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  1. Larger jets offer more therapeutic value than smaller jets. The Jacuzzi salesman is right. Never heard of Balneo spa's. Maybe our friend @CanadianSpaTechcan chime in here about them. From what little info they have on the website, I don't see anything about insulation type. In the frozen north, I would get the best insulated tub I could find. I know the Jacuzzi is well insulated.
  2. It is helpful for you to start your own thread. In that, please post up pictures of your spa pack, wiring diagram and the equipment area. It could be the dip switches or you might have the topside plugged into the wrong connector on the board. Either way, those pictures will help tell us the direction to go in helping you. Chances are the -05 is just a different revision of the board (could be as simple as a different vendor for some components) and not significantly different than the -04.
  3. Not sure why the board is discolored there, The diodes and resistors are a decent size for SMD's so there could be some decent current thru there. The IC is an Opto Isolater. They don't normally fail and are really cheap (like under $1) My guess is those components are OK, a stuck relay would cause those components to get hot, causing the discoloration to the board. Except for the opto isolator, the rest are easy to check with a multimeter.
  4. Certain pump sequences for accessories is normal. On my Artesian, the waterfall only comes on when the circulation pump comes on, pump 1 controls 3 seat positions and pump 2 controls the last 2 seat positions. I also can not manually start the circulation pump by itself but if I turn on one of the pumps, I can start the circulation pump and then turn off the pump. My heater is connected to the circulation pump so that might play into things.
  5. OK, if you tried different cables and nothing happened, this leads me to believe it's the LED controller. Can you post up a picture of where the LED plugs in? If it's into a connector with wires, also a picture of where that wire goes. With any luck, there is a separate controller that plugs in and gets it power from the main board. I don't think this is the right controller but your controller may look something like this. https://hottubpartsofamerica.com/spa-hot-tub-led-light-supervision-dls-c-12-ll-12v-controller-video-how-to/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8IaGBhCHARIsAGIRRYp3fOZ2ECJNYJaPn3CjRuUyA6e
  6. You are being nice, a bit expensive is an understatement. Even though Emerald went belly up, that cable does not appear to be anything special. Where are you located? If in the US, I might be able to help you out providing it's that LED cable assembly. I don't make a habit of this normally but at $176 to replace what should be no more than a $20 cable is beyond my comprehension, but not outside my ability. Are you sure that it's the LED assembly? Is there an LED controller on the tub? Do you have other cables that you can use to make sure it's the the LED assembly and not the control
  7. This will get better attention in the Inflatable Spa section.
  8. Your pictures are also unavailable to me and I'm on my PC. Might be your format. Try hosting them on something like Imgur and use the BB links they create.
  9. To avoid voiding the warranty, about all you can do it make sure all the connections on the spa pack board are tight and connectors are fully seated. Other than that, you are at the dealers mercy, which is why we say you need to have a good dealer. In some cases, a few hours wait isn't really all that bad depending on the size of the dealer. Larger dealers usually have more staff to handle these things while a smaller dealer may only have a couple of service guys and they may also double as installers, which can delay response times.
  10. OK, I think I found it and holy crap, someone is really proud of that assembly. Looks like it's from an Emerald Spa and yes, Hot Tub Outpost has it for $176 https://www.hottuboutpost.com/emerald-spa-point-led-for-lighting-system-no-plastic/ I would explore the electronics guy. IMHO, that's an outrageous price. Ebay UK has it for 67 pounds to the US.
  11. It would help to know who's hot tub it is. There are many places to get Spa repair parts if you know who made the tub. Is the LED out? That doesn't look that hard to DIY. It's just an RJ11 telephone cable with an LED connected to the end. Looks like there may be a circuit board that the LED is soldered to and that's probably had a dropping resistor on it. It's most likely a broken wire or a bad solder joint. It could also be the LED. None of this is difficult to repair if you can solder. If you can't, an electronics repair guy could fab one up fairly cheap.
  12. In my state, the homeowner is allowed to do electrical work in his premise but a permit for add/modify is needed (legally) . In my case, I know the inspector personally so I did pull a permit and had him come over and inspect things. Like @RDspaguysaid, this covers me insurance wise and legally as far as my county is concerned.
  13. Is the breaker box also your Spa disconnect? I suspect yes, but need to make sure. You most likely have seal tight going from the box to the tubs spa pack. This will need to be either replaced or add a coupler and extend it with more seal tight. It's probably easier to buy new seal tight and salvage the fittings. You can't splice the power wires in the seal tight but you could add a weatherproof 4x4 box and splice in that if you can mount it someplace. How I would do this is buy the required seal tight to replace the run to the new location, buy enough 6-3 romex to go from the panel
  14. Any errors on the topside? Any LED's on the board and if so, what is their status? Post up a picture of the wiring diagram. Can you get a closer picture of the dip switches? Pull the filters and run the spa, let us know if it still runs for 5-10 seconds or if it stays running.
  15. Please start your own thread and explain your issues. There are many experienced techs here that are willing to help you out. Post up pictures of your controller with the cover off, the wiring diagram which is usually found on the inside of the cover and your equipment area IF you have any sort of error code, flashing lights, no power, etc. If it's a water chemistry issue, post up your numbers. Ph, chorine level, Total alkalinity, calcium hardness, CYA Someone will help you out.
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