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  1. Understood. I’ll investigate the threading there and get a better pic. I will order that split nut and try to find a flat gasket on that site also, just need to make sure I understand and order the right size… thanks!
  2. Yes I use an oil filter wrench it is very tight… Reposting pic below larger. I don’t see any gasket but maybe it’s tricky to see and I’ll try again… Thanks!
  3. It doesn’t seem like there is a groove for this gasket to fit into, the union is flat. Is there something else that should butt up against the ring? See pics. I placed it regardless and it is still leaking a drop every few seconds. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I’m a novice, how do I know which one to order online? I think when the person disconnected / winterized everything they may have lost the o-ring…
  5. When I reconnected my unions a week ago and refilled my hot tub I noticed there was a small leak from one of the unions. I tried tightening it but it still continues to leak. See photo. What is the best way to ensure this no longer leaks? It seems as if the water is coming out above the union (see arrow in photo). Thanks in advance!
  6. @RDspaguy Hopefully my final question: I noticed with this new system when the spa is idle for a while and I open the cover, the temperature is not displayed, there are instead 4 dashes. I click the pump on and the temp is then displayed and in range of the set temp. I checked the manual and all it says for the dashes is: “water temp unknown- after pump runs for 1 minute, temp will be displayed.” Is this normal to show up every time the hot tub is idle for a while? I’m just not used to seeing this as the prior system always displayed the temp, no matter how long it was idle. Not sure if it means I may have an airlock or some other issue... I did empty and refill the tub yesterday. Thank you!
  7. @RDspaguy I spoke with the seller, who contacted the manufacturer and they said I needed to set dip switches 1,3 and 6 to ON while the breaker was off, then after turning breaker on, to let it run its startup course and then move 1&6 to OFF. In addition, I followed your previous message instructions while 1,3&6 were ON, and selected setting #20 on the control panel, then turned 1&6 to off and Pump 2 now works!! THANK YOU!!
  8. @RDspaguy Got it. The Tech Sheet doesn't have a diagram for setup 20, only 21. I'm attaching here the jumpers like you asked yesterday. I labeled the pics, let me know if you see anything wrong here? -J88 to J6 -J1 to Expander Board 1 Thank you!
  9. @RDspaguy Thanks. I don’t see a separate diagram for Setup 20. I think I have all setup properly except for Dipswitch #3 for the 2nd high speed pump. Can I do damage to board by changing this dipswitch being as everything else is running properly?
  10. @RDspaguy There was no manual or card. Can I find setup 19 online somewhere? It does seem that I may need to flip dipswitch #3 ON to be in line with my old setup, but not sure if I should try… Also, I’m not sure if Pump 2 is one speed or two speed. With prior system, Pump 2 has always just functioned HIGH or OFF. I don’t know if that was a function of the pump or the setup. here was the link: https://pool-spa-supplies.com/balboa-control-balboa-water-group-retrofit-kit-bp7-tp600-g6406?utm_source=google_shopping Thanks!
  11. @RDspaguy @cranbiz See dipswitch pic as well as the diagram. Will post the jumper connections when I can access it again later tonight. Thanks again.
  12. @cranbiz @RDspaguy Cool, thanks. I replaced everything and hooked up the electric. Getting 227V read on the heater. Everything seems to working fine except for Pump 2- there is no response when I hit the Jets2 button. See a pic attached of the current system setup. Any thoughts? Thanks again!
  13. @RDspaguy so I ordered a new control system based on a link you sent a while back. Trying to replace the system now. Two questions for you: - the electrical wiring is different on the two control panels and I’m not sure how to connect the old electrical to the new board. I only have 1 white and 2 blacks. Could you help? I think the white stays on top but my old #2 actually is supposed to be red. Pics attached - also noticed that the old heater tube says 5.5kw and the new one says 4.0kw. Will this make any difference? Pics attached I think everything else should be self explanatory…. Thank you!!
  14. @RDspaguy So best to replace the whole system and heater?
  15. @RDspaguy perhaps the repair was botched. Electronics guy told me he put a hole in the relay and reattached it and he guaranteed it would work... I don’t hear it clicking very frequently. what do you suggest I do to resolve the issue completely, even if more than necessary. Replace the board, or safer replace the whole system? I don’t want to risk something being off and burning a relay again. thanks so much
  16. @RDspaguy Seems strange that two different relays would fail back to back. Could there be some issue causing this? I don’t want to continue to fix the relays and have them fail... Would it make more sense to replace the entire board, although costly, to be safe? just want to make sure I don’t burn out another board / system again.... thank you!
  17. @RDspaguy When it reaches the set temperature the heater voltage still measures 230v and it still hears. It only stops heating when the system safety feature kicks in and the whole system turns off.
  18. @RDspaguy My mistake. Had the multimeter on wrong setting. It is reading 232 when heater is running. At the very beginning of the entire issue, it was reading 225. Somehow when I adjusted the sensors it went up to 232. Is it possible that 232 is too high? If so is there a way to drop it down a bit? Also, when the jets are turned on the first squirt of water that comes out is scalding hot, I never remember that happening before... thanks so much.
  19. @RDspaguy Strange I’m not getting any reading anymore. I get 116 when going from either of the heater sensors to heater tube but when measuring across the sensors I get no reading, like I had at the offset of my issue when it wasn’t heating at all. Perhaps a different relay now failed?
  20. @RDspaguy it doesn’t seem that the pump is running extra, it’s only running as scheduled. However, I brought the filter schedule down from 4 hours per day to 1 hour in the middle of the night but I just can’t get the temp down, it seems to be heating up so quickly. My issue went from one extreme to the other! Maybe my electronics guy fixed the relay too good... The water temp reading is accurate. The ambient temp is pretty warm, 80s and sunny. Just not sure how to resolve it, the control panel keeps stating “HEATER TOO HOT” press button to continue, I press a button and after 15 minutes the error message comes up again. Thanks again!
  21. @RDspaguy the temp was set for 95 but was 98. Tried cleaning the filter and running all jets. Will report back. Thanks!
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