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  2. I just checked it with a thermometer that says 107.5 and the display says 108 flashing with OH error. So I guess the display is correct. i just wonder if there is a reset parameter that has to be reset after replacing the hi temp sensor. I know there are reset procedures for this model but the youtube video on it always goes to fast for my old brain. Anyone have them in writing?
  3. Update: Bromine eventually started generating. It's at night now, and I just got home, but it looks like after the Gentle Spa was added to approximately 50ppm borates, and after 30 minutes of jets, the pH appears to be around 7.8. I'm not sure if I should make further efforts to lower this to closer to 7.6 or 7.4? If yes, do I secure it with additional borates by lowering to 7.0 or so and adding more? Or am I being too picky and let it rest at 7.8? I will check it again in the morning, I only have an inside light to hold it against. Bromine is high. Apparently when it started working, it
  4. Yesterday
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Spa-Union-Ring-Might-other/dp/B00PJH10JY#descriptionAndDetails Contact Spa guy and tell them that you need a 2 piece pump union and o ring for the tiny might. The link has all the measurements in the photos on the left hand side make sure they match what you have.
  6. Is the actual water temp at 110 or is that just what the topside says?
  7. UPDATE: Just checked the spa after replacing the hi temp sensor and it is still showing HI temp error and the temp is at 110 F. Does this mean the heater is bad or maybe just the high limit disk? Maybe after 15 years the heater is bad? One other thing I noticed is that after turning off the power to look at things and turning it back on the heater makes a gurgling sound for awhile and then stops. Then the jets turn on. Is that normal? Thanks
  8. Getting hi temp and spa turning off. Replaced the temp sensor that resides in the filter well. Still had problem. Replaced the hi limit sensor that is in the heater and the control panel says 106 F but the water is more like 103 F. Could the control panel be bad or the circuit board? i noticed a high limit disk in the heater when changing out the hi limit sensor. Could that be the problem? The hot tub is 2005 but been working just fine. Have had to replace the flow switch once and the temp sensor many years ago. Always had it running year round in CA. Kept the flow motor 24/7.
  9. i'm just double checking specs and the actual OD on my tiny might pump is 1 7/8 inches, their website shows a 2 3/8 actual OD for the 1 1/2 inch fitting. I would think the tiny might to be a rather standard fitment size. Been looking at all the online sites and its not matching with what i need.
  10. Hi, Curious, it worked well until I turned off stereo amp unit. Then it stopped and just the recirculating pump is on. No more display. I shutoff the breaker ad shut it back, it seems ton restart, display panel turn on and turnoff after a few seconds. Is there a link between the audio unit and the main control other than power supply?
  11. Nothing to do with me if that's what you are asking. Where are you located. Spadepot.com should have everything based in the U.S. Contact them directly for the correct o-ring and split union for your tiny might.
  12. Collect water directly from a jet and test. You might have a high sanitizer demand for some reason and the bromine in the tub is being quickly consumed. If you can get water from as close to the cell as possible when it's actively generating you will know if it's a problem with the generator or a high sanitizer demand situation. If you just purged it's possible that there is gunk in the pipes that wasn't cleaned out that is creating the sanitizer demand. If you have sodium bromide in your water you can add half a cup of household bleach to convert it in to bromine sanitizer and 'jump start' yo
  13. can't get this part locally, plus I need the 2 o rings for the tiny might union connection. are you the guy answering phone orders? any problem shipping to states? thanks
  14. Call your bank and ask for a charge-back. Next time don't buy an inflatable hottub which apparently goes through literally zero testing before they pack into a box and ship to the customer
  15. @rutledge FYI...If you go to dynastypartsxpress.com and key in your serial number you can pull up your spas original build sheet that will tell you all the parts and part numbers that went into your spa. Wish all manufacturers did this.
  16. Hi, we bought Clever Spa hot tub in march. It started making loud noise after just 24. I was constantly changing filters as that's what I was advised by customer support. Eventually in July it stopped heating up. I have contacted customer support over email as not able to get in touch over the phone ..I was given instruction to follow which we did MADE NO difference... I've been contacting them since and I regret to say the hot tub still broken in my back garden ... no one wants to help us. Dont know what else to do ?
  17. Thanks @castletonia. So there is your pump answer. A vs500 will run it, but you will have an issue with the topside as I mentioned. I would guess that was a used control system from another spa that was not worth fixing. It happens quite a bit in the used spa resale business. But that doesn't excuse the single speed 4hp pump or dipswitch issues. https://www.spadepot.com/Balboa-VS-Spa-Control-Kit-P3185 https://www.spadepot.com/15-HP-Spa-Pump-2-inout-Side-Discharge-48-Frame-240V-P692C690.aspx The pump is a must, but the control system might work fine with the dipswitches
  18. In a nutshell, purge until no new gunk comes out and start fresh. Keep your chemicals to the basics and see. How long have you had the spa? What is your maintenance routine? Do you have any chemical automation (ozone, uv, salt)? What are you testing with?
  19. I would recommend taking the circuit board to a professional electronics repair service. I would have them replace all the relays at the same time. My guy is usually under $150 CDN
  20. Last week
  21. attached photo. if it is the relay, where can i get it, many thanks
  22. It's a 2010 Solana SX. It did not ship with a Balboa pack and it would have came with a 1.5HP pump. It only uses 1 filter. It had an option to add a circulation pump but from the factory it came with a 2 speed pump. The thing that was referenced as a blower is the filter canister. Guess this was re-packed with whatever was available and at the lowest cost.
  23. I bought it as a Hot Springs. The guy sold it to me as a functioning tub the original equipment was hit by lightning. This was a bad decision on my part. I am trying to make a working tub but open to buying a new one instead of pouring good money after bad.
  24. Well, there are usually air control knobs on the top edge of the spa that mix air in with the water, which turns it white coming out of the jets. It seems to hold on a little long for that, but can you close the air controls? I am not familiar with sanichlor. Please define "balanced" water and explain your maintenance routine. @waterbear, do you have a minute?
  25. Thank you for this! We are assuming it is this as our whole family end up covered in a painful rash every time we use the hot tub!
  26. That is a strange looking watkins. I can see the sticker so know you are right, but that's a new one on me. Does it have a big control pad on the front? @castletonia, can you identify this tub? Is any of this equipment original? It doesn't appear to have ever had an iq pack or circ pump, and has a single filter and lots of jets. Could it be running a 4hp?
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