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  1. @ydragos Please start your own post and describe your issue and post pics of the circuit board and schematic on inside cover
  2. Sure or a skid might work. Jack stands are also used in some cases.
  3. See page 32 here for both the blue snubber(Varistor) and the terminal block: https://www.guillens.com/images/JAC/Pdf/JPS/2014-1 Parts Catalog.pdf
  4. Couple of pics of what you have might help us with recommendations. Is it wood and if so how thick is it? There are all kinds of portable "Bubblers" made for bathtubs and such. What are your expectations? If you just want the water to move you could even just place a drain pump without the garden hose attached in the foot well and it will move water. Whatever you decide make sure it is GFCI protected.
  5. no I think board is likely still good. I would be going back over all the wiring connections. Where do you have the white wire coming back from the spa and into the GFCI? It must go into the GFCI itself and then the pigtail goes to the Neutral bar or it will trip. Could also be a bad ground somewhere. Dip switch setting should not matter with a tripping GFCI and can be sorted out once you get the breaker to hold. No Problem. I'm just West of Milton. You can PM phone number if you need to speak directly.
  6. Usually the front bearing... or something got past the filter and is stuck in the wet end.
  7. https://www.spacare.com/productimages/pdfmanuals/balboa/54340.pdf Start back at the beginning... Disconnect the heater first then each component until it holds. How's the GFCI look. What size/amp is the GFCI? A2,3 on A4 off A5 off A6 off (North America ?) A7 on, A8 Choose A9 on, A10 off Again 120V components need the white "W" wires to go to White AC... 240V components the white "W" wire needs to go to Red AC. Example 240V pump 1 the W1 (white) wire goes to red AC. If your circ is rated 120V White W2 goes to white AC and so on
  8. Takes 120 or 240V off the board and steps it down to 12V dc. Usually only the stereo runs off it. If plugged into board it should have 2 lights on it to show it is receiving and sending power to the stereo. If you don't want to use stereo just disconnect it from the circuit board.
  9. In photo with rusty heater tube you have 3 white wires going to White AC for 120V components and 2 going to red AC for 240V components. One of the white wires needs to move from Red Ac to White AC
  10. Have you tested the large green buss (SC30) fuses? If pump 2 runs swap places with the fuses and see if the pump 1 now runs and pump 2 does not.
  11. Plastics will fade. Fact of life IMO. Stainless steel won't rust but the mineral hardness in the water will sit on top of the SS and will rust. Quick wipe with a soft scrubby and it should wipe away.
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