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  1. @RDspaguy So best to replace the whole system and heater?
  2. @RDspaguy perhaps the repair was botched. Electronics guy told me he put a hole in the relay and reattached it and he guaranteed it would work... I don’t hear it clicking very frequently. what do you suggest I do to resolve the issue completely, even if more than necessary. Replace the board, or safer replace the whole system? I don’t want to risk something being off and burning a relay again. thanks so much
  3. @RDspaguy Seems strange that two different relays would fail back to back. Could there be some issue causing this? I don’t want to continue to fix the relays and have them fail... Would it make more sense to replace the entire board, although costly, to be safe? just want to make sure I don’t burn out another board / system again.... thank you!
  4. @RDspaguy When it reaches the set temperature the heater voltage still measures 230v and it still hears. It only stops heating when the system safety feature kicks in and the whole system turns off.
  5. @RDspaguy My mistake. Had the multimeter on wrong setting. It is reading 232 when heater is running. At the very beginning of the entire issue, it was reading 225. Somehow when I adjusted the sensors it went up to 232. Is it possible that 232 is too high? If so is there a way to drop it down a bit? Also, when the jets are turned on the first squirt of water that comes out is scalding hot, I never remember that happening before... thanks so much.
  6. @RDspaguy Strange I’m not getting any reading anymore. I get 116 when going from either of the heater sensors to heater tube but when measuring across the sensors I get no reading, like I had at the offset of my issue when it wasn’t heating at all. Perhaps a different relay now failed?
  7. @RDspaguy it doesn’t seem that the pump is running extra, it’s only running as scheduled. However, I brought the filter schedule down from 4 hours per day to 1 hour in the middle of the night but I just can’t get the temp down, it seems to be heating up so quickly. My issue went from one extreme to the other! Maybe my electronics guy fixed the relay too good... The water temp reading is accurate. The ambient temp is pretty warm, 80s and sunny. Just not sure how to resolve it, the control panel keeps stating “HEATER TOO HOT” press button to continue, I press a button and after 15 minu
  8. @RDspaguy the temp was set for 95 but was 98. Tried cleaning the filter and running all jets. Will report back. Thanks!
  9. @RDspaguy correction the display stated “Water too Hot”
  10. @RDspaguy thanks!! when I turn the spa on, the display states 240 Volts. After re-connecting the heater it reads 230 vs 225 previously and the heater seems to be heating the water much faster. However, I got a message this morning on the control panel display that stated “heater too hot, press button to reset” Any idea what this could be a result from and how I can fix? My biggest uncertainty in the process was how perfectly secured I connected the three copper electrical power lines back to the circuit board... Thanks a million!
  11. To be clear, the heater now works when the heat light is engaged, however if the hot tub is being used with the top off and the jets not on, it cannot maintain the temperature and the temp slowly drops. This was never the case prior- the hot tub was always able to maintain the temp whether the lid was on/off or jets were on/off. Thank you!
  12. @RDspaguy Sorry I was away last week! the reading is 225, but I think it should be 240. Does this mean when I reconnected the circuit board leads to the heater I didn’t connect it properly or some other issue? @cranbiz @CanadianSpaTech
  13. @RDspaguy they go away. temp not moving upwards even with heat light solid. The jet that usually is warm is not warm.... there is a tiny leak on the left union gasket. About 1 drop per second
  14. @RDspaguy I take that back, just went up a degree with jets on low with top off which is a sign of improvement...
  15. @RDspaguy Rewired power and now jets are running but see following codes below. Are these error codes? M100 _201 V 20 240V doesnt seem to be heating up unfortunately!
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