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  2. Cusser

    Leaking Jet Line Advice

    Funny - just last night I tried a piece of FlexSeal tape underwater to the liner of my above-ground pool over a seam where I'd patched about 4 years ago. So it's too soon to tell for me. An underwater patch kit from Ace Hardware pool aisle (about $4) tried a week ago did not stay attached and will be returned as not performing as to claims/satisfaction.
  3. rex.o.mania

    Pool Covers

    As per your question i found two best cover which satisfied your need. This Loop-Loc safety pool cover is constructed with a new thicker weave that nearly blocks all sunlight. However, it still allows melting snow and rain to easily drain through. If you want less debris and light in your pool, this is the right choice for you. It still offers exceptional protection as it is durable enough to support the weight of not only a small child, but also an adult. Green Mesh is the best pool safety cover because it protects an in ground swimming pool from severe winter in just one simple step. The lightweight mesh and the two-ply webbing allow rain to seep through into the pool. However, it does not let twigs, leaves, and other debris to go in.
  4. First off thank you all for your wisdom and assistance!! I have a LA Spas Paradise (about 800 gallons) which I have noticed the water leaking from. I pulled the side cover of and found a mouse/rat/squirrel has chewed a hole in approx. 3 of the supply lines that feed the jets in one of the seats. I can access the damaged parts of the hoses, but am unsure what the best method would be to repair. The hose is clear, red, and flexible - unlike the white "spa" hose I am seeing at home depot. First I am unsure of the diameter, and don't want to cut a piece out if I don't have to since that will be shortening the line and possibly make it difficult to repair. Is there a standard diameter for these types of clear plastic jet lines? Also, am I best off to try one of the "flex seal" types of products, or just cut it at the hole and splice? Any advice on the best way to splice that type of line as well? I see lots of videos online, but they all seemed to apply to the solid white corrugated flex hose.... Thanks again!!! Steve
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  6. rftsr

    Dr Wellness Tranquility spas

    They have a really bad reputation on this site and others. Better to spend your money almost anywhere else. Sorry.
  7. Does anyone know anything about the Dr Wellness spas looking at a G10K good or bad
  8. Luke Nag

    OHH error, help!

    Hi! I just replaced the executive 56 pump on my hot tub and I now am having issues getting an OHH error code. I replaced the pump, filled the hot tub with water, released a union on the pump to get any air out of the pump that I replaced, and turned on the hot tub. I got the “Pr” code and let the hot tub sit and prime for 4 minutes. Then it displayed “- -F”. Shortly after that, it displayed the temperature to be 100 degrees F, and then displayed “OHH”. I know that OHH stands for unsafe water temperature of 108 degrees F or higher, but the water is cold and that is not accurate. During all of this, the pumps do not turn on, they do not spin or anything. The balboa circuit board and M7 heater system were replaced about 3 years ago. I am stumped as to what the problem is. About a one weeks ago, I turned the hot tub off to replace the pump because the pump bearings were getting loud and at the end of their life. I replaced the pump, and now it Is not working. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm new to the hot tub world. We were just given a Hot Spot model TX that looked to be in very good condition but had not been used for a while. It was winterized last year, however, and does not appear to have any leaks so far. After getting it to our place and opening up the side panel to get to the power cord, I found a lot of "mouse house" insulation, etc. Also, the larger air duct hose (about 3" diameter) seems to have been broken into (and possibly lived in by mice...). I will need to vacuum it out and either repair or replace that hose. I cannot see how to get the side panels all off. They appear to be glued on... could that be correct? If so, how do I remove them? Gently pry them a bit at a time with a flat bar, and then screw or re-glue them all back to the wooden frame? If I cannot remove the sides, to replace this air duct, once I vacuum it out, is it possible to "duck tape it" just to make it work? Sorry if this all sounds crazy, but I think it's OK, other than this... have not powered it on yet though, due to the insulation parts in the hose, fearing it will plug everything up... Thanks for any and all input. Hopefully, this was not all for nothing, getting it here and placed...
  10. Was running fine then the ready light went out. Cleaned the five filters. Ran Clean cycle. Still no Ready light
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  12. NickJ

    Coming Up With a Natural-based Care Regime

    I'm looking for advice: We seldom use our Jacuzzi Meridian Spa so adding bromine or chlorine daily is too much trouble. Consequently we neglect it and then have to drain and clean it before we can use it again. I am considering adding a silver/copper zinc ion generator and possibly an ozone generator if they would keep the water sterile and clear for months between uses. (NO bathers just months of filtration and ion generattio.) That way when we want to use it we would just add the active sanitizer (probably chlorine or bromine) before hand to bring it up to a 1 or 2 ppm level. I realize I'd still need to chek PH and TA and hardness, etc (I maintain our pool using a Taylor saturation index wheel) along and along but my main objective is to eliminate having to monitor bromine levels so often. Does anyone know if this would work? I might forego the ozone in favor of a weekly non-chlorine shock since I'm concerned the ozone might destroy the vinyl on the pool cover and perhaps the o-rings in the unions and pump. Also somewhere I read something that implied bromine might not work with an ion generator. Is that true? We use chlorine in the pool but have always used bromine in the Jacuzzi. I'd probably use Chlorox if I must use chlorine but again only when we plan to use it and right after. I am forced to use granular chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) in the pool as we don't have a local source for liquid chlorine at a reasonable cost for a 30K gallon pool and therefore have constantly rising hardness. Either that or dichlor and constantly rising cyanuric acid. I wish the Jacuzzi and pool were connected since I find it pretty easy to maintain the pool water but they are separate. Thanks for sharing any information.
  13. Rob1973

    Hot Springs problems ! Please help

    UPDATE: took time to get everything ready for a refill, lots of brittle plastic around heater, but plenty of plastic weld and sealant finally got a seal. As I refilled I made sure I sure directed the hose into every nozzle, jet etc to make sure no air locks. Checked all connections, turned on and its all come to life, now just need to wait to see it heater works, fingers crossed (did check resistance and seemed ok)
  14. cosmaann

    Swim Spa Recommendations

    We bought the 19 foot deep separated Swim Spa I cannot imagine not having the separation
  15. Cusser

    Caldera box 20 30 amp

    Ha !!! My 1988 CalSpa did not come new with a GFCI for the tub, just one for the light !!! Mine's 40-amp, 240 VAC hard-wired, done by professional electricians who also ran the 240 VAC wires through my attic. I read about GFCI for spas in Popular Mechanics magazine a few years later, and added my own 40-amp GFCI for the tub/heater/pump etc. So I bought an appropriate-sized circuit breaker and a circuit breaker box and added my own; mine happens to be inside the spa cabinet. I'm not a professional electrician, but this offers me more protection than I had before. Plus, the non-GFCI circuit breaker is on the complete opposite side of my house, outside the fence.
  16. Kpowers


    Jets won’t shut off and having problems adjusting the temperature. Can someone give me a tip or two! Thank you
  17. Was running fine then the ready light went out. Now the lock symbol is showing like there is a temperature lock.
  18. I recently purchased a 2004 Caldera hot tub and realized after the purchase that I need to buy a 30 amp 20 amp disconnect box. The Dealer's want quite a penny for them is there a way I can do this by piecing one together from stores like Home Depot or Menards please help.
  19. Hi, I’m williev , I was repairing a leak and came across this wire about 12” long with a silver looking bullet , they tell me it’s the heat sensor but I can’t find where it belongs, could someone help , ty.
  20. We are installing a used Wilkes 16x24 pool. The question is how to install the bolts for the support panel and then put the upper beam over it? The screw hole is on the outside panel but there is also an inside panel with no hole. Any advice would be a great help
  21. By the way, I looked up some more info about polyethylene (related to this other topic), and it looks like the chemicals used to treat spa water can break the plastic down over time (or it could be going on continuously in other words). Maybe that's one of the main reasons inflatable ones with thinner plastic don't tend to last.
  22. wondertub

    Coleman SaluSpa

    Here's the safety data sheet... looks like the ingredients are used as food grade chemicals by themselves, although sodium sulfite is said to be a dechlorinating agent, and the hazards of Iron Out list that contact with acids liberates toxic gas, or it can cause serious eye damage. Also it says this product may react with strong oxidizing agents, and spa chemicals tend to be oxidizing agents. Conditions to avoid: Do not mix with other chemicals. Incompatible materials: Strong oxidizing agents. Combustible material. The makers of Iron Out say not to use any similar products with hydrofluoric acid for this purpose either. Here's some info on the chemical compatability of polyethylene (what inflatable tubs are made of), along with a chemical resistance chart, which says "oxidizers are the only group of materials capable of chemically degrading polyethylene. The effects on the polyethylene may be gradual even for strong oxidizers and short-term effects may not be measurable. However, if continuous long-term exposure is intended, the chemical effects should be checked regularly".
  23. wondertub

    Best Inflatable Spa (hot tub)

    It looks like some can last. A video reviewer says one has lasted for a couple years now. Others I've seen pointing out that they can sit on the side of an inflatable, and would think those are the same people that later say their pipes mysteriously cracked. Another option is something that turns a bathtub into a spa, there are spa bath mats you can plug in and lay on... here's some more action from Switzerland, lol.
  24. Hi We are in the process of having a pool installed now. For the most part everything is complete, but we are having trouble with the overflow from our raised spa into our pool. The overflow from the spa does not equally push water into the pool. 3/4 of the overflow comes into the pool great, but the right side (1/4) falls more straight down hitting the wall below it. The pool company didn't give a solution, but I want it to overflow evenly into the pool. Does anyone have any suggestions or reason for the issue so I can try and get it resolved before the rest of the work is complete? Thank you in advance!
  25. castletonia

    Breaker Tripping After Refill

    Could be a bad heater, bad motor, or bad GFCI. Contact the dealer you bought it from. As Cusser said, if its new, then its under warranty.
  26. Cusser

    Breaker Tripping After Refill

    If new, it's under warranty.
  27. Rache rach

    Breaker Tripping After Refill

    Please help ive just bought an aqua spa and when i started to heat it up it keeps tripping after 2 or 3 mins i can reset the rcd plug and it runs again for 2-3 mins its brand new so nothing should be broken i dont know what I’m doing wrong
  28. castletonia

    Putting portable spa in the ground

    Having worked for hot tub dealers that perform their own service, all I can say is I would advise against this due to the potential service nightmare it would be. It does look really nice, but if there is ever a leak, or any reason to try and access the other 3 sides for service, the hot tub would literally have to be lifted out of the vault to do so.
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