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  1. It can be DIY rebuilt with a new front bearing, new impeller (Most break when trying to get them off) and new seal kit. There are videos out there on how to rebuild
  2. If it uses a small Lanig circ pump it could be starting to go on you. They will sometimes start and stop then throw an error code. The circ pump is often tied to the waterfall so if it is turned on when only the circ is running keep an eye on it for the flow to start and stop. It can often be intermittent and hard to diagnose.
  3. Your spa uses made in China equipment and it can be hard to find manuals for them however there is a few posts here that there was a manual posted I just can't find it. Sorry
  4. Will miss our banter. stay in touch.
  5. What is the pump high speed amp draw? Should be white sticker on the pumps
  6. Try remove filters and reset main power and run without filter and see if the error comes back. FL is a flow error
  7. @frink What year is the spa. The company that was making the topside controls went out of business years ago and if you have to replace the topside they are not available and you will have to replace the entire control system...pack and topside. I think pre 2012 is where the cut off is on the topside but you should verify that yourself. I have had several with topside issues and have replaced the control system with used Gecko S-class packs and also Balboa VS pack. You could also buy the manufacturers proprietary upgrade system. There will be some things you will need to know if it gets to that point. Tag me in a post and we can guide you from there.
  8. https://spacare.com/productimages/pdfmanuals/Gecko/MC-MP_Jumper_Settings_Programming.Pdf Try programming low level manually. I would try all jumpers at position 2. Let us know results
  9. Last one I replaced was due to a similar issue (not saying this is your issue) was able to buy a topside through the Beachcomber outlet in Oakville ON 905) 829-3175 they had it in stock. When you power up the spa does it start up the pumps automatically? Disconnect the topside and see if it runs on automated. Circ pump should run and spa should heat without topside. Let us know results
  10. Or this... https://www.poolandhottubdepot.com/balboa-51223-topside-for-d2000/ They are located in London ON and provide great customer service.
  11. Test the fuses and also clean the phone jack connection where it connects to the circuit board. Generic Balboa Topside P/N 51225 MIGHT work if you can find one.
  12. Post photos of the current topside. Did you check the fuses? Where in Canada?
  13. On the bottom left of the inside cover schematic it says Low level programming set to CU1 for 1 x 32 amp. Also there is normally a list of the jumper settings but I don't see one on the inside cover so you may want to contact Gecko Europe. The jumper settings will program the spa. They are usually very helpful here in Canada. There is a phone number for them on the inside cover top right
  14. Post some photos of the area you have the spa in and perhaps that will help us see what you are working with. In tight spaces it is not uncommon to flip the cover up onto the back edge of the spa. Sorry best pic I have available
  15. You have a bad/loose wire connection there somewhere. I would disconnect them from the pack and test them as I said above... W to blk 120V, W to red 120V, red to blk 240. If you get anything different redo the wiring in the GFCI. If it is good then re attach to the pack and test again. Last time I came across this the electrician had it wired into the GFCI and one lug was cross threaded and wire was loose. Lug felt tight but wasn't.
  16. If your pump is 240V you will need to move W1 from white AC down to Red AC. White AC will provide power to 120V components and Red AC will provide power to 240V components.
  17. Verify wiring inside the pack white to black 120V white to red 120V red to black 240V, Verify your pump 120V or 240V. Verify all fuses are good by testing for continuity. Remove one side from holder when testing. What topside do you have? Dip switch A3 will determine what topside will work. Also A7 down will give you more options with Standard, Economy and sleep modes.
  18. Should be a o-ring. Gently remove pressure switch and check for worn o-ring. Switch should unscrew
  19. See pages 26-28 in the tech manual. Posted link above and program the pack for each component instead of using a LL program number ie: pump 1- 2-speed= P1-2, pump 2 -1 speed =P2-1, ozone and so on. Were you able to get into that programming menu by holding pump 1 button?
  20. Try holding Pump 1 for 30 seconds to see if you can get to the manual sub settings for each component
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