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  1. Looks like the LCD is failing. Unfortunately, the electronics mfg they used from Q3 2009 - Q2 2012 did go out of business and the displays are no longer available. Unless you can source a used one, a new control panel and control box + software are what will be needed. Probably looking around $1,000 in parts plus you will need the software from your dealer
  2. Generally speaking, Hot Spring, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Bullfrog, Artesian, Marquis, and Dimension One are all regarded as premium brands. That being said, you need local representation or the brand is irrelevant. I would also probably consider Saratoga Spas since they are made in upstate New York. Decent brand that not many people outside of the Northeast know about. As for dealers, not sure really how close to you they are, but Apollo Pools & Spas in Lakeville is a great company (I know the owner). Mainely Hot Tubs and New England Spas are also good dealers. What kind of budget are you wanting to work with?
  3. Does the first pump have low speed? If I'm understanding your post correctly, you press the jets button once and nothing happens. Press a second time and the pump turns on high speed. Press a third time and the second pump turns on (its single speed). Press a fourth time and the first pump shuts off and press a fifth time the second pump shuts off. Is that correct? If so, it sounds like the pump lost low speed or the circuit board is not sending power to the low speed terminal (if that's even possible). I never tried this, so maybe wait for an actual service tech to respond first, but I wonder if you could switch the black and red wires around where the pump goes into the circuit board. If you could and it works, then you could verify if the circuit board is the issue or the pump. I know it can be done manually when bench testing a pump out of a hot tub, I just don't know if the electronics are dumb (or smart enough) to prevent the hot tub from trying to run it that way.
  4. Which breaker is tripping? If the 20A, likely the circulation pump, especially if it doesn’t trip when disconnected. Circulation pump gets power as soon as the breaker is on, nothing else does. Otherwise I would think bad breaker, especially if that breaker is from 2001. Heaters will rarely trip a breaker on a Hot Spring. I personally never saw a heater trip a breaker in 5 1/2 years as a Hot Spring dealer.
  5. No personal experience with Wellis but I would want to have a reputable retailer supporting the product. Wellis is an importer (non-North America made) of hot tubs and the idea of importing hot tubs, while getting more common, also means less options for support and parts availability. Used all depends on brand, condition, and price. Viking is an entry level hot tub. Nothing wrong with that, but keep that in mind when looking. I would probably pick a Wellis over a used Viking. But, if that used hot tub was a premium brand (Hot Spring, Caldera, Marquis, Jacuzzi, Sundance, etc) then I would probably go the used route. There is a reason that the Wellis retails for less than wholesale on the Jacuzzi, and its not because you are paying for the Jacuzzi name.
  6. Tried sending you a PM but I got an error that you cannot receive messages.
  7. Unfortunately I'm no longer a Hot Spring / Caldera dealer so I don't have access to any plumbing diagrams anymore. If you call Hot Spring their customer service will probably provide it to you.
  8. Not a Sundance dealer here. The McKinley is a 680 series Sundance, which is their “entry level” collection. Similar to a Hot Spot from Hot Spring, Vacanza from Caldera, and J200 from Jacuzzi. It is typical for manufactures to have an exposed wood frame at those price points and have the ABS bottom pans on higher end models.
  9. FreshWater salt could use the other port. The old remote monitoring system called Connextion used it too.
  10. Guessing it’s not wired correctly. The heater is on one breaker and everything else the other. No way both breakers should trip at the same time.
  11. Generally speaking, I like Bullfrog as a mfg more than Master Spas. That being said, you will eventually need support after the sale and if the Master Spa dealer can provide a better experience after the sale, then I would probably go that direction if all else was equal. If you are open to other options, I’m pretty sure that Sundance, Jacuzzi, and Artesian also would have similar offerings if you have local dealers for each. I probably wouldn’t put much emphasis on new hot tubs leaking from larger mfg’s right now because all mfg’s probably have less quality control than they did pre-Covid and you’re just hearing about the disgruntled customers which comes back to quality after sale support.
  12. That clear hose with pink string is either for speaker wires or for ACE saltwater. The tape is to keep the string in place and the string is to feed wires through the tube.
  13. Have you flashed the circuit board with software and set the software jumpers?
  14. Hot Spring dealer here. You can absolutely NOT do saltwater if your not wanting to. Just because the hot tub is pre-plumbed for salt doesn’t mean you have to use it. And you can always add salt at a later time if you want. You can opt for ozone and use chlorine or bromine instead. I have no experience with Spa Marvel or AquaFinesse, so can’t help with those.
  15. Unfortunately I can’t help much. Watkins doesn’t provide any secrets to dealers or anybody. The best I can do is offer a part number from Watkins for a replacement circuit board.
  16. As long as the conversion is done properly, should be no issue at all. There will be a schematic on the inside cover of the control box. by converting to 220v all you are doing is changing the amount of electricity going to the heater. Instead of the heater being a 1.5kW on 110v it will now be a 6kW on 220v. The pump was and will remain 110v.
  17. The Bengal was made between 1997-2010. If you can get me the serial number I can look up the year. Cannot comment on a heater recall because this was long before I ever sold Hot Spring. Regardless, it's the same heater whether running 110v or 220v, only difference is how much power is being supplied to the heater. That price could be fair, but I personally would not suggest buying anything without seeing it running and up to temperature. Most parts should still be available, but again, without knowing the year, I cannot guarantee. If it was a 1997-2000 Bengal, those have older style electronics that would require a complete upgrade. There is also a decent chance that if the hot tub is 2002 or older, that heater is different than the newer ones.
  18. As a dealer, I require 25% down to order and final balance is due upon delivery. I will collect cash/check on delivery and will take credit card information prior to delivery and charge once delivery has been completed. While I will not condone or defend another dealers policy, it is up to each dealer how they handle final payment. I have had a few instances where customers didn’t want to pay in full until the hot tub was actually hooked up and running and in those instances I did allow to leave a $500 balance open.
  19. Fuel surcharges are pretty much expected at this point. I increased prices in my store back in January and review them monthly at this point. Kind of numb to it at this point. Don't know what the ceiling is and don't want to think about it.
  20. Having been a Hot Spring dealer for 5 years, I have yet to replace a heater due to the heater not heating. 2013 should either display errors on the display or have blinking logo lights if there was an issue with a thermistor, the pressure switch or water Flo issue. I'll preface this by stating I'm not a service tech, I'm in sales. But if I had to bet money, I would be looking at heater relay board or an incoming power issue.
  21. How old of a Grandee? Are there any error codes on the display? Rarely will a heater be the reason a Hot Spring doesn’t heat. I would be more thinking the heater relay circuit board and or a sensor but need more information.
  22. My apologies, forgot the Sumatran was 110/220 convertible. Heater is on the 30A then since it is 6kW. Attached is what I find for jumper settings for a 2007. Heaters don't typically trip a breaker on a Hot Spring. Assuming it is wired correctly, I wouldn't have an explanation for the breaker tripping besides possibly a bad breaker.
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