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  1. Been using Chlorine for many years. Had a Bromine reaction once and never went back.
  2. Ended up retrofitting the IQ2020 with the IQ2020 Eagle 76836, control head with 76845 and LED light with 74930. It was an in the deck install with a 2x6 across the upper part of the service area. Everything worked on the tub but no heat. Original topside control was pretty beat up. After I removed the old IQ2020 I was able to give a good look and saw this.
  3. I think is just a shadow. The tub is sunk in a deck and not easy to get at. I looked the board over closely with a flashlight and blew up my pictures and didn't see anything. I ordered a pair of thermistors. I guess I will start there. Temperature is dropping. If I can't get it going Ill have to drain it soon.
  4. Flow switch jumper checked out visually. In hindsight I should put my meter on it. I took the wire nut off and checked the condition of connection.
  5. Left the filter out. filter is new. Took readings again, 200k scale. Inlet 22.4 outlet 22.2 water temp 41 f. with circulation pump running. I had 14.9 ohms on the heater. everything seems to work just no heat. The heat on LED never lights up.
  6. Dealer did the heater and the circulation pump. Invoice just says heater assembly, circulation pump and bullet check valve. Flow seems really good. I will have another look at it Flow sensor is not being used. Wires at the board have been wire nutted together. I will check the readings again. Thank you.
  7. Heater and circulating pump replaced in 2018. Tub is not heating now but temp says 102. Did some voltage checks and ohms on high limit and temp were both about 22k ohms. What provides water temp to control panel? Any ideas where to go from here?
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