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  2. IN-XM1 triping

    I did pull the box apart and there was a considerable amount of corrosion’s cleaned what I could, still trips.
  3. Just got a “free” Morgan tub. Wired it all up and it’s trips the breaker. Disconnected everything from the in-xm1 and it still trips breaker. With everything hooked up, when I turn breaker on, there is a click in the heater but the breaker trips. Thoughts?
  4. What was the fix? I am having the same issue.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I am going to add some pics as I am not sure what the part I am referring to is called, but I am helping neighbor fire up her hot tub that's been dormant/empty for about 5 years. It's inside. No leaks so far and all electronics seem to be functioning properly, but when I turn on the jet 2 (it's a balboa vs510sz control box), i hear a sort of rattling, knocking noise, like a ball or a something knocking around inside the jets. I pulled the panel from the area of suspected jets, and sure enough, the noise is coming from these "jet" fittings. spa side, they are two long narrow jets that for a t. back side they look like a rectangular horn. PLaying with aerator knob that runs to them doesn't change anything. Is there moving parts in these that could have froze up or broke from sitting so long? SHe doesn't recall ever hearing that noice when it was working years ago.
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  8. Need New Tub Cover

    I have had great luck with Sunstar. Sold them for 15+ years. Only issue is they don't sell online or direct to the customer, only through retailers.
  9. Caldera Kauai does then doesn't hold temperature

    When the heater shuts off and will not restart without a reboot, I usually look to the hi limit sensor as being the problem. It could be that when your temp is 106, the hi limit thinks it's 118. Given the cheap cost of a hi limit sensor, I'd buy one and put it in. Dave

    It doesn't make a difference. The spa monitors both sensors and expects them to have identical values. I usually put the left circuit board connection to the left sensor and right to right. Dave
  11. Did I burn myself?

    My guess is that the terminal attachment strip was the root of the problem. Wires expand and contract from the heat and the connection gets more and more tenuous. After 25 years, the connection got loose enough that you got arcing. I must see at least one old circuit board a month that has burns at terminal connection points. Just make sure your new connections are clean. Sand that wire until it's bright and shiny, and make sure it's in the terminal strip really good. Dave
  12. Need New Tub Cover

    The best place to buy a great spa cover is from www.floridaspacovers.com they offer me Free shipping, Free upgrades, and The quality is really good. I order one 6 months ago and it works amazing, still look like its brand new like it did when i first got it. I highly Recommend them!!
  13. Did I burn myself?

    Thanks for the insight Dave. On the GFCI trips, the test button does work as expected last time I tried it. I can't recall if it is warm to the touch with certainty but I believe it is when in use. I have the pigtail in the GFCI box to the neutral bar in the box and the neutral coming into the box from the main breaker as well at the bar. Here is a picture of the inside of the GFCI box. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jspCs0zkL9BdScCd5jk65c1-0MkzM6Wt After taking the board out and ordering a replacement board I have to double think that the root cause was at the hot connection that melted the pass through terminal bar above it, possible causing soldering points to fail and not vice versa. I plan to replace all impacted wires including the lead ins and put it back together today/tomorrow.
  14. 1 month vacation

    we will be away for a month how do I keep my hot tub from becoming a bacteria tub
  15. Hotspring Moto massage fault - no air

    You must ask the dealer from where you have bought this so that your spa massage business will not affect further in future.
  16. Difference between Chlorine and Bromine test kit

    No problem, your answer was very helpful.
  17. Always a mistake to assume because two things happen at the same time that they are related. For a couple of weeks we had mild temps in the 40s and the spa would hold between 103-105 degrees. However, since the outside temperature has dropped into the single digits, the spa will no hold temperature at all. It loses a degree an hour until it is rebooted; then it immediately heats up to 105 within an hour or two. When the temperature reaches 105, the heater shuts off and will not restart without a reboot. What about colder outside temperature would prevent the heater from holding temperature? jack vines
  18. Chlorine & bromine

    You can lower the chlorine and bromine levels in your hot tub so the water is safe and clean when you’re ready for a soak.
  19. 2017 Arctic Spa - Active Weir Skimmer

    Close intake valves to any other skimmers and the main drain. Leave the valve to the clogged skimmer open.
  20. Spa Gift Basket

    Very cute gift basket! Still cute and sturdy, just not what I was expecting in that regard). Overall, I would recommend this product.
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  22. 2 speakers quit working over this winter. I assume they are blown. Pretty cheap online also. My question is.... Can I simply pull enough wire to replace them from the speaker hole? Or need to go inside the cabinet? Sorry if this has been asked before etc.... New to this forum!
  23. White buildup on plumbing and hardware

    Also, I haven't cleaned the venturi in my water softener in about 5 years, if that could have anything to do with the white buildup in the water. :-/
  24. I'm trying to figure out what all this white build-up is (and if I should be concerned with the dark spots in the plumbing). First a little background that may help... I bought a house in 2010 that was vacant for a year (the hot tub was full). I think the model is from around 2001 (Royal Spa Royalty). I replaced the pumps, drained, filled, shocked and used it with scum ring problems until I did a round of purge and a few cups of bleach & drained again - once in 2011 and again in 2015. Ever since I've had no issues with scum rings. -I fill the spa twice a year, through my water softener which when tested shows ZERO hardness. (Could I be running too high a setting on the water softener resulting in salt water?) I could try backing the softener settings down. I drink this same water in my house and don't taste anything...is the white build-up possibly salt? I don't seem to go through a ton of salt per year... -I also ADD calcium to the spa upon fill-up to bring the levels to 150. -I add a crap-ton of dry acid upon fill-up and in order to not have a fluctuating PH, I end up with alkalinity showing 50 in order to keep the PH about 7.8 (or so my little test indicates). If I bring the Alkalinity higher, the PH goes too high. I then use about 1 tab of bromine per week to maintain a level of 5 on the yellow test (out of 10) I only use the spa once every few weeks and shock it about every 3 weeks and clean the filter every 2 months since it tends to stay clean. I sometimes forget to add a tab for a week but after shocking, it doesn't seem to have any issues maintaining a bromine level, so I assume there are no flesh eating bacteria waiting to devour me. I don't use metal or scale protection seeing how I have a lower hardness level...I've not seen any issues inside the tub because of this. So for the MOST part between fillings, I'm mainly just adding a little bromine, occasional shock, and maybe a couple rounds of blue clarifier. I do run an ozonater. The spa manufacturer says this will do most of the sanitizing, tho I don't really trust it THAT far. It does seem like the water gets a 'fizzy' quality when running the main jets. Always been this way within a month of fillup...dunno why. ----Now to my two concerns. Mainly, what the heck is this white stuff in my pictures? Salt? Hardness? Some type of corrosion because I'm unknowingly screwing up the balance? It looks like anywhere with a slow leak has this white stuff that smears like powder if I touch it. It doesn't seem isolated to metal...I seem to see it on plastic too. -I'm on my 3rd laing circulation pump since 2010 as the bearings seem to go bad after a few years and jam the impeller. This happened a month ago and it must have been shut off for a few days, which somehow resulted in the filter stained DARK. I tried soaking it in bleach but it stayed dark. The spa itself stayed clean so I tossed the filter. Now the main pump (8 years old) seized so I've got a new one on the way...I'm thinking the seal had a slow leak, which you can see also has a ton of this white stuff on the corroded shaft. At that point I started becoming more concerned about what this white build-up is. -And my second concern is the "spots" inside the plumbing (last 2 pics). Those have always been there so I'd assume after 8 years if they were going to kill me they would have by now....I don't "THINK" they've gotten worse, but I suppose it is possible since I haven't used it this winter (just maintained it and kept it running). Is it possible that after purging and running a few cups of bleach for a day it killed whatever that is / was? Is it somewhat normal for an old spa? I'm assuming there is now way of getting it out aside from re-plumbing (this old spa woldn't be worth it, tho I just bought all new pumps and ozonater). I'm going to do another round of purge, tho I hate that stuff because it foams over the side and I have to do a 2nd drain & fill to get rid of it all (unless I'm just overly paranoid). Thank you for any advice.
  25. Jacuzzi Hot tub issues

    2 months and no responses? is this another dead forum? i follow many hunting and fishing forums and that seems to be the trend lately...
  26. Spa Gift Basket

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  27. Chlorine & bromine

    If you are going to use either Enhanced Shock or Bromine Concentrate along with the tabs in a floater, I would use it as a weekly shock or as a troubleshooter if the hot tub gets excessive use and the bromine tabs just can't keep up.
  28. Sorry I don't know what the role of chloramines is in a bromine tub, and I'm not even clear if they can build up in a bromine spa or not. You need someone better versed in the chemistry! Based on my near-total lack of knowledge, I didn't think chloramines would build up/occur in your bromine tub. I thought that even if you shock the pool with Chlorine, what that does is bind to the organics and get filtered out by the filtration system, leaving the bromides reactivated as bromine to sanitize for the next week.
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