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  1. Dynasty / Spa under 7k

    Dynasty is a mid tier brand. I sold a private labeled brand manufactured by them for a few years. They had a lot of jets, a lot of power, and looked impressive. Warranty was ok as was manufacturer support. They were not very energy efficient, had in my opinion below average fit and finish, poor quality covers, and I was unimpressed with the therapy. At that price point, probably not the highest quality option, but not the worst either. If the spa fits you, and the dealer is reputable, then I would say its a viable option. I have no idea if that price is good or not though. As for alternatives, Caldera Vacanza Series / Hot Spring Hot Spot Series, Jacuzzi J200 Series, Sundance 680 Series, Bullfrog X Series, South Seas by Artesian, and Marquis E-Series.
  2. Marquis 3 person spa, used, thoughts?

    That guy is crazy 😂!
  3. Marquis 3 person spa, used, thoughts?

    My opinion, yes. I sold Clearwater in 2008. Had all sorts of issue with quality control and company support. The few I sold seemed to hold up fairly well though. I sold Marquis from 2014-2017 until I changed jobs. Very good quality product with great company support. FYI, I sell Hot Spring and Caldera now. If I was too start over with my choice of brands, Hot Spring, Caldera, Marquis and Bullfrog would be my top choices.
  4. Premium Leisure

    That is full foam. Marquis Signature is one of the best insulated in my opinion. Nice looking spa!
  5. Premium Leisure

    I live about 2000 miles away from Florida, never been an employee of the company, sales rep, or dealer. Closest I came was the line being offered to a dealer I used to work for. When we discovered that the Premium Leisure rep blatantly lied to us, we cut off any further communication. If the rep cannot be honest, he either should not be a rep or is a reflection of the company. In 16 years, never noticed a difference in cleaning anti-microbial filter vs standard filter. I have also never noticed any difference in the ability to clean / filter with a microban filter. There is a reason that acrylic shells don't use Microban anymore, there is no verifiable proof that it does anything. Full foam spas are indeed more energy efficient. True, if a leak occurs, it is more labor intensive to find the leak and repair. However, when all that plumbing is secured by that foam, it does not move or have to support its own weight, reducing the chance of leaks as the spa ages regardless if the plumbing fittings are glued, barbed, and hose clamped. Rarely have I seen a full foam spa just start to have a plumbing leak unless there was an issue right from the factory or the spa was frozen. In my opinion, too many quality brands out there with a history of quality and longevity and support from the manufacturer where I would ever consider a Premium Leisure, or any 2nd tier brand. My first 10 years in the industry I was forced to sell what my boss chose, some good, some mediocre, some low end. We were a servicing dealer and I saw first hand how poor manufacturer support was towards the dealer and the service history was on those low to mid tier brands. The last few years have been top tier quality brands, Marquis, Caldera, Hot Spring and manufacturer support is phenomenal and the amount of service calls is probably 10% of what they were on lesser brands.
  6. Marquis 3 person spa, used, thoughts?

    The spirit is a really nice spa. Assuming everything works and the cover is a good / decent condition, the price is good. Today, you would be hard pressed to get a new Spirit for under $7000. The Spirit is a way better spa than a Viking. I would ask for the Spirit to be filled and heated if possible, to verify everything is working.
  7. Hail Resistant Spa Cover

    Unless something has changed within the last 6 months, SmarTop does not do customer covers so they would not be able to accommodate the curve on the front of the Spirit. When I sold them, I was told unless someone wants to design the pattern and pay for the template, they only do variations of squares and rectangles with corner radius's up to 12".
  8. Premium Leisure

    Do you work for Premium Leisure? No disrespect to them, but you're going to be hard pressed to find many saying they are "one of the better companies" in any category. They are probably considered by most to be a mid tier brand at best. I have not seen one personally so I cannot comment on the quality and fit and finish. Balboa and Waterway are two of the largest vendors for electronics and pumps. I personally like the higher end Balboa controls and think they are very reliable. Waterway, in my opinion, is decent, and nothing wrong with that. The number of intakes is relevant to how many pumps, not the size of the pump or how well the hot tub is engineered. About 5-6 years ago the company I used to work for was presented with the product. I'm not too keen on spas that are not full foam, but the sales rep flat out lied about a bunch of stuff and at that point, the conversation was over. Mrider, if you don't mind me asking, how much is the spa? What is the reputation of your dealer? Have you had the opportunity to wet test this spa? What are your other local options? I see a spa that has no diverter valves which means you cannot re-direct water to or from any of the seats. This is a less expensive way to plumb a hot tub, but you also lose the ability to customize the jet pressure. Those names they call the pumps don't tell you the horsepower or how many gallons per minute they push. That 50 sq ft filter is going to require more frequent cleanings than a spa with dual filters. The fine print on the warranty also doesn't look the greatest.
  9. caldera vanto

    Good price. I sell at $6499 + tax with steps and lift, no ozone.
  10. Marquis 322

    Pretty sure your dealer is correct. I sold Marquis from 2014-2017 and I cannot recall where after running 15 minutes on high it would run 15 minutes on low before shutting down. Unless your spa is either heating or in a filter cycle, it should shut off after running on high for 15 minutes.
  11. Hot Springs Jetsetter

    I agree. I'm biased because I sell Hot Springs, but $6800 is a great price with tax included. I wouldn't even sell at that price pre-tax.
  12. Hot Springs Jetsetter

    Good price. What is included?
  13. 2017 Marquis Euphoria

    Thats a really good price with Microsilk.
  14. Bullfrog Spa Pillows

    They are technically correct. Pillows with most manufacturers don't carry any warranty beyond good when the spa gets delivered. I have never personally seen Bullfrog pillows, but with most pillows, if they are bubbling or peeling, usually either high sanitizer lever or low pH will cause that. I have personally seen pillows fade and discolor within 6 months just from the chemicals.
  15. Marquis 545 - adding on Wifi

    It is compatible. You would have to mount the Wifi module inside the equipment area and plug it in to the circuit board, very easy to do. I personally would pass though. Marquis uses the Balboa Wifi and unless it changed within the last few months, its functionality and reliability are below average at best.