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  1. Unlikely but you will see when you remove it. no It's not working ok. Open the square box on top of the motor and see if there is a burnt wire or something that would cause the fuse to blow.
  2. Relays can be replaced cheaper than replacing the board.
  3. Gate or Slice valve so you can push it down to block off the water and replace the pump without draining the spa. There should be one before the pump and one after the pump. Might be on the other side of the heater.
  4. Have never seen one and know little of the European power grid but still think there is a short somewhere and if you disconnect everything and it still blows I'm looking at the plug.
  5. Disconnect everything and if it still blows the fuse replace the plug. Post photos of the plug
  6. my guess is that there is a diode or something else on the board itself that has failed. You could remove the board and have a look on the back for darkened or burnt areas or broken pathways. Hold it up to the light and use a magnifying glass to inspect.
  7. Disconnect everything until you find something that is causing the short. Pumps lights ozone blower heater. What fuse is blowing? Not sure I understand.. first I assume you are in Europe correct? Next you say it is not hardwired so how are you getting 240 V to the spa?
  8. Either the pump shedding heat is heating the spa or the heater is only getting power to one leg of the heater element so essentially only running on 120V would be my guesses.
  9. no Is there a second single speed motor in the spa that you can plug into that spot to eliminate the circuit board as the problem? Disconnect the pump from the board and test for constant power coming off the board when the pump is engaged on topside. Is the motor hot to the touch when it cuts out? Can you put your hand on it for more than a second? Seems like thermo cut out. Second/third look at wiring can't hurt.
  10. Does it make a hard BUZZING noise before shutting off? Is it a 2 speed pump/motor? Was the wiring disconnected when you took it apart?
  11. Likely a one way check valve for the air injection that is no longer working and letting water get past. Made by Waterway Plastics 670-2270 1⁄2" S NEOPERL Check Valve with Cap/Foam https://hottubwarehouse.com/products/waterway-check-valve-670-2270
  12. White wires for 120V components (AV) go to Area 1. White wires for 240V components (pumps) go to area 3. The new board might not have the "Set Up #" pre programmed. Looks to me like it has set up # 7 = 1- 2 speed pump only and that's why pump 2 is not showing on the topside. You need to program it for set up 5. Now Maxx or Vita spa stuff is proprietary so finding info can be hard. You should be able to access the low level programming through the topside. Try and hold light button for 30 seconds and see if anything pops up.
  13. If the LED pump indicator light is not coming on then you might have the wrong "Set up" configuration Program number. It thinks there is no pump 2. Is it the EXACT same board you replaced. Is it from original dealer/manufacturer.. or bought online.
  14. a drain for draining your spa is my guess but it was likely leaking so that was their solution. Buy a "Quick Drain" It can also be used as a vacuum to quickly vac up any debris in the spa without loosing a bunch of water or having to drain. Will drain a spa in 20 -30min https://www.poolstorecanada.ca/products/quick-drain
  15. Grey wire is for LED lights. If you have a light out in that area then yes but there are often extras
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