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  2. have same problem did you fix it if so how thanks
  3. Hello just replaced my spa pack Gecko with exact same one but now key pad K 35 not working properly pump 1 operates from pump 2 button, temp increases with light button , no htr, no pump 2 thinking need to replace key pad also .old spa pack grounded out due to water leak from pres switch any ideas opr help would be great
  4. JimKW

    Looking To Buy a New Hot Tub

    Plan to wet test the Artesian Island spa tomorrow morning.
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  6. Hot Spring Official

    2000 Hotspring Sovereign Mystery Leak

    That black hose is to vent the hot air off the jet pump. Since the leak stops at those jets, it should be somewhere around them. Be careful with the foam, you don't want to hurt yourself or your spa digging in the foam.
  7. Hot Spring Official

    Leak help for a new Tiger River Bengal owner...

    The drain in the bottom is also the heater return. It could be leaking all the way back to the equipment compartment. It could be leaking in the in-foam plumbing or in the equipment compartment. Be careful doing any in-foam digs or other spa work.
  8. In the past I have owned a Hot Springs (in the early 90's) and a Sundance Optima more recently, around 2010 - 2014) . I have looked at Hydropools, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, Bull Frog, Cal Spa and today Artesian. Seems like whichever one I looked at last is the one I'm ready to buy. I've pretty much narrowed it down to a Sundance Bristol for just under $7k, a Sundance Hamilton for 7350, the Artesian Island Spa Antiqua for anywhere from $7200 to $7995 depending on options the Artesian South Sea Standard Class 735L for $6500 or the Cal Spa Santa Fe 751L for $6900. All are close to 7 foot models that have a lounge seat and good foot massages. These are the two things we really want. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jim.
  9. Hi all, I've been looking at posts on this for awhile now and everyone seems very helpful - hopefully you can help me too. I was recently gifted a Tiger River Bengal spa from friends, it came with a house they bought and they only used it twice in the last 5 years - they did say it leaked but weren't certain where as they didn't use it much and weren't inclined to investigate.... The shell itself looks in great shape. So yesterday, I decided to start seeing what I could locate and started fill thru the filter inlet like the instructions say and I let it run about as deep as the jet in the footwell in the bottom of the tub and just over the top of the seats... I could see I had water in the mechanical compartment but couldn't tell quite where it was coming in - though I could see movement in the water near the pipe that fed the footwell jet... (too much stuff in the way to get a clear line of sight, didn't help that I accidently sprayed the inside of that compartment with the hose).... so I thought ok, I'll turn the water off and see the level where it stops leaking and start looking to see what is at that level.... I made sure the drain valves were closed. So I was little surprised when I looked in the tub this morning and there was only a little water left in the bottom just below the level of the drain in the center of the tub... I'm guessing that is where at least one leak is - is there an o-ring or seal on the drain that could be bad? Or is it likely the drain pipe is cracked? I know from reading here the check valve is also prone to breaking and I hope that accounts for the water in my equipment compartment... Given the age of this tub, should I plan on just replacing all the seals around the jets and such? I'm not afraid of doing some digging to find leaks - just looking for advice before I start - thanks for being patient with the Newbie questions :)
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  11. Poolcovers

    Pool Covers

    swimming pool enclosures are the most prominent aspect of covering the pool from the entire areas. installation enclosures and other pool prevention tools can help you maintain a secured surrounding nearby. If you are looking forward to getting the pool enclosure installed on your swimming pool, you have a variety of choices available in the market. From retractable to non-retractable enclosures, privacy is the priority and keeping your loved ones safe is rather important.
  12. We have a 2007 Sundance Marin that still runs awesome for its age. Currently I've come across a small issue where I get a FLO message when filter is fully connected. If I loosen one side its fine. I've replaced the switch about 5 years ago, circ pump about 3 years ago, and change the filter every 6 mos. I'm wondering if I should d/c the line to the circ pump and check for debris. Any suggestions?
  13. I have a Sovereign (either a 1999 or 2000) that has a leak I can't track down. It doesn't drain the tub lower than these two jets (photo 1) and the water leaks out down by the large black hose. It only leaks at the bottom of that hose and I can't find water anywhere else - I've ripped out behind all those jets and others and I don't see water coming anywhere in that area so I assume it's traveling somewhere along that big black hose but I can't figure out where that might be. What is that hose? It looks like it just houses a smaller hose/drain (??) I can't find any sort of plumbing diagram that will show me. Any direction/info much appreciated!
  14. Hi, I have a older Leisure Bay Spa Millennium II with the wood cabinet. I am needing to remove the back side panels to get access to fix a few leaks. I can not figure out how to get it apart. Is there a trick to it? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. suzywong


    hi all, i,m new to message board. can you help me, the pressure for the jets on my hot tub has dropped. have checked there is no blockage in the pipes and the pump seems to be working . any ideas folks
  16. What do you guys think about this tub? You can read the craigslist ad below: Approximately 12 year old Gulf Coast Cape Haze Hot Tub. 6 person Fully functional. Shell perfect, no cracks etc. Parts still readily available. Cover replaced 4 years ago but seam down the middle is separating hence the white tape you see in one of the pictures. Probably due for a new cover. Lid lifter is included. Cabinet could use some refinishing and minor repairs. We are currently using it. I replaced the Pump several years ago as well as some of the jets. Pumps and heater work fine. 220V 50 amp service required. Includes a double step as pictured. Will help you load it up. Would probably need a small trailer to transport it. $300 OBO. Original link with photo: https://kalispell.craigslist.org/hsh/d/gulf-coast-hot-tub/6722685027.html
  17. I have a Sundance Chelsee hot tub. The other day I noticed the GFCI was tripped which I switched back on. Now the hot tub won't heat past 80 degrees. The heater indicator light is on, I can hear some water flow through the heating element and pipes. I made sure the flow/heating wasn't programmed for "economy mode"and is still in the factory setting. Any suggestions?
  18. Hi, I started the vinegar protocol this morning. I don't know how strong my vinegar is (can't find it) but I have thrown in 9 bottles (equal to a little above 2,5 gallon). My PH is now 4 so I guess this is enough. Will check the PH every now and then. What I'm noticing is: Small black partciles are showing up in the foam and on the shell of the spa (just above waterline). Could this be black algea? It's almost like plastic particles, very small and easy to remove. I scooped out foam with these particles for over an hour but I'm not sure what to do with this. The water is now really milky after the jets have been on. It clears up after a little while. I also notice the foam pretty loud hissing (not sure if this is the right word for it in English) after I turn off the jets. So something is happening for sure. Now I'll let it sit for a day at least and see if my problems have been resolved after refilling the tub. Thanks for your help guys especially @Ahhsomeguy! Will update this post once the protocol is finished.
  19. Hi! I have a 2009 Jacuzzi J365 Hot Tub. It's used 3-4 times a week. Last night it had F1 flashing (with the temp, which had dropped to 91). The heater obviously not working. I cut the power and cycled it on after ten minutes (as one suggested), no change. I decided the water needed changing and one troubleshooting tip was dirty filters causing this. I soaked the filters overnight in filter cleaner, drained the tub, cleaned it out, then slowly filled it up. After powering it back up, I was deflated to see it still showing F1, but now at 54 degrees and not heating. I then tried to pop an air lock in case that was the issue, removed the filters, stuffed the hose down the filter inlet with a rag wrapped around it to plug and cycled the hose on for 30s a few times, no change. There are no hot tub repairmen available for 3 weeks, and I have a kids birthday party who was depending on this hot tub to host their 7 yr old friends :( Any other suggestions? I opened up the sidewall to check and i believe the circ pump everything is running fine. I'd assume that the flow switch perhaps is not being cycled off? Or I have to take the pump out and check the impeller? The only thing I can think of lately is that some small chunks of rubber from my jacuzzi pillow (disentegrating) were floating around but I had scooped most out, maybe they somehow plugged things if they got in.
  20. Hi I moved to place that has hot tub. Everything works except for one issue: When the hot tub gets to its default temp the display flashes 3 red dots and then it starts too cool off. Blowers and pumps continue to work, but depending on how cold the outside air is, it starts to drop in temp. The only way to get it to go back up is to turn it off and back on (from the breaker indoors or from the fuse box). Then it heats up until it gets to temp and then begins to cool off. If anyone can suggest what part of the system needs replacing, please let me know. It would be a BIG help to get this solved without resulting in a 400$ service call.
  21. jmak

    Digital test readers - worth it?

    I switched to a digital test kit that gives me santizer levels, ph, alk and hardness. Add drops to various test tubes and gives me a digital reading. Makes my OCD of figuring out levels much better. Maybe I am little color blind but especially ph on test strips are hard for me to tell which color it actually matches up with.
  22. I have been having issues with PH drift. Bring down PH and the alk is low and then raise alk then PH drifts up. After reading countless threads and coming to the conclusion of just leaving alk low at 60 which I did not like I broke down and bought a bottle of a ph balance product that claims it will lock in PH for 3-4 months. If this type of product can perform that type of miracle then I am shocked that it is not pushed as more of product to purchase instead of re-balancing every week. So what is the catch with this type of products?
  23. Erichofer77

    over heating hot tub im at a loss

    I would start by replacing both temp sensors which is mounted to your heater tube
  24. castletonia

    Marquis vs Jacuzzi vs Hotspings

    Agree, really low price in the V77 and also a low price on the Beam. All good spas, but I agree with Markee that the Hot Spring and Marquis are a step above the Jacuzzi. You are looking at an entry level Jacuzzi and the middle tiers from Hot Spring and Marquis. FWIW, the Beam has a 5 year warranty, is fully insulated and has ozone standard.
  25. How much would you charge to shoot Shotcrete in Gainesville GA? 35 yards, my crew will finish the concrete I just need someone to shoot it.
  26. NO1UNO

    Balboa heater tub hole

    If the tube mounts inside the control pack, you can generally find those seperate. If it's a stand alone heater not mounted to the control box then it will likely be sold as an entire unit.
  27. NO1UNO

    is 325 calcium hardness high?

    I always shoot for 250 but anything between 200-400 is right where you want to be so your CH level is fine.
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