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  1. They don't need that much filtration. Most run at 2 hours out of 12. If they don't use it much 1 per 12 would likely work. It will save them $$$
  2. Great Job...where's all the snow.. I don't see any snow...lol Well the snow flied...flew...fell...here for about 6 inches just after I wrote that...lol
  3. Get them to reprogram the spa to only run a 1 hour filter cycle in the am and a 1 hour in the pm. They should be able to also program the start times. A lot of spas whatever time you turn the main breaker on sets the start time others you can program by a clock function. 2..1 hour filter cycles a day will save them money if they don't use it often. Sneak over and flip the main power off and back on at say 9 am then you won't get woke.
  4. Is this because you are worried about draining the spa water onto your grass?
  5. FYI... BBB 1.4/5 rating and a warning alert for consumers.
  6. Yes you need to dig deeper to find the source leak. Could just be a small pin hole or it could be a seal around a jet. Animals love to just nip a small hole so they have a water source in their nice warm Winter home. Likely need 2 barbed fittings and a couple of gear clamps if in fact it is the hose and not a jet that is leaking Either water to the jet lines (3/4") or air injection lines (Usually 3/8") hard to tell from the video.
  7. CURRENT ALERTS FOR THIS BUSINESS BBB rating 1.4/5 Hope you don't have any issue. Doesn't sound like they are well liked. https://www.bbb.org/us/fl/clearwater/profile/hot-tub-parts/affordable-spa-covers-inc-0653-90039116/complaints
  8. Anybody ever tried one of these 500W or 1000W...: https://www.tscstores.com/TANK-STOCK-DEICER-REG-500W-P42203.aspx
  9. Buy a Quick Drain instead. Light weight and easy to store. Can be used to drain the spa as well as a vacuum to suck up debris in the bottom of the spa in between your 3 mth water change. https://www.costco.ca/quickvac-quickdrain-spa-maintenance-system.product.10322940.html
  10. Wow that's AHH Some! Great job on the repairs. Hope you are at the end of it. I know the feeling with "free" spas...you get into it and most times it's more that what you were told or bargained for...but you just have to keep going because you started and a rabbit hole can only be so deep...right...lol that and it's what we do. Hope you get a good return on it in the end. I try and complete 2 a month minimum and that alone usually pays the monthly bills. I am fortunate to have a steady supply of semi decent trade ins so I can be a little bit picky and get quite a few dump spas for stripping pa
  11. Personally I am against Winterizing and always try to talk customers out of it. When you take the water out of a spa the air gets at everything...seals will shrink, anything metal will rust and if ALL the water is not removed you are in for costly repairs. RV antifreeze makes a mess as well. Some spas have one way check valves inline in the plumbing and if you don't get the water from both sides of it you WILL have cracked plumbing. As a tech if I perform a Winterize and the cover blows open half way through Winter, fills with snow, thaws and refreezes then cracks plumbing Who's responsib
  12. she should be fired...had a spa couple of mths ago and customer blew out about 10 jet seals using a plunger. Laing e10 $159.00: https://www.spadepot.com/Laing-E10-Spa-Circulating-Pump-34-Barb-120V-P708C300.aspx Page 104 right hand side of page here: https://www.guillens.com/images/jac/pdf/2012 Jacuzzi Hot Tub Repair Parts.pdf The Laing E10 pumps are notorious for starting and stopping once they get worn out. They are a magnetic drive system and the magnets either get weak over time or the impeller bearings wear out causing the impeller to wobble. Calcium can also cause issues in
  13. Try plugging in topside to J 71 or J72 and give it a try if you already haven't. See page 6 here: file:///C:/Users/Owner/Pictures/S&K%20-%20Copy/GL2000%2055048-04_97_A.pdf Look for "dipswitch bank B"... B6 and try it in the on position
  14. Post pics of the circuit board so we can see dip switches. Also schematic on inside cover and white tag on the top of the metal box with the model and part numbers
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