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Is Cal Spa a manufacturer or a rebrander?

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I did a search with no hits on Cal Spa.  Are they a real company or just a rebrander of someone else's products?

jack vines

BTW - I spoke with their local "dealer".  This store has four different brands shown on their heading, but in the scrolling photos, none are identified by manufacturer.  When asked why, the store person said, "Well, today, they're all the same underneath; same pump, same controls, same heater.  The only difference is in the molding of the tub and the trim."

jack vines

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They're a real company but one I would personally avoid.  Sold them years ago at my previous job.  The lower end products were not bad for the money but they lose their luster as the price increases because the quality doesn't match up with the price.  Plus the company will screw the dealer every way possible when there is a warranty claim which is why you don't see a lot of dealers for them and rarely ever see a dealer who has been with the company long term.

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1 hour ago, Cusser said:

My 1988 CalSpa is still operating.

Yeah, in 88 they were a decent company and made a decent product. 

3 hours ago, castletonia said:

company will screw the dealer every way possible

I have worked for 2 dealers who dropped Cal for that exact reason.

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