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    It depends on where your tub is located. If your outside temperature is spring/summerish, than 90-95 degrees is a magic number that a hot tub can reach without a heater, just from the friction of the water in the pumps. That would mean your heater element is bad. If you're in a winter environment and you're seeing 92 degrees, maybe it could be a sensor error. It's rare for both sensors to die simultanelously and to give the same erroneous measurement. I suppose replacing a pair of sensors is cheaper than a new circuit board, but I doubt that's the problem. Is the HEAT LED on the topside illuminated? blinking or solid? The question is, does the spa think it's 102 degrees, or is it trying to heat to get to 102? Dave
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  4. I sell Hot Spring and Caldera and used to sell Marquis. The Marquis Rendezvous will be the only one of the 3 with 3 seating positions. It will also come in as the most expensive. I personally like the Moto-Massage, so my vote would be for the TX. But, you need to dry test all 3 first to verify you fit comfortably. Then have the dealers fill them for you. If they want the sale, they will. Plus all 3 plug-in 115V, so it shouldn't be too much work.
  5. I have a 6 month old Artesian Nevis spa which appears to have ozone and UV sanitizers installed since the lights for those are illuminated on the panel and there are little bubbles coming out from the footwell like the service tech at the dealer said there would be. I also have a Microsilk system which produces the tiny oxygen bubbles. When I got it, we filled according to instructions using a dichlor system. No issues and kept the chlorine pretty minimal, adding more after each use, since we always showered first and went in au natural. I had to go out of town for 3 months, so turned the heat down to 50 (although ambient temp was high enough to probably keep it at 65 at least) and switched to bromine floater with the nature 2 stick, which seemed to keep things nice the whole time. Drained and cleaned it, soaked the filters (which still looked brand new) in vinegar and water overnight, refilled and decided to try the Spa Frog system. I used the start up packet which came with the spa frog kit (PH and Alk and hardness all good) and dialed the bromine to where it was suggested. The next day, no bromine reading, so I figured I would stick the floater with bromine tabs in the tub to help it out since I had read about others needing to do this. Left it for a couple of hours with the floater open about an inch and took a soak. I don't remember testing the water before I got in, so i'm guessing I didn't! After soaking for 20 minutes (my max time) I did my usual routine of emptying my bladder and showering. Two things happened. My eyes burned like crazy in the shower once water hit them. I thought maybe I had gotten shampoo in them, but this was really painful and took ages to wash out with water and soothing eye drops. A few minutes later, my whole urinary tract was irritated and painful, radiating to my lower back. Saw the doctor since I was worried about a possible UTI, but nope. Just irritation and inflammation. So I am wondering what it is that triggered this. I don't seem to have a bacteria problem since the bromine levels seem to stay up well over two days without the floater in the tub and no use. I had used a bromine floater system in my last hot tub with no problems. Could it have been the start up packet chemicals that came with the Spa Frog? I didn't add any MPS until after I had gotten in that first time, so that wasn't it. Do people have a reaction to the silver in the frog system sometimes? I wear silver jewelry with no problems. Or was it likely that the bromine level was just too high after two hours of the floater plus the frog? I did leave the floaters in the tub with me for about 10 minutes, since they stayed in their own corner, but I know i should have probably taken them out. I was thinking about flushing, draining and refilling the tub and switching back to dichlor, but thought I would get some feedback before going through all that in case it's just chemicals that needed to burn off a bit. Thoughts?? Thanks! I am dying to get back in the spa but afraid to until I have some answers and a decision.
  6. My PH is staying very high. I have been trying to balance the water. The cholrine was to 10 and in the morning 0. I have added chlorine and now th PH won’t come down but the chlorine is almost depleteted and the alkalinity is low.
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  8. Spa Enclosures

    My suggestion is to contact the guys from Summerwood hot tub gazebos for some ideas and plans.
  9. Hello, I recently bought a used Coleman 508 spa. I think it's the 2002 model year. This model has a 12 hour filter cycle. I find this really inconvenient, since the tub is close to my house and the noise is distracting. I would prefer to instead run it on a 24 hour cycle where it turns on just once per day. That way I could run it in the late morning or early afternoon when it doesn't bother anybody. I'm wondering if there's a way to change a jumper on the circuit board or otherwise modify the tub to run on a 24 hour cycle instead. Does anybody know? Thank you!
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  11. Balboa M7 Help

    I have a 2006 Marquis Reward that is displaying the incorrect temperature and I am not sure how to proceed. I heated the tub up to 102 degrees (reading on top display) and then tested the water with an external thermometer which gets a reading of about 92 - 95 degrees. So the two are obviously not agreeing and you can tell the tub is not actually 102 degrees when you get into it. Thinking one of the sensors was bad, I put the tub into test mode and tested each sensor individually. Both sensors produced a reading of 102 degrees. I then reached out to Marquis to see if I could calibrate this in anyway, but they said I could not calibrate the top display and would need to replace the whole PC board (roughly 700 dollars). I obviously do not want to go this route and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what to do. Should I replace both the sensors in the M7 and see if that corrects the problem? Has anyone else had this issue?
  12. Power but nothing

    Have you checked the board itself for scorch marks? Check the capacitor(look like batteries standing up). If the top is raised, could be blown.
  13. Thank you! is it deep enough with two people in it?
  14. We have a 2005 Caldera Kauai, 7x5.5, we like a lot. They say it is a three person hot tub, but that is a crowd.
  15. I purchased the tub from a friend a few years ago and finally finished my patio and installed tub. When I first filled the heater end was cracked and I needed a new heater. Upon receipt I installed and filled again and tried to power up only to have the LED display flashed erratically. I ordered a new control head and display. When I attempted to power up I have no lights on the display and the mother board just hums. Thinking that I need a new motherboard but would appreciate some expert guidance so I don't throw good money after bad. The panel is an IQ2020. Should you need anything else just ask. Just a do it yourself home owner watching my coins. I can email pics of board if necessary as they were too large to post.
  16. We have a very small space - at most 7 x 7'. I am interested in a 2-3 person tub for our moderate climate home. I will use it the most (and maintain it, my husband is not as interested) and am average size with back, knee and shoulder/neck problems. A corner unit would fit best but am concerned about proper jet positions and if they are deep enough. Lucky to have well-reviewed dealers locally - but haven't found a filled corner unit to test. Considering Hot Springs, Caldera and Marquis. Grateful for your advice.
  17. Chesapeake 200

    I wanted to put this out there since it was very hard to find what a hot tub should cost. A Thermospas Chesapeake 200 with 22 jets, 1 pump, cover lifter 200, and steps. All in w/tax was $9,888. I found it very strange that an industry, can operate in this day without transparent pricing.
  18. Calcium flakes

    Hi Gary, I suggest purging the tub with the water that is there. Use a good purge like Ahh-some jetted tub cleaner. Once that's done, empty the tub and refill it. When you refill, add a stain and scale remover to the fresh water. Rinse your filter cartridge after 24 hours to release anything that it's collected. You should be using a new filter cartridge. Good luck, Sandy Caledon Hills Pool and Spa Supply
  19. Spa damaged during delivery

    Thanks for the advice folks. It's nice to know I'm not overreacting. The dealer assures me they will repair the cosmetic damage. I am still worried about the long term effects of the impact /drop. I am going to suggest that the dealer guarantees that any leaks or failures in the first 6 months will result in us getting a brand new tub rather than a warranty repair. I feel that this is a fair offer on my end. If they won't agree to that then they can come and take it back.
  20. Spa Audio

    Funny, I have a 1988 spa and my patio has outside speakers. No doubt that the modern spas with more electronic components have more to go wrong.
  21. Spa damaged during delivery

    Thought you paid for a brand-new spa, delivered to your site, not for a damaged one. Write down the serial number, demand a new spa. If you paid by credit card, contact the credit card company and dispute the charge.
  22. I own a 2006 Keys Backyard hot tub, Mod. KS440DESS2. It has a Balboa control box #543444 with main circuit board VS500Z, part #22972. The spa had an ozone generator when new which had the four prong power cord. It went bad due to foot valve failure, when water entered the unit. The cord had only three wires, Red, Black and White. The unit is plugged into the J29 outlet on the circuit board. My new Ultra Pure ozone generator with same cord wiring does not work when hooked up to circuit board but does work when tested on its own with voltage. The receptacles on the J29 outlet measure 117 volts between where the black and green wires would plug in respectively, 117 volts between white and green, but between white and black, it measures only .158 volt. I tested these voltages when the spa was on low speed, where I understand is the only time the ozone generator should get power; and on other speed/blower settings as well. Voltages remain the same. Can you please tell me if these circuit boards have a relay for sending voltage to the J29 outlet, or do you think the board got damaged when the original ozone generator went kaput? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
  23. The saga: i have a softub 300. From the beginning, we had issues with the spa tripping the breaker. J took everything apart and realized that the temperature sensor on the bottom of the pvc pipe that pushes water out was loose. It looked as though there was an epoxy or caulking that wore away. I repaired it with two part epoxy( not a good idea) and then we realize the leaking had killed the impeller. Had the impeller and all seals fixed and replaced. Filled the tub, plugged it in and the jets and heater were working for about a minute. Then the plug tripped and o saw water coming from the bottom of the hydromate pack. i took it all apart and sure enough, that little temperature sensor had been pushed out allowing water to spray from the pvc pipe. ice purchased marine waterproof caulking, and set the sensor in the pvc pip, caulking all the way around and on the outside of the pipe. I’m allowing it Ron cure for 24 hours before we attempt to fill the tub again. has anyone experienced this with a softub? I’ve looked everywhere to learn how I’m supposed to seal that sensor in but there is nothing. Hopefully someone can help since softub won’t say a word. and yes- I’ve looked for a softub dealer or authorized serviceman and there are none for about 1000 kms of where I am
  24. Heater problems

    I have a 2006 cal spa system 2000 with a balboa cs6200 board in it. I changed the temp sensors yesterday because it was throwing a HH daily. After I changed the sensors I’m getting a SN error code after start up prime and then a IC code. It just blinks back and forth between 39 and IC. Is there a reset button anywhere I have to press after the sensor change? I’ve reset the breaker a few times and no change. I can feel water flow out of one or the small circulation jets. The main pumps don’t turn on any ideas?
  25. Spa damaged during delivery

    That sucks! I've read so many reviews about people ordering cheaper tubs that come scratched or gouged, then you get the same deal, as if you'd ordered one of those. My guess would be that a fork lift could have done as much without impact, or if the dolly bumped against something and caught it, either would be steel and it doesn't take much to crack wood with metal and momentum. Supposedly if they are well insulated, that helps prevent damage internally too. I'd pay close attention to its performance and change all the settings (along with the GFCI first for safety) to see that it worked as expected and didn't leak, at least.
  26. Spa Audio

    I own an older Sundance 880 Optima spa. Bought it used about 10 years ago. Great tub, never a problem with it. Recently the built in sound system, which sounded quite nice, has failed. I need to replace the receiver component. Original equipment was a Poly-planar MRD 60. They don't make them anymore, although the local spa shop has one for $500! I would like to upgrade to a bluetooth unit with a working remote anyway. The original unit was pretty basic, essentially an auto receiver built into a waterproof case. Anyone have any ideas for where I could find a unit that would work in this application. I have no problem with installing it myself. Like I said, basically a car receiver.
  27. Two Years With a Bullfrog A8L

    Great review and observations! I recently discovered Bullfrog and am smitten with the design / quality / build / etc. My hopes were kinda crushed, though, on my first dry test. I didnt fit well in the recliner on an A8 and the seating positions are pretty spartan (wide open with not many auxillary jets). The jet packs are a great idea, but it seems you might really only get therapy for your back? I will be wet testing an R8 soon though and will see how different it feels full of water. Hands down the most beautiful tub I have seen though.
  28. Hi All, First post by a new user. Typical story, I am in the market for a new Hot tub and have started shopping / learning. I used to have a MasterSpas 800 something and liked it just fine, but had to sell it. Been dry testing the usual suspects (Hot Springs, Master, Artesian, Caldera, Bullfrog, etc.) and have been having a common problem (I suspect). I am 6'2", 270 lbs and don't fit well into many tubs. A recliner is necessary and most of the dry testing has the head rests hitting me about mid shoulder. I REALLY loved how the Bullfrog A series looked and operated, but the lounger was a bit too short and, surprisingly, uncomfortable. I know that when you are bouyant in water everything feels different, but the dimensions will all still be the same. I accidentally stumbled onto a store selling Passion Spas and tried a few out. Remarkably, I fit into all of the seating positions, and they were comfy too. Never heard of this brand until yesterday and am wondering if anyone has any experience with them? This brand is apparently well known in Europe. Seems like a quality build overall and I will schedule a wet test soon (3 hour drive one way). Hoping for some opinions either way! Thanks!
  29. Hello, as you can see I am a brand new member and this is a first post. My wife and I are in Canada and have an above ground pool and have just purchased a new Hotspring Vanguard Spa. The spa was recently delivered and has not been hooked up yet. My question relates to how fragile the internals of the spa will be. The reason I ask is that the tub was damaged during the delivery. The dealer tells me that the damage was caused by the spa dolly and they will replace the damaged cosmetic panels. I am fine with that. The bigger concern is a large chunk out of the wooden base. This indicates to me that the spa was dropped or hit hard on something. I would love to get the opinion from the community here as to how I should expect the dealer to handle this. My concern is with the long term reliability of the spa. Could the impact of it being dropped cause any weakness to the circuit board, pumps, plumbing etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mike
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