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  1. Yes I replaced the heater and both wires, And the heater relay board if I had it to do over again I would buy the whole IQ board itself
  2. Yes thanks if you could mark on the picture that would be great i can post a better picture if you need I appreciate it
  3. It seems like since I put the new relay board in when I use the breaker to turn it on I hear a loud clickthan I ever have heard before But the heat or the red light on the main board never comes on
  4. Did you mean that the jumper control switch on the main board is probably bad?? I assume that means that you have to get a whole new board main board that is and hopefully the old relay board is OK
  5. So by the red light not coming on the main board I probably need to go ahead and replace the main board don’t you think or not not


    CACEE6E4-6D57-4696-B0D9-7A23F95B8661.thumb.jpeg.6c991d707a103cffc780b9f98e04806a.jpegThe new relay appears to be working OK it has a green light on it upper right corner small light

  6. I unhook the ozonator from the electricity from plug-in Still lots of bubbles lots of flow coming from the drain does not appear to be any Obstruction and plenty of circulation pump flow keep in mind that this is a new heater relay board installed on existing or original main board I think the problem is that the main board is not allowing any electricity to go to the heater Since the red light for heater on never comes on the main board
  7. Looking for some help out there. Just replaced the heater relay board and the heater did not replace the main board. It worked great for a while and then all of a sudden the red light on the main board would not light up the green light on the main board was lit green. The controls change the temperature OK and the red light shows up for power and control but it does not heat up. This red light is on the control the red light on the main board does not come on does it sound like I need to also upgrade the main board?? Thanks And any help would be greatly appreciated The picture is upside down The green light is on the two red lights are off this is on the main board The green light is limit OK The red heater on never comes on even though I just replaced the power relay board. there is a green light on the power relay board the new power relay board appears to be working fine the only problem is the heater never gets power Limit OK green always lit htr on - red light never comes on Bottom red light on the main board never comes on Small green lit light Constantly on the power relay board Keep in mind that this is an updated power relay board with a main board that is 20 years old
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