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  1. It is 110, there is no inside schematic, it is a Mach 7 balboa, it has been raining here. Will get a picture when I can.
  2. The past year I have replaced the board(balboa Mach 7), pump, and heater. All was working well pump heater lights. The top panel display went out so we replaced that. Since doing this, we have not been able to reach 104 degrees. Initially it heated to 100 and no higher. Now we can’t get any heat from the heater and have a cold tub. After priming the tub, the down arrow and pump indicator lights are on. I tested the voltage at the plug in on the board and showed a reading of zero. Also, I tested the fuses and they were ok. I don’t know what else it could be but a failed board that is only 1 year old??? Any suggestions???
  3. And I can install this on my hot tub? thank you for your help by the way.
  4. Help!! The heater on our 2011 Dream maker hot tub went out, and of course it is now discontinued, the replacement they said to use is way to big the original is 6 inches and the replacement is 10, there is not enough room in the hot tub for it. I attached the heater we have now .. Thank you, we have replaced everything else in this thing. A $200 purchase is now over 1000, so I don’t want to just get rid of it..
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