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  1. My hot tub is around 400 gallons and I do not understand the rise in temperature either. I have a meter that monitors the hot tub and I can see when the heater is on vs the pumps. So during that time I was running the pumps the heater was not running and shouldn't have been since the temperature setting was set to 90 degrees. Each pump uses roughly 2900 watts when running ( I know it doesn't provide amps but around 13 amps). Yes I will test the power going to the pump to make sure there are not voltage issues. I will look around to see if there are any other obvious plugged cooling or etc that might create the hot pump. Are these motors and pumps a single unit or is the pump a separate piece that could be disassembled?
  2. I was able to test this issue a bit more although I was not able to take power readings at the pump yet.... another crappy cold day here. Both pumps do turn off after 30 minutes exactly which must be the design for this hot tub. I was able to turn them back on with the panel but the one pump shut off about one minute after turning on and could not be turned back on with the panel. I was able to shoot the temperature of the casing of the motors, and the one that would not turn back on registered around 220 degrees and the other one registered around 170 degrees. My water temperature in this 30 minute period of running both pumps went from 97 to 104 degrees. I have a thermometer in the water to so I know the reading is correct. I would not expect this much rise in temperature just from pumps running for 30 minutes. Does that seem right?
  3. Hey thanks for the response. After the pump turned off, we could not turn it back on via the remote button or the control panel. The pump indicator on the panel shows the pump running both hi and low indication even though it is not. I understand. I will measure the voltage to see if the controller has disabled the pump or the pump itself has tripped. Do you know roughly how long a pump will stay off before it resets if it has tripped? I am sure that is due to temperature and would depend on outside temperature as well so maybe not a valid question. We are currently at 16 degrees today but hopefully it will get a bit warmer this week so I can test the above suggestion.
  4. I attempted to message RDspaguy directly but I was blocked by the SiteLock tool with an error code of 15. I did locate the circulation pump and his response with regards to its operation makes sense. It appears to be operating correctly. So my real question is if the operation of the two main pumps are designed to turn off after a period of time or is this some other issue.
  5. We have been a bit busy and not been able to utilize the hot tub much since my original posts. However, last night we were in the hot tub and this is what I noticed. Almost exactly 30 minutes after turning on Pump 1, the pump shut off. I could not turn the pump back on. When I check the panel, it shows the pump running and I can cycle the pump using the panel and the indication is that I am cycling between off/slow/high but the pump does not turn back on. After about 50 minutes, the pump must have still been in the on position and it started up again. My wife and I recall the pump or pumps shutting off after about 30 minutes when we first got the hot tub, but we believe we just turned them back on. We always assumed there was a timeout feature for the pumps. However, we are not 100% sure of all this and don't recall if both pumps did this and if both pumps would be turned back on. Since my last post, I did replace the filters so I do not feel it is a flow issue if that is what may cause the pump from shutting off. I do not get any error condition in maintenance log feature available from the panel. Again I am trying to determine what might cause this issue or is this some normal feature of the hot tub.
  6. There are no vents to the outside. There is a fan that runs in behind the circuit board that runs so I assume that is trying to remove heat or bring in air. This side of the hot tub does face west so gets a lot of heat in the afternoon. I was running the pumps this morning when doing my chemicals and the pump shut off again after about 30 minutes. The sun was not shining on that side of the tub and the temperature was probably around 80 at that time.
  7. There are two filters and two pumps plus as you added a circulation pump which runs 24x7. Although I am thinking the circulation pump may not be running 24x7 now either. I monitor the electrical usage and note that it drops below 50 watts at times. I will have to follow up on that as well. Attached pictures:
  8. I have not seen any errors on the panel. The display indicates the pump is running although it is not. I recently cleaned the filters a couple of months ago, but have not replaced the filters ever. I may pursue this first. This is a Dimension 1 Reflections Chairman hot tub. Does anyone know how the circulation works on this hot tub? Are one of the 2 main pumps used for this?
  9. I have a Dimension 1 Hot tub purchased in 2016. This model has two separate pump motors. On two occasions recently, one of the pump motors (the same one) has shut down after an hour maybe of operation. I was not in it either time. Once the motor shuts down it will not turn back on at that time. The next day however, the pump will run. I have not tried to determine amount of time that it takes for it to trip off. I assume the motor is tripping due to heating but not sure. I am wondering if there is a way to further test this or just run until it decides to quit totally. Any input would be great.
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