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  2. Yes I understand the chemistry and no you didn’t answer my question. Thanks though
  3. Plastic jugs of water in the freezer. Add fresh water.
  4. Thanks so much for the information. That’s a good idea to try to remove it from the pipes. I’ll try that next to see if I can get it open. Really appreciative of the help!
  5. Ummmm... Either you have mixed up some abbreviations or you don't understand pool water chemistry. FC= free chlorine. The stuff you want that sanitizes the water CC= combined chlorine. The result of FC combining with organic contaminants in the water, aka sanitizing. The stinky, eye burning stuff you DON'T want, and that you shock to get rid of. TC= total chlorine. FC + CC = TC Your test can only measure FC and TC, so you have to subtract FC from TC to find CC. TC - FC = CC Shock is ANY oxidizer that burns off CC. Chlorine is an oxidizer, as is MPS (monopersulfate, no
  6. I own the H2X 19 swim spa. It has the hot tub and swim spa with wall divider, meaning we can set the temperatures different for both hot tub and swim spa. We love it, but in the hot summer months the swim spa gets too hot (90 F) for swimming. Anyone of you found a cost effective way to cool the swim spa?
  7. That has to be the worst fake accent I have ever heard written. 😉 Maybe post some pics so we know what's going on in there. Include circuit board, wiring diagram, and equipment area.
  8. I will be installing my new 33 x 18 AGP next week. 15,000 gallons. I bought a Hayward super pump VS and a Hayward C4030 quad cartridge filter. The pool wall has 1 skimmer and 1 return. I will be punching 2 holes at the other end of the pool for another 1.5" return and a 1.5 in supply. Basically, when I'm done with the installation, I will have two 1.5" returns( to the pool ) , One skimmer and one 1.5" supply( to the pump ). My question : The Hayward super pump VS has a 1.5" supply and return. Other than the skimmer, the pool is also all 1.5" fittings. The filter is 2". Does it make sense
  9. Can someone advise manufacturers date for this serial, J271501? TIA.
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  11. Hi , i use the trichlor tabs and i want to free up some of the CC but preferably without adding any extra CYA to the water. The only thing ive found thats compatible with trichlor is the ‘pro side shock’. I know i cant use the standard type of shock but is there something else that’s compatible without the added CYA in it like the pro side or is that the only one i can use? P.S i accidentally write this on someone else’s comment by accident. My apologies.
  12. Hi, what can you use to free up your TC if you are using trichlor? Preferably something without CYA. Is Pro Side shock the only thing available when using trichlor?
  13. Is this the first time the tub has run at that location? Is it on a gfci breaker? Check your incoming power to verify you have 240v red to black and 120v red to white, and they are connected properly at the spa.
  14. If you change the pump I would be looking at the wiring on the pump
  15. I have a 2007 Down East spa Windsor 3 hot tub. I’ve recently changed the heater and on pump that was frozen. Changed all the manifolds (previous owner let it freeze). Got it all set and filled let it prime and not all the keys will work. I turn on jet 1 and it’s really low turn on jet 2 and it’s the same not difference. After a while pump one will shut down and it’s really hot to touch. I have to wait a while for it to kick on again. I’m completely stuck thought I had this all fixed. Help please I’m going insane.
  16. Inside the box will be the heater element connections (which may have o-rings) a pressure switch (rubber diaphragm) and who know what else since I have never seen one of those exact systems. If you can't get it open you can't possibly fix it. Unscrew the unions that connect it to the pipes (white ribbed fittings) and take the whole thing out.
  17. I just bought the same Hayward cell and installed it last week with the same Mineral Springs control board. Seemed to work at first but now the control board is shot, no display, flipped circuit breaker and nothing. I suspect a compatibility issue too. Did you find anything out?
  18. It has 4 screws on the front of it, which I took off but the front didn’t want to come off (I unfortunately don’t have good access right not to try to remove it further). What is likely to be in the box? The box itself isn’t supposed to fill with water I assume? So something is loose or cracked inside? Thanks so much for the advice!
  19. A well designed spa will have a mixture of both. Larger jets for a longer soak and some smaller ones to target different areas that need attention/pressure
  20. Oh yeah, the dreaded pro-rated warranty. After a month, you pay 90% of parts and 100% of labor. And your % goes up every year after until you are paying 200%. Scamtastic! It's just like la-z-boy.
  21. But are they pro rated over the life of the warranty? What do each charge for a trip fee to come out to service the warranty? Can range from $60 to $180 CDN. Jacuzzi will likely be somewhere on the higher end. There are a lot of jets in that Balneo spa but most are small type jets and you might not find them very comfortable. What else are they offering? Things like delivery, start up chems, steps and cover lifters, GFCI... can all add up and can usually be negotiated into the sale to get you to sign but do it at the end after they have given you a price. No extras no deal good bye.
  22. I'm told I need a hobby and your posts are as good as any...
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