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  1. I see you have 3 separate threads. You can put them all in one, the issues will get the same attention. Post up pictures of your spa pack internals (circuit board/boards), any wiring diagrams, the equipment ares with any labels. This way the experts that frequent here will know exactly what you have and how it's wired and configured. It wouldn't surprise me if you had a bad heater relay. Do you have a multimeter? With the heater disconnected, you should have somewhere around 10-40 ohms of resistance across the heater element. 0 ohms means the element is shorted, infinite ohms
  2. Many people put hot tubs under decks. There should be plenty of air circulating in that area to help with moisture build up. On another forum I frequent there are several that have pictures of hot tubs under decks. None have complained about issues.
  3. @CanadianSpaTech is doing free service calls too! April Fools 😝
  4. No. When you look at your spa pump, you have an inlet where the water goes into the pump and an outlet where the water exits the pump. On the inflatables, there is a box with the pump and heater in it. There should be a flexible hose with a clamp on it. I believe that is the inlet and there is a screw joint on the box where the output of the heater is. Disconnect from the fitting on the box until it flow freely when the pump is on. I'm not an expert on inflatables, nor do I have one. I'm just a person that is handy and understands basic pump theory. This all assumes yo
  5. So, something in the tub "pops" and you have to reset the breaker to clear it is what I understand now. Do you hear it pop or does the tub throw an error or just stop working? Do you need to reset both breakers or just the 20A or 30A breaker? Has the dealer replaced the board yet? Could be a relay, could be a sensor or the board itself. Can you take off the cover of the IQ2020 box and get some pictures of the board and wiring?
  6. How is the tub configured? Ozone, circulation pump, multiple pumps, etc.? Can you post up some pictures of the equipment area, inside the spa pack, pumps with the data plate and wiring diagram? Is the electrical service new? Could be a lot of things, heater, pump or pumps, ozone generator (if equipped) or even a bad GFCI. I'm sure the experts will be around shortly but if you can add some of the stuff I asked you for, that will greatly help them.
  7. This is almost a year old thread. Most likely the OP isn't going to answer you. Please start your own thread, post up the symptoms, any error codes and pictures of the equipment area, pumps, the spa pack inside and wiring diagrams. The experts will then be along to help you out.
  8. Most have an electric heating element. Some more inexpensive brands use recovered heat from the pump. Some permanent/combination pool/spa types will use a boiler, which can be oil or gas fired and some tubs have a wood fired boiler.
  9. Post up some pictures of the control board, equipment area and of the circuit diagram. We need those to know your exact setup.
  10. You still have a 10mm socket? All mine disappear mysteriously.
  11. Plenty of good manufacturers in that price range. Probably the most important thing you can do is find a good dealer. A good dealer will work with you to get the right tub for you. You will have a chance to sit in several models (they may not have the exact tub on the floor due to the craziness of the market right now) and hopefully you can wet test several tubs to find that perfect fit. Hot Springs, Marquis, Bullfrog, Artesian, Sundance, Artic and Nordic offer good tubs with quality components and good warranties. Any manufacturers premium models are going to be above your budget but t
  12. I also feels like something is fishy. Every post he's made refers people to that website. Infinite ohms on the heater is not a good sign.
  13. Post pictures of the equipment area and of the board. One of the experts will be along to help you out once the pictures are up and they can see what you have.
  14. It does sound like it's air locked. Break the union at the pump output so that water flows from it. Once it's flowing good, tighten it back up.
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