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  1. Plastic jugs of water in the freezer. Add fresh water.
  2. Ummmm... Either you have mixed up some abbreviations or you don't understand pool water chemistry. FC= free chlorine. The stuff you want that sanitizes the water CC= combined chlorine. The result of FC combining with organic contaminants in the water, aka sanitizing. The stinky, eye burning stuff you DON'T want, and that you shock to get rid of. TC= total chlorine. FC + CC = TC Your test can only measure FC and TC, so you have to subtract FC from TC to find CC. TC - FC = CC Shock is ANY oxidizer that burns off CC. Chlorine is an oxidizer, as is MPS (monopersulfate, no
  3. That has to be the worst fake accent I have ever heard written. 😉 Maybe post some pics so we know what's going on in there. Include circuit board, wiring diagram, and equipment area.
  4. Is this the first time the tub has run at that location? Is it on a gfci breaker? Check your incoming power to verify you have 240v red to black and 120v red to white, and they are connected properly at the spa.
  5. Inside the box will be the heater element connections (which may have o-rings) a pressure switch (rubber diaphragm) and who know what else since I have never seen one of those exact systems. If you can't get it open you can't possibly fix it. Unscrew the unions that connect it to the pipes (white ribbed fittings) and take the whole thing out.
  6. Oh yeah, the dreaded pro-rated warranty. After a month, you pay 90% of parts and 100% of labor. And your % goes up every year after until you are paying 200%. Scamtastic! It's just like la-z-boy.
  7. Warranties NEVER cover ALL parts. Especially those that can be damaged by neglect or bad chemistry. For example, they say things like "10 year plumbing warranty", but don't mention that they don't consider jet inserts to be "plumbing". So when your spinners start blowing ball bearings into your spa, it's not covered. Same goes for gaskets/o-rings, light bulbs, and even heaters and pump seals in some cases. Likewise, there are exclusions, such as freeze damage, which is considered neglect even when it resulted from the failure of a warrantied part and you called for service the day it
  8. https://www.spadepot.com/Balboa-VS-Spa-Control-Kit-P3185 New complete control system with heater and topside. Just saying...
  9. Well, I know you have a fragile ego, so I try to keep your spirits up. 😉
  10. I am not very familiar with smartchlor, but have heard that it reads as total chlorine from other threads. I have heard it explained that the smartchlor acts as a chlorine reserve that is converted to free chlorine as needed somehow. (I am no chemist). I also do not know what effect it will have to switch it over. We recommend ahhsome spa plumbing cleaner on every new spa purchase. Biofilm in the pipes will eat up chlorine like my 9 year old eats cheetos. @waterbear, master of the chemical stuff, what do you think?
  11. I'm curious how much you paid this "expert" for that "manufacturers" board?
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