe post a video? Details make all the difference.
  6. Are there any error codes or flashing lights? Are there any lights on the circuit board? Do you have a multimeter? Check voltage at the heater terminals on the board. Post some pics of the circuit board, wiring diagram, and equipment area.
  7. https://pool-spa-supplies.com/thermproducts-sundance-spas-heater-assembly-5-5kw-240v-lo-flo-square-back-jacuzzi-sundance-6500-402-c3229-2a?utm_source=google_shopping https://pool-spa-supplies.com/sundance-spas-heater-4-0kw-240v-curved-w-6-cord-6500-063?utm_source=google_shopping Can't tell which you have.
  8. Then you did not repair it, you put a bandaid on it. Now you are in the position where a bandaid is not an easy option any longer, and you need to repair it. You would have to remove the old "patch" and redo it. How to do that depends on what you used and what you put it on, but is never easy in any case. Post some pics of the leak so we can see what you've got going on there.
  9. Is there a number with the "sentry" name? Post a picture of the circuit board and wiring diagram.
  10. Maybe @jimmythegreekor @Pool Clownhave some suggestions?
  11. You really get more bang for your buck with a new system. It is much cheaper as a unit than to buy it one piece at a time. It comes with new board, heater, topside, sensors, and even a light harness. Easy to swap out and simple to understand setup. It's an easy choice to make, and the best bet for long term investment. Get the pumps rebuilt while you are at it and you'll be good for years to come.
  12. Hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but if you didn't change any dipswitches (which are fine) then your board is shot. I would get a new topside as well. That brings you to a new control system, which is what I would push for with my insurance provider. 🤔 You'll need a pro to come out and say it could be the result of an electrical surge from ground (lightning strike nearby). Which, described as you did here, shouldn't be an issue. Did you have any other electronics damaged in the home? Any neighbors with damaged stuff or insurance claims? First step is contact your insurance and
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