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  1. I've had a little luck with Spa Selections Moisturizer. In the winter I get really dry, itchy skin on my calves and my wife gets rashes on her bathing suit lines. We put it in before most uses and both of us seem to be a little better now. It does have a mild, pleasant fragrance, but some people hate having any fragrance at all. I was especially concerned about screwing up the water chemistry and tub cleanliness, but neither has been a problem. It's relatively cheap and enough of a help that I will probably keep using it. Nothing beats lotioning after, though. Good luck. https://www.spaselections.com/our-products/cleaners-accessories/moisturizer
  2. Hi, Semi-unrelated question for dayday1 et al.: I noticed you reference having CYA levels of 8, 11 an 12. How are you measuring this, especially to this accuracy? The only test I'm aware of that's close is in the Taylor K-1720 kit, and it's only in increments of 5 when below 20 ppm.
  3. I tried using one of those "magic shrinking hose" jobies once with a 1/4 HP submersible pump and it would not allow water to go through at a reasonable pace.
  4. I purchased the Spa Balancer pH Balance Plus after I read on this forum about the benefits, and before I started this post. It was hard enough for me to find something that had mostly just boric acid in it, and I'd love to know how you found the safety sheet. I've been hesitant to go straight to the raw chemicals due to all the warnings about products being "specially formulated for home use" stuff, being a newbie and all. BTW, this product aside, does city water have any sodium bicarbonate, or something like it, in it? If not, I'm wondering why so many people seem to have too much of it when they are the ones controlling how much goes in in the first place?
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