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  1. Post a pic of the circuit board and heater. What errors were on the display? Which one? Actual temp, displayed temp, or both? In the tub or on the heater?
  2. Yes it's fine to use, and you can switch chlorine type at any time.
  3. Having never used a uv system I can't say how effective they are at eliminating chloramines and chlorine from the system, but assume they would be similar to an ozone generator. A silver ion purifier that is "built in" is usually more expensive than the type that install in the filter. I am not familiar with that brand. I use both ozone for chlorine and chloramine reduction and a silver ion purifier for a secondary sanitizer against chlorine resistant pathogens and to allow the low chlorine environment created by ozone.
  4. The temp isn't dropping, just the temp reading. The water in the tub is still hot. There is no way you could go from 88 to 100 in 10 minutes.
  5. We posted at the same time. That system is doing exactly what it should, and your low temp reading is likely because of the sensor location and 3 hour circulation delay.
  6. Bring the board to an electronics/computer repair guy.
  7. Post a pic of your control box with the cover off so I can see what you have.
  8. I personally use a low chlorine system with ozone and would use much more chlorine if I did not have nature2. The proprietary cartridges made specifically for this or that brand of spa are usually more expensive than the basic cartridge. They add about $10 per month to my chemical costs. Worth it to me.
  9. Me too. IBEW Local 1 class A apprentice for 3 years before I parted ways during my (nasty) divorce. Now I do spas for the past 26 years. It's really a pretty simple 3-wire motor control system, but most spa techs in the digital age have no real clue how to use a multimeter. Compared to the assembly lines at the GM plant it's a joke not worth laughing at. That gfci only protects the equipment and you can still kill yourself just as dead as you'll get by touching the water with a shorted heater and a bad ground. I'd get a gfci breaker on it if I were you. If you're worried about code,
  10. BTW, gecko is a canadian company in case you were wondering...😉 The advantage of your pack is the cheap repairs. No circuit board means when something fails, it's a $50 part not a $350 board. But only us old guys, like me and @CanadianSpaTech, know how to troubleshoot them. Most spa techs these days would be lost just looking at it.
  11. The silver ion cartridge is not related to your chemical method. It is a secondary system that is useful against chlorine resistant contaminants, and may reduce the amount of chlorine that you use by reducing the reproductive capacity of pathogens. It does not eliminate the need for chemical sanitizers, and is not affected by which type of chlorine is being used.
  12. List all chemical readings, method of testing, and chemicals you are using.
  13. Then it isn't losing that much in the tub, just the sensor is getting cold probably from lack of circulation. The best heaters will only get you about 8-10 degrees increase per hour. I'd guess your spa is in economy mode, which only allows it to run the pump and heater during filter cycles or when you press the button.
  14. I use balboa exclusively. They were the first fully digital control pack, are widely used in new spas, easy to troubleshoot, parts are easy to find, and they are not expensive. Everyone else is just trying to be like balboa. I have installed hundreds of VS packs.
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