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  1. Just did a couple of searches here and didn't get any hits. Anyone here familiar with this manufacturer and especially the E2 unit? They're especially cagy with their pricing and that's always a warning sign. http://ecospas.com/images/e2-topview.jpg jack vines
  2. I did a search with no hits on Cal Spa. Are they a real company or just a rebrander of someone else's products? jack vines BTW - I spoke with their local "dealer". This store has four different brands shown on their heading, but in the scrolling photos, none are identified by manufacturer. When asked why, the store person said, "Well, today, they're all the same underneath; same pump, same controls, same heater. The only difference is in the molding of the tub and the trim." jack vines
  3. Did craigslist with no takers. Won't ever do fakebook; rather throw it in the trash. jack vines
  4. Well, the tub is gone, but I've saved the hard parts for a couple of weeks more. I know how expensive these are new, so wanted them to go to a good home. jack vines
  5. The lower end of the hose disappears down into the foam insulation. The side is still next to the wall. When removal and demolition begins, I'll follow the tube to the source and take some photos. jack vines
  6. A leak deteriorated the frame, siding and the skirting, so we're going to buy a new one. If you're interested in any of these working parts as spares, make an offer, plus packing and shipping. Main pump and motor Heater pump and motor Two heaters; one new, one two years old Main electrical control panel jack vines
  7. We inherited a Caldera Paradise Kauai; a really perfectly-sized three-person spa. However, what we were not told was it came with a slow leak and had have to be topped up every two weeks or so. I asked here and at the dealer about finding and repairing the leak. The general consensus was "Very difficult to find and often difficult to fix; probably not worth it on a used spa. Well, turns out, it was none of the above. When the leak finally deteriorated the skirting to the point the cover lifter fell off, the source of the leak became obvious. On one side, I'm calling it the left, there is a diverter valve and an air flow valve. Just below the air flow valve, I found a 1/2" clear plastic tube which was not (maybe never?) connected to anything. That appears to have been the source of the leak. The foam insulation in that area is gone and the plywood side is completely perished. One guess is the tube was never connected when the tub was built. I guess I'm not clear in how the air flow valves work, where the air pressure comes from-goes to and where water would enter and leak. Is my assumption correct the clear plastic tube should have been connected to the air flow valve? If not, where should it have been connected? Had I known there was leak before the tub was installed and gone looking for it, water damage might have been visible through the plywood siding. After the tub was installed, that left side was 10" from a wall and thus impossible to see and work there chasing a leak. Doubtful we'll ever take a chance on a used unit again, but if one were a gift horse, I'd start out in the open, block it up 2' off the ground, fill it and use it for a couple of weeks before permanently installing it. jack vines
  8. So how do you advise customers as to when it's cost-effective? As to materials, a member here detailed replacing rotted wood braces with synthetic decking material. Is there anything other than pressure-treated wood which might be used? jack vines
  9. I'm handy, retired and have the tools. I'll drain it, jack up one end and get a look underneath. Doesn't look to be a fun project, but hauling it to the dump isn't fun either. jack vines
  10. Thanks for the prompt reply and the info. I'd been erroneously told nothing today could legally go above 104. Since you sell Caldera, but since none are available, is it practically possible to re-frame a Kauai? When last I was in the local store, they wanted $12,000 for today's equivalent, so fixing what we've got should be investigated. jack vines
  11. Our old Caldera Paradise Kauai has probably reached the point of no return. A small leak has rotted out the side of the skirt and major repairs would be necessary and might not even be possible. If there's rot in one area, it may be widespread. The only reason we've hung on to a leaking tub this long is it had the capability of regulating water temperature up to 106 degrees. What are the options for those who want a real hot tub? jack vines
  12. One more request for the logic/mechanical circuit which senses low temperature and calls for heat, but the heater is not switched on. 1. The condition is definitely affected by outside temperature. Above 40 degrees, the system will sometimes hold temperature. Below 40 degrees, it will never respond to the call for heat. 2. The heater and pressure switch are new. The pressure switch and heater makes heat the first time when the circuit is rebooted. 3. When the water temperature drops, the red heater indicator light comes on, but the heater does not. What's between the light and the heater? The red light being on indicates the low temp sensor has called for heat, the pressure switch is OK, so what's supposed to be switching on the heater, but is not? 5. The red light is on and jumpering the pressure switch terminals does not turn on the heater, so it's not the pressure switch. 6. Verified by a reliable thermometer, the water temp has never gotten above 106. Earlier, a failing high limit switch was suggested. Why would a failing high limit switch be affected by outside temperature? Earlier in this thread, Nic Macy told us, What is this telling us? Could Watkins circuit boards only have a three month life span? jack vines
  13. One more time, jumped the terminals of the pressure switch on the circuit board pins. It went up to temperature one time an then would not restart. Since the pressure switch signal is constant, there's something else keeping it from holding temperature. jack vines
  14. Weeere back! Same Caldera Kauai, same problem. The replacement heater and pressure switch fix lasted less than two years. The continuing mystery is the OEM heater and pressure switch removed the first go-round still test out and function. The unit is still in the shelf. Maybe it's going back in. jack vines
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