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  1. Do you have 120V pumps? Looks like you have a 240V heater. The board is wired for 120V pumps, 120V ozone system and 240V heater.
  2. Got me. The wiring looks right. Are the Jumpers on the board and DIP switches set right? Can you post up the wiring diagram?
  3. That's a good way to get help here. You had 2 techs that know Watkins products trying to help you. All you had to do was do what they suggested and answer their questions. Good luck with your repair attempt.
  4. Use yellow gas line tape. It's a but thicker and more durable than white teflon tape.
  5. The grease is most likely dielectric grease and would be considered normal. What is a RCD? Fuse, GFCI? Do you have air in the pipes? An air blockage will cause issues.
  6. And what you did is usually what would be recommended here in a non warranty repair situation. I will say that in some cases, it really is easier and cheaper to drop in a Balboa VS501 ($500 complete) or a Gecko IN.YE ($400 complete, $500 for an IN.XE) and call it a day. This is especially true for one that has a bad heater and extensive PC board damage.
  7. Soldered in. If you can solder, you can change it yourself. Just search of the relay numbers on the old one to find a supplier for a replacement relay. If you can't solder, an electronics guy can certainly do it for you.
  8. Use it then drain and refill.
  9. Check over in the inflatable forum. This forum is focused on "portable" tubs which are what the large acrylic, plastic and roto molded tub are considered.
  10. Ok, so it's probably heating from residual heat. Post up pictures of the PC board in the spa pack. Make sure we can see the relays and the dip switches (if any) clearly. Go ahead and order up a couple of fuses and replace the blown fuse.
  11. There are a lot of other companies that offer 2 loungers. Artic, Artesian, Marquis, Bullfrog, Hot Springs and Caldera are quality manufacturers with local dealer support and parts. However, you should really wet test one before deciding on a 2 lounge model. Lounges do take up a lot of space and don't always fit all. I have a single lounge model Artesian and it works well for my wife but for me, I need supplemental weights to stay in the lounge. In fairness, supplemental weight is helpful for me in the captains chairs too but that easier to work with than the lounge. I do like the lounge but honestly, the chance of both my wife and I wanting to use the lounge at the same time is almost nil. I much more prefer one of the captains chairs, usually the one with neck jets. The weight of the NordPool spa is a lot so it's probably a quality shell, which is important. Find out who's spa pack they use, who's pumps and jets. You want to stay away from Chinese parts, looking for Waterways pumps and jets, either Balboa or Gecko spa controls. Insulation is very important, especially in the frozen north. Full foam is your friend, anything else is a compromise and will result in heat loss. Do they have local support? Do they have in country warehousing for parts? If not, then I would look elsewhere.
  12. Most likely, it's a bigger problem. Buy a couple of fuses and try one. If it blows again, now you need to look further. Does this spa have a heater or is it one that heats from residual pump heat and has the useless red friction heater? When you say not heating properly, is is not heating at all or is it heating slowly? Wouldn't hurt to post up pictures of your board and equipment area so we know exactly what you have.
  13. There is a reason that American Whirlpool gets little love here, it's because it's a mediocre tub by Maxx, the makers of Maxx and Vita. Cradle supported, thinner shells with mediocre insulation and have been known to not honor warranties. In short, there are many better tubs out there than a Maxx Spa product. Caldera and Hot Springs are made by the same company, Watkins Manufacturing. Either are good choices. I would also look into Artesian, Marquis, Jacuzzi, Sundance and Bullfrog. All of these manufacturers have entry level up to premium experience tubs and all have the same quality foundations, just the options and number of jets/size of jets, pumps, etc are different. I spent months looking and comparing tubs. Maxx products were originally on my list but after a dealer visit, changed my mind. Dealer was clueless, the construction quality of the Vita and American Whirlpools they had to show were only slightly better than a Dr Wellness by LPI. Low R value insulation and simply glued joints. I ended up with an Artesian model and it's all that a Maxx product is not. Other factors kept Hot Springs and Caldera out of the running for me (mainly I had a size limitation and I couldn't get a HS or a Caldera to meet my specs) which I found out after a dealer visit.
  14. What did you repair to call it easy? Equipment or actual leaks? Beachcombers do not have removable sides so accessing any leaks is impossible unless you either raise the tub up to work on it from the underside or you are OK with destroying the sides. Beachcomber does make a good tub with the exception of the non removable sides and if you stay away from the hybrid versions. Personally, I would be looking at other manufacturers. depending on who you have for dealers in your area, I would look at Hot Springs/Caldera, Bullfrog, Artesian, Jacuzzi, Marquis and Sundance. Make sure you check out the dealer as well as the tub. A good dealer enhances your experience where a poor dealer makes your life a nightmare no matter who made the tub.
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