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  2. Ok… so I should invest in another prozone… any recommendations there?
  3. Yes, that's the transformer mentioned. It's actually the low voltage power supply. It is a common point of failure in the Watkins boards.
  4. I’m not using a floater. I’m using 2-step. Seed with sodium bromide and add bleach after each use to reactive bromides to bromine. Other than that I’m following your post on 3-step/start up to a T. You are saying that there’s no need for me to use dichlor for the first two weeks(ish) as a means to reactive the bromine and that I can immediately use bleach to do reactive the bromide to bromine? I was told adding bleach to an unstablized (no CYA) system to reactivate Bromide to bromine was a no no. Am I mistaken and can just use bleach to reactivate my bromine right away?
  5. This is the transformer? It has a green led light that is on. Also below is the BUS led that goes red, then reboots. @RDspaguy
  6. Can I ask how you when about fixing this issue? the same thing just happened to me. Pictures are almost identical to how mine looks. the Heating element and motherboard were brand new and install about 8 months ago
  7. You are confusing 2 bromine with dichlor/bleach (chlorine). IF you seeded with bromine you have a bromine spa. CYA has no effect. You are NOT running a chlorine spa. Please read my pinned post on 3 step bromine in the hot tub water chemistry section and ignore any posts about dichlor/bleach.
  8. Not true right? I start with seeding with bromine. Use dichlor to reup the bromine and build a small CYA reserve so that when CYA is there I switch to bleach. From that point on no dichlor and only bleach added with the occasional add of sodium bromide…
  9. https://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52522-some-truths-about-ph-and-ta/
  10. not enough information to answer your question. No idea what the "offbrand mineral sticks" contain or what sanitizer they are designed for. Most minerals sticks are designed for chlorine. Frog does make some that are for bromine also.
  11. If you added bromine you are not using the dichlor/bleach method. You are using bromine. Period. CYA has no impact on a bromine tub since it does not stabilize bromine.
  12. You can usually source the relays from Amazon. Replacing them is relatively easy if you know how to solder. If you don't, find an electronics repair guy. Probably cost about $25 for the relays and $100 or so in labor to have them replaced.
  13. So what was just said its to replace the IQ2020 pack and topside with a Balboa VS501 because the Balboa complete setup is under $500 USD ($470) while an updated IQ2020 is $700 and another $400 for the topside.
  14. If your Prozone is more than a year old or so, it probably isn't working anymore. It may look like it's working but chances are it's not doing anything except making bubbles. It should be 110V in any case. it may not be a direct plug in but can be made to work. The installation guide for the VS501 says the pack comes with a 3 wire ozone cable so all you should have to do is splice that cable to your Prozone.
  15. The Balboa M7 technology has the sensors in the heater tubs so you won't need the old sensors. You might need a block out plate for the topside if the new one is smaller than the original. https://www.spadepot.com/eco-spa-Topside-Adapter-Plate-P3128 Also for spa pack here: https://www.spadepot.com/Balboa-VS-Spa-Control-Kit-P3185
  16. Hi Michael, I think I have the same problem you had with your hot tub. Just asking if you had fixed yours with changing the reply? Where did you buy the relays from? Was it relatively easy to change? Thanks
  17. It has a rocker switch on the outside of the panel. I can switch it to all three positions and still don't get any power. I tested the switch and it checks good. So it appears the problem is elsewhere. Could it be the temp probe? I don't even know where it is at this point. But hopefully it isn't impossible to reach. Thanks!
  18. If it is a 2011, the original control panel is obsolete. You would need to upgrade the electronics to the current version of the IQ2020. You would need a new control box, new control panel, and the appropriate software for your hot tub.
  19. So I ordered that product.. should have been a sales rep Cranbiz. More bang for the buck.. just hope it plugs into my sensors and Prozone without a hitch..wish me luck.. thanks again for all the advice.. better option than screwing with the overpriced legacy equipment. Just the original jacuzzi h316 board alone runs around 600.
  20. Sorry, not sure on that one. How big is it?
  21. Post pics of circuit board, wiring diagram, and manufacturers labels in equipment area.
  22. So, restarting repeatedly? Usually transformer related, which is the small raised part of that board.
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  24. That's alarming. Turn it off. Where exactly did you hear this? Winterize it. That spa is junk if you freeze it. Lots of videos on it online.
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