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  1. When the problem comes and goes makes diagnosis difficult. We were gone for a week, lowered the setting and it held 80 degrees. We're back and now it's holding 105 (1UT) for a week. jack vines
  2. Aha! So the pressure switch is adjustable? Thanks for that valuable info which I've not read anywhere in two weeks of searches and researches. The 1/8-turn should be in or out to reduce the sensitivity? jack vines
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I've been watching the temperature display several times a day. It seems accurate and it has never shown a temperature above the set point; this indicates the high limit isn't the problem. Yesterday, just to experiment, I tried the UT1 and sure enough saw 105 for an hour or so; then it stopped heating began to coast downward. After the football game, when we went in, the temp was down to 101. Manually pressing the "Set" button got the heater working again and a strong flow of hot water raised the temperature one degree while we were in it. If a function were completely failed, it would be easy to find. That everything works part of the time makes it more difficult. jack vines
  4. Thanks; that's what I would have thought. I guess I was fortunate, as I drained and filled my Kauai and the jets and heater primed and produce full volume without any burping. jack vines
  5. Hi, Dave, What are the symptoms with air in the jet pump? jack vines
  6. We have a ten-year-old Caldera Kauai with a heater problem. It will usually heat up to 104 degrees, sometimes hold that for days. Then, randomly, it won't heat. Rebooting via shutting off power will usually get it heating again, sometimes not. Sometimes, it takes several reboots to get it to kick in. Now that the temperatures are below freezing, this behavior means we can't leave the place for any length of time without worrying it will freeze. All suggestions appreciated. 1. Plenty of continuous flow out of heater outlet in the bottom center. 2. Timer for clean cycle works on schedule. 3. Never any error codes displayed. 4. Jets all have excellent flow. 5. New filter. jack vines