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  1. When you power on it should start in low speed. You say it only runs in High speed...is that because you push the button to go to high or is it starting in high speed? It's a beachcomber is there a small circulation pump? Post photos as @RDspaguy asked.
  2. When you cut it it will be 1.5" shorter but often there is enough slack in the hose that you don't need an extension piece. It is 3/4" clear hose and the air line is 3/8"
  3. I use plyers or channel locks to squeeze the clips together and remove. The Hose I cut as close to the jet body as possible if you think there is enough hose to re attach to the new jet body but you might end up short if there is not enough hose available. In that case you will need to add in a line coupler and an extra piece of hose. Just cut both hoses close to the Jet body and remove the jet body. Don't even worry about the clips unless they are in the way. Take them off once the jet is out.
  4. Looks like a TP800. In the future please start your own thread. https://www.balboawatergroup.com/Topside-Panels
  5. When installing the new element important to ensure the element is not touching the walls of the chrome heater tube. Place your finger inside the tube and hold the element in the center while tightening the nuts. Look down the tube once tight and make sure it's not touching or it will short out.
  6. Replace the heater element. Should say on the white sticker on the chrome heater tube if it is 5.5 KW or 4 KW. Did you follow the directions and hold the small 5/16" (or 1/4" or 3/8") nut under the copper tab while loosening the 3/8" nut on top of the copper tabs? You need... https://www.spadepot.com/Universal-Flo-Thru-Spa-Heater-Element-10in-P772
  7. Hold up... What are you trying to do. Is the jet leaking and if so where. There is a large nut on the back of the jet body. If it is leaking at this point and water is dripping out where the jet body meets the spa shell I back off the nut all the way and leave the hoses connected. You can then push the jet ahead a bit and clean out/remove the gasket seal on the acrylic side of the spa and also clean out/remove any silicone on the inside where the nut is. Then using marine grade silicone lay a bead on both the acrylic side and the nut side and retighten the nut/jet body back in place.
  8. First remove the filter and reset the GFCI breaker off/on. Remove the filters from the equation. If the error comes back then you should be looking at the pump and then flow switch next. When you power the spa back up observe the heating/filtering related pump to see if it is starting at all in low speed. If it is humming in low speed then you have a pump issue and likely a bad start capacitor. Let us know results and we can go from there.
  9. Top tier brands like Hotsprings and Jacuzzi can be expensive to repair. During Warranty period research call out/trip fees charged to service the warranty. This can range from free to $160. Ask if the warranty is pro rated over the life of the warranty. They can be expensive out of warranty because they use a lot of proprietary parts and you have to buy parts through the dealer. Mid range spas like Artesian, Hydropool, Sunrise Spas might have some proprietary parts most can be sourced and swapped out with generic parts made by the same manufacturer. Things like topsides might not have the same shape or fancy logo but will work just fine. Dealer reputation is critical. Do they provide their own service or do they source their service to an outside company. Trust is very important. What extras are they offering? Delivery, Cover lifter and install, steps, start up chemical kit, GFCI spa box (especially Hotsprings as their "Special" 20/30 amp GFCI breaker can be hard to get in Canada and expensive) are all things you will need and can add up $$. Work your best price on the spa and get these things added in at the end if they are not already offering. Most will include the extras. Ask the sales person if they are working off Commission. Makes them really uneasy and I love it. Remember the sales person's job is to get as much of your money as possible. The more they get the more they make. Once the dotted line is signed you will likely never see that person again and will be dealing with a CSR or a Service Dept. going forward if you are dealing with a larger pool AND spa retailer. Don't be afraid to walk away. Take the deal to the limit and walk away. Leave your contact information and a good sales person will call within a few days and ask what more they can do to earn your business. Make them work for your money. Then you will know if you are getting their best deal and can then decide if it works for your needs and budget. Having said all that If you have the budget Jacuzzi would be my recommendation for the spas available in the Ottawa Area. I would also look at Artesian and Hydropool (owned by Jacuzzi but Made In Canada. Sunrise Spa also Canadian made and Jacuzzi owned). Trevi Spas are re-labled Dynasty spas and also worth a look IMO. Jacuzzi also seem to have the best resale value if plans ever change down the road.
  10. Disconnect it (power off) from the circuit board using the instructions below. Lift the copper tabs up so they can't touch anything and try the breaker. If the breaker hold when disconnected replace the heater element ($50) If it still trips disconnect each component one at a time until you find the component that is tripping the breaker.
  11. Do you see one of these anywhere? Might be red might be blue. Check that one way check valve it was likely the cause of the original failure. 100% replace it anyway. Is the unit 120V or 240V. The 3/8" hose should come off the bottom of the unit and go to the injector pictured above and then to the plumbing with the one way check valve in between the unit and the injector.
  12. Did you make the changes as directed? What was result? FYI the jumpers I am talking about are located bottom right of the circuit board and the directions are located top right of the schematic on the inside cover
  13. easy with the heat. Just warm it and then squeeze the soft plumbing with plyers and it should collapse and break the glue joint.
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