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  2. Anyone suggests, which vacuum (https://www.vacuumcleanerstuffs.com/how-to-vacuum-above-ground-pool) cleaner is right option to buy for cleaning the ground of pool? I use a skimmer for cleaning leaves and debris from my pool. But, I want some other equipment that helps me to remove debris from the ground of the pool.
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  4. Spa Problems!

    No worries. Thankyou! 😊
  5. A spa is an area where mineral-rich spring water is utilized to give medicinal showers. Spa resorts normally offer various wellbeing treatments, which are otherwise called balneotherapy. The confidence in the remedial forces of mineral waters falls back to the ancient times. Such practices have been prevalent around the world, however are particularly across the board in Europe and Japan. Day spas are likewise very famous, and offer divers personal care medications. A spa treatment, body treatment or cosmetic treatment is non-medicinal methodology to help the wellbeing of the body. It is usually performed at a resort, day spa, destination spa, school or beauty salon. Typical Examples of Spa Treatments Hot tub spas are typical examples of spa treatments. It is an open air spa used for self cleansing and bathing. There are numerous hot tubs and spas in the market today. In any case, the nearer you look, the simpler it is to narrow your decision. These individual hot tubs and spas let you unwind in all out solace after the end of a difficult day. These spas arrive in a scope of sizes and styles to fit your space. A hot tub is an expansive tub or little pool brimming with warmed water utilized for hydrotherapy, unwinding or pleasure. Some have effective planes good for massage. Hot tubs are otherwise called spas or by the exchange name Jacuzzi. Portable spas are also typical examples of spa treatments, which are the deepest spa in the market. Absolutely submerge your shoulders and neck for a full back rub. This spa is a great expansion to any lawn or house setting with its convenient outline and simple gathering. This spa comprises of a froth lined divider for effective protection esteem and has a warm cover to ingest and hold the warmth. Adults will appreciate the depth of this spa which makes their shoulders to be totally submerged while being used. These spas are progressively a feature of homes in more prominent scopes. For instance, in London most bigger homes are currently refurbish with these spas, commonly in a conservatory or in the basement. Swimming hot tub is also a typical of spa treatment. These Hot tubs are common warmed pools utilized for unwinding and once in a while for treatment. Business spas are normal in the swimming pool territory or sauna range of a fitness center or health club, in men’s clubs, ladies’ clubs, and motels. Spa clubs may have extensive pools, some fragmented into expanding temperatures. In Japan, men’s clubs with numerous spas of various sizes and temperature are regular. Business spas are mostly made of cement, along with a mosaic tiled interior. All the more as of late with the advancement of the pre-frame composite technique where mosaic tiles are clung to the shell this empowers business spas to be totally processing plant made to detail and conveyed in one piece. Hot tubs are ordinarily made fairly like a wine barrel with straight sides, from wood, for example, Californian redwood held by metal loops. Inundation of the head is not suggested in spas or hot tubs because of a potential danger of submerged capture from the pump suction powers. Be that as it may, business establishments in numerous nations must agree to different security benchmarks which diminish this hazard considerably.
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  7. Can the whole hose be removed and then replaced? Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and others sell flexible reinforced PVC tubing (I use it on my above ground pool). Plastic hose couplers are also available in different sizes, to use with hose clamps. And I believe that standard PVC couplers can be glued to the end sections if you want to go that route. Definitely fixable.
  8. Inground Pool Light Niches

    The pool supplier is right, because when pool build, the niche has installed , if need change must change a same model from same brand. If not leak, dont need to change niche, or even dont need change the light fixture. Just updat the bulbs to what you need will be most cost efficient. Ofcoures, before change it , need find out some specification to selct a suitable bulb.This article may can help to know -“How to get pool light information for a replacement” http://homelightpro.com/how-to-get-pool-light-information/
  9. Hi there, I owned a Viking Spa for about one month a few years back, bought from local company, with a showroom. Had nothing but problems with the tub from the install day.... Mainly due to heater not being able to keep the tub above body temperature for anymore than 45minutes after the cover was removed. The tub was large 6 seater about 1200Litres capacity and the heater was a 2kw heater running on a 13amp plug and play set up.....things did not end well and the absolute buffoonery displayed by so called technicians at this so called company ended up in me owning a hot tub that had to be returned. Anyways, my own fault I guess, as I walked blindly into that purchase knowing nothing about hot tubs. A few years on, here I am, back problems, neck problems, knee problems , issues with stress worse than ever, and I am very much wanting to own a tub. This tub will be for therapy not for partying. Ideally I would like a smallish tub. 3-4 people max. I just want it to be able to hold temperature, have decent hydrotherapy and to not run up the electricity bill! I have looked at the below companies and models- Caldera- Celio/Aventine ( new) both approx. £ 5500 Hotspring- SX and TX (new) both approx. £ 5500-5799 Freeflow- Mini ( second-hand 6/12 old) for £2000 Beachcomber 520 "leep" (second hand ,excellent condition fully serviced by UK spa company and with 6/12 "warranty" ) for £2200 . https://www.beachcomberhottubs.co.uk/hot-tubs/500-series/520-hot-tub/specs-features As you can see I have not yet decided to buy new or second hand, and I fully appreciate the merits of doing both. Id rather plug and play 13amp ...but I can pay an electrician for other set up also if it helps me get what I want from the tub. I have heard mixed reviews on the beachcomber brand, some saying its the Rolls Royce of tubs, others complaining about leaks, and jets popping out etc ?? Any advice appreciated!!
  10. I need advice. I am installing a fiberglass pool. The contractor is trying to place the heater/pump/system by our shed. However do the small slope of the yard, they have tired to build it on a cinderblock platform. Is this legal? safe? Thoughts on this please. We are meeting with the contractor tomorrow to discuss. They moved and installed it today without our consent. Stefani
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  12. In ground pool lights

    Hi, you need know which pool light brand the previous owner installed, you can change the whole pool light fixture or just change the bulb inside. And you can consider a led pool light bulb ,which is more cost efficient. and white color and multi-color changing for select. I have do lot of research about update pool light bulb. This article i think is helpfull:http://homelightpro.com/how-to-update-to-a-color-changing-inground-pool-led-light/
  13. I have looked everywhere and can't figure out how to remove the upper cabinet pieces where the external controls are above the removable equipment access panel. My selector valves are both dripping water onto the electronics and I need access to loosen the plastic nuts so I get enough space to reseal them. Anybody have an idea how to remove the upper panel without destroying it? There are no screws I can see, and I've pried on it as hard as I dare. Thanks
  14. Hey guys, looking for some technical support. I'm retrofitting a new S-class Gecko spa pack to my 2001 Gulf Coast spa. Once installed, the display screen backlight turns on, but the display does not show anything. Further, the buttons on the panel do not control the indicated items. For example, hitting a button such as the light button turns the blower motor on. Hitting the arrow down button turns pump 1 on. None of the functions are correct. So, I tried a brand new panel, same issue. I have tried changing the jumper position with no change. The display continues to not work. So, I tried to replace the brand new S-class Gecko spa pack with another one, same issue persists. The old control pack is no longer available. Here are my tub specs: 240v - line 1, neutral, ground, line2 2 pumps Blower Ozone Does another have a clue as to what could be going on? I'm desperate for some help!
  15. Just purchased a new spa controller that requires new plumbing attachments into the pump and out of the controller. The 2" flex pipe leading to both ends has hardened and shrunk to the point that installing the new controller with existing piping led to numerous leaking joints no matter how I tightened them. So at least some of this hardened flex PVC has to go. It's a 2003 Hawkeye spa. Just cut out a section with a hacksaw and the sawdust it produced has me wondering if this hard pipe is even serviceable. See attached image. It resembles some old pool table rails I replaced where the rubber had become hard and brittle over the years. The spiral reinforcement protrudes so that the outer surface is not smooth. Can this still be glued into Schedule 40 PVC fittings with these spiral ridges? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
  16. Yeah I read through that method. Sounds like lots of work. I want the least amount of work. So far the tub seems great and no smell. Its only been 6 days however since I filled it after flushing it. Also I think I read somewhere that EPA says that 90F+ water + MPS + Nature2 is considered OK for sanitizer. I am trying to just fine tune a sanitizing schedule that will keep things clean and safe for 3 month before i refill. I am not opposed to trying the dichlor then bleach method at some point in the future but it seems overwhelming right now. I just want to enjoy my tub
  17. Thanks. This has all been very helpful. I guess I just need to get in the habit of checking the water every couple of days, even when I'm not using it.
  18. In this article, we will explore Viking Fiberglass Pools and Leisure Fiberglass Pools in three areas; Distribution or Logistics and Marketing and Warranties. Of course, these are my views and opinions based on information provided to me. Most views posted on the web site are anonymous and posted by some one that has an ax to grind or a competitor of the product. That is the blessing and the curse of the internet. We will go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of both manufacturers as well as their warranties. We are a mega-builder who specializes in fiberglass and have installed both Leisure and Viking as well as almost every fiberglass pool made. We are a Leisure Pool Foundation award winner in 2005 upon their introduction into the USA from Australia. We are currently and have been a Viking Gold builder every year as well as a multiple Centennial award winner. Both pools are great pools. We love the owners and founders at Leisure. Since Viking was bought out by a large corporation and investment group, it has lost some of its intimacy. The founders of Viking and the current President are both amazing people of great integrity. Warranties! This seems to be an area of confusion. It's confusing to me and I'm in the industry! Let's face it, most warranties are written by attorneys to protect the manufacturer, not the consumer. It's my opinion that a warranty covers whatever the manufacturer wants it to cover. It's extremely important to purchase any product from a large volume reputable dealer. A great dealer or builder will stand in the gap for their customers. A dealer or builder that does large volumes has almost unlimited clout with the manufacturer and wields a big hammer. Manufacturers do not want to lose top producers with little or no complaints because they are extremely rare. It appears that Leisure has two levels of pools offered, the standard and the composite armor. The standard looks to have a 20 year structural warranty or water loss due to defects. The standard pool does not cover against water loss due to osmosis. The composite armor seems to have a 35 structural warranty or water loss due to defects, and a lifetime against osmosis. It looks like both levels of pools have a 10 year surface warranty. This type of marketing seems to open the door to a lot of questions. Is the customer being told about the two different warranties and quality of pool? Does the builder recite the composite armor warranty and order the standard pool? I'm assuming the better pool costs more. If the customer pays for the better pool, how does he know he is receiving it? Is there some sort of big sticker on the pool that identifies the product? It's my opinion that this type of structure just opens the door to unscrupulous behavior. Let's face it, there are a lot of horror stories and bad builders in this country. Why provide provide opportunities for them to be unscrupulous. The Leisure warranty provided to me by Leisure has maybe one page of what's covered and three pages of what is not covered. Here are some of the highlights of what is not covered in the Leisure warranty. Leisure does not cover normal wear and tear. What does that mean? Is normal wear and tear swimming in the pool? It does not cover tree roots. That's a big one in Texas. You also need to maintain a monthly written record of water levels in the pool, including the levels of chlorine, PH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness to be tested by a pool store every six months. Who in the heck does or wants to do that? Another exclusion is failure to maintain the pool in good order and condition. Who determines that? It does not cover changes in color, fading of color, stains of the internal gelcoat finish or the external finish of the pool. It does not cover surface cracking and surface imperfections on the internal or external surface finish of the pool. Does not cover problems or damages with a standard pool caused or contributed by osmosis. They recommend that only chemicals from Leisure pools be used. Who does that? Does Leisure have some special chemical recipe? The use of improper or incorrect chemicals voids the surface warranty. What does that mean? Who determines that? It also states if the Limited warranty is applicable. Purchaser must return a completed warranty card prior to any Limited warranty services and within six months of delivery of the pool. Who does that? I'm not even sure what it means. Both warranties cover the original purchaser only. The Viking warranty is two pages and pretty cut and dry. Coverage of the structure; Manufacturer warrants the pool against leaking due to structural failure caused by faulty workmanship or materials used in the manufacturing of the shell as long as the original buyer owns the pool. The surface warranty covers osmotic blistering due to defects in materials or workmanship for as long as the original buyer owns the pool. The Viking exclusions are very reasonable. They don't cover the work of a bad installer. They don't cover grass waterfalls or any damages created by the installer. They don't cover loss of water or work if a repair is done. I have attached copies of both warranties provided to me by the manufacturer for you to read. Distribution: Freight is a huge part of the costs of a fiberglass pool. Here are some things to consider. Viking has factories in Odessa, TX, Beau Bridge, LA, Fayetteville, TN, Rockingham, NC, Williams, CA, Zepherhills, FL, and Jane Lew, WV. Leisure has one manufacturing facility in Knoxville, TN. Both manufacturers use distribution yards. The close proximity of factories to the end user gives Viking a huge advantage in pricing and availability. Remember, most builders bring these pools in one or two at a time. Even with distribution yards, the pools still incur costs of freight, labor and cranes to the distribution yard then again to the builder. Every movement requires labor, crane and shipping expenses. Builders that are close to factories and builders that can afford to ship large quantities at a time have extreme advantages. A low volume dealer that brings in one at a time with no volume has a huge disadvantage. Remember, the less movements and the more pools on a truck bring the cost per pool down dramatically. Small builders that are close to the factory can pick up their own pools at a substantial savings. With Viking, having seven factories and distribution yards compared to Leisure having only one factory and distribution yard, there is no doubt Viking wins hands down on distribution costs to the end user. In closing, when it comes to fiberglass pools, the more expensive product does not necessarily mean the superior product. Marketing: Leisure Pools has a great internet presence. They have developed web site templates for their builders. They can easily recruit new dealers and provide a web site that can almost be set up instantaneously. This makes it extremely easy for people with little or no business experience to have their web presence set up and running with minimal expense or experience. They also have a phone system set up at their factory for customers. You call the factory, follow the prompts, type in your zip code and it transfers you to the builders phone that services that zip code. That's a pretty nice feature if the builder actually answers the phone. Leisure also has a strong presence in paid internet ads or pay per click. Viking Pools has recently changed their phone system at the factories to make it easier to find a dealer. You follow the prompts to find a dealer and you are transferred to a person. Again, a nice feature if they answer the phone. The Leisure brochure is a little tough to navigate through. They offer two models, a standard pool and then an upgraded pool that I think costs more. The Viking brochure is pretty easy to navigate through. The Leisure website is nice, simple and east to navigate. In closing,mmy opinion is Leisure's web presence is better. I think the Viking brochure is better. Colors have advanced dramatically and have become striking and brilliant over the last decades. Leisure pools has six colors. Viking has nine. The Leisure colors are a tighter grained finish with sparkles. The Viking has three tighter grained finishes with sparkles similar to the Leisure colors. It has two solid colors and four granite type finishes. The granite finishes do cost extra and are much more forgiving. Both pools have 100% textured bottoms which is important. When you compare the granite finish to the others, the textured bottom seems to disappear in the granite or Crystite finish. Dirt, scum line and water spots are very difficult to see in the granite or Crystite finishes. It's my opinion that the Crystite or granite finish is superior. Please follow or cut and paste these links to see the warranties. http://www.aquapools.com/leisure-pools-swimming-pool-warranty.php http://www.aquapools.com/images/pdf/VP_Warranty2_lg.jpg
  19. MPS is an oxidizing agent. That means it burns away contaminants such as bather waste, cosmetics, soaps, etc. It is not, however, a sanitizing agent. That means it does not kill bacteria, and without a sanitizing agent, your put yourself and your family at risk. I don't know much about the Nature 2 stick, but from what I've read, they are really not very effective, and certainly are not recommended on this forum or the Trouble Free Pool forum. You can't use the Nature 2 stick safely without chlorine. See the thread right below this one on the Nature 2 stick. The only approved sanitizers in the US are chlorine, bromine and biguanide. You need to decide on one of those. Biguanide is expensive, causes extreme problems for many users, and is not especially recommended for hot tubs anyway. So that leaves you with a decision between chlorine and bromine as a sanitizing agent. Either one works well, but many users on these forums prefer chlorine. I personally used bromine for the first six months of having a tub, but switched to chlorine and prefer it. If you decide to use chlorine, you should follow the "Dichlor/bleach Method in a Nutshell" sticky thread you will find at the top of this forum. There is a similar sticky post over at the Trouble Free Pool forum. It is good that you have been doing a lot of reading. I would suggest that you continue to read until the whole picture comes into focus for you. That's what I did when I first started out. The information available on these forums is mostly good and useful today. Yes, there has been some adjustment of the materials as experience has dictated over the years. But in general, you can trust the information you find on the forums more than you can the information from manufacturers or retailers of pool products.
  20. 1996 Hot Springs Sovereign

    Will JB Water Weld around the perimeter work? It is so hard to tell. The original light was retrofitted with the new light/housing and it was permanently sealed into place. Not caulked. They used a white sealer that set up pretty rigid. I think I will scuff up the area around the light and put the JB Weld around the perimeter. If the shell is filled with foam then it doesn't make sense that the water is leaching all the way around to the equipment compartment. Thanks for the help. KW
  21. Totally new to pools and spas. We just had a brand new Jacuzzi J-480 installed at our house. 490 gallons. 2 bathers for 30 minutes at a time about 5-7 times per week. After filling the tub PH was 7.8 and TA was 50. I increased TA to 80 and lowered PH to 7.6. That seems to be holding stable. I did initial 3 tablespoons Dichlor to activate the Nature 2 stick and left the tub for 24 hours. I have been using 2 tablespoons MPS 15 minutes prior to each session. I leave the jets running for those 15 minutes. The MPS test shows OK levels on the Nature 2 strip the following day before adding new MPS and getting in so I know there is a residual MPS left the following day before I add more. After a couple days Chlorine registers as 0 now but according to the nature 2 instructions I shouldn't need to use Chlorine except "As needed." which i don't really know what that means. Should I just continue on with the 2 Tbls MPS 15 minutes prior to each usage? Should I do more dichlor additions on the weekend or throughout the week? Is it OK to use the spa with 0 chlorine after the initial superchlorination if I am maintaining 100F water, 2 tablespoons MPS almost every day, and a nature2 stick? I've been reading for what seems like hours and there is so many old posts with conflicting information and it seems things have changed over the years. Can someone steer me in the right direction with updated info on how to keep our brand new beautiful jacuzzi in top shape? Our tub has ClearRay but no ozone.
  22. 1996 Hot Springs Sovereign

    The material in between the spa shell and the interior equipment compartment is a Hollowfill insulation. The spa light lens is the most likely place for that drip to originate. You'll want to examine the surface of the lens for damage as well as check for water intrusion through lens perimeter.
  23. Spa Problems!

    Buy new filters and try it. I have done this several times over the years and it ended up being the filters. Had to put new ones in for it to work. The Tri-X filters are a waste of money in my opinion. I just went with the cheapest replacements and changed them out when the heater tripped out. KW
  24. Does anyone know what is between the outside shell and the inner access pump plastic insert? Where the light assembly goes through? Is there all foam or just fiberglass insulation? If it leaks through the shell into the pump access compartment, can it only be a leak around the light or could the water travel from a jet opening leak to the light area? Thanks, KW
  25. Spa Problems!

    Hey everybody, I own a Vortex Xenon spa. It's about 4 years old. Recently it's stopped heating up, I have tried to take the filters out and clean them but this doesn't help. I have also message Vortex several times but they are no help either. I've read online that it's 95% chance that it's not the heating element. Could anybody give me any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!
  26. Swim at whatever time you like all alone at your own suitable pace. No voyaging, no swarmed pools, no intense chlorine. Simply your own particular synthetically designed tub, where you perform your swimming activity or practice against a still current that is completely customizable to any velocity or capacity. A Swim Spa is a device that permits you to swim consistently against a water ebb and flow. You don’t have to hit the wall or reverse to keep on swimming laps unlike a lap pool or a normal pool. These spas give the most perfectly awesome swimming exercise, utilizing minimal measure of space in your yard or home. They likewise go about as smaller pools, giving you the chance to play around in them. Fitness or swim spas are a ravaging style and whether they are utilized as another option to a back yard or swimming pool haven of family fun and wellbeing, they are a keen venture and one that need to be precisely put into consideration before choosing a model. Every spa is specially made with components and advantages that will beautify your patio and give years of exercise, relaxation, therapy and family fun. The prices of swimming hot tubs vary. Every organization brings out its particular item, conveyance, start-up, installation, and benefit charges. Most tubs are made of high caliber cast acrylic, strengthened with fiberglass and upheld by a sixteen gage conjoined steel outline. They accompany an upkeep friendly storage locker, in your various color choices, to blend with the stylistic layout of your home. A perfectly etched acrylic swim spas can transform your home into a great oasis. It gives you a chance to swim, play, entertain and exercise; it is the right fitness and fun solution for friends and family. Obviously the amazing part is the benefit and fun you will get from getting the best set of model. Every model has entirely special things to offer you, however most offer the user the chance to swim and exercise without leaving the back yard. Almost all swimming hot tub model is deep, taking into consideration different techniques for aquatic treatment. Every spa has an assortment of treatment areas, both standing and seating, that permits the user to do water-resistant workouts, to treat a huffy muscle or to just relieve the day’s stress. There is definitely a spot for you. With couple of the split-brands, you really have a spa in one side of it and also a swimming region in another end. So you consider that you may need a swimming pool, however it is excessively expensive. So you contemplated about installing a swimming hot tub spa rather, but they appear to be just too minor. Don’t you imagine that somebody would produce something that possesses all the good components of a spa and a pool together, yet at a minimum cost? well, your desire has worked out as expected because that despite the fact that Spas have really been around for a couple of years, they are now turning out to be more famous and available in most countries of the world. Resource By : http://www.sooperarticles.com/home-improvement-articles/bath-showers-articles/getting-best-swim-spas-good-comfort-1544647.html
  27. That was my intention as well. In my experience it did not help. I used the same amount of chlorine with or without it. It wasn't even able to keep the water clear when I didn't use the tub. My brother had the same experience. I decided it was a waste of money.
  28. Friend gave me a hot tub that he's had for some years. Hasn't been used in over a year. Luckily I had a pad and electrical already at the house so hook up was pretty easy. Powered up the tub and filled it with some water. It had a few minor leaks that were easily addressed. Went to throw the switch and the main pump is locked up. Shaft won't spin and the pump seal is dripping. Also the blower wont come on. The control panel has some wires that appear to have the insulation burned around the main fuses for pump 1. The tub appears to be an 04 and I think but not certain that it's a gulf coast based on the control panel. So...... do I fix this thing or toss it? I have $18 and 6hrs tied up into it now. I was looking at maybe a Spa Pack for $800-1100 and just replace everything...then I think I would have a nice working tub for a few years. What spa packs are good priced and good value? any suggestions here? I've never had a tub before. Thanks
  29. With light use, an ozonator will use up more chlorine than a tub without one. With a chlorine tub, you need to add chlorine every day, or every other day at least. I agree with Arobbert, send it back. If you can't remember to add chlorine, an alternative would be to get one of those drop in SWCG's. For about $175.00 plus salt, you can keep your chlorine up all the time.
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