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  1. castletonia

    Breaker Tripping After Refill

    Could be a bad heater, bad motor, or bad GFCI. Contact the dealer you bought it from. As Cusser said, if its new, then its under warranty.
  2. castletonia

    Putting portable spa in the ground

    Having worked for hot tub dealers that perform their own service, all I can say is I would advise against this due to the potential service nightmare it would be. It does look really nice, but if there is ever a leak, or any reason to try and access the other 3 sides for service, the hot tub would literally have to be lifted out of the vault to do so.
  3. castletonia

    Down to 3 - Help me decide

    I currently sell Hot Spring and Caldera and sold Marquis from 2014-2017. To know if the prices are fair, I would need to know what is included and also which version of the Grandee (NXT or Highlife). All 3 are good brands. Hot Spring and Caldera are both made by Watkins. From an insulation standpoint, all are what is considered full foam. I believe Hot Spring will be slightly more efficient due to the multiple layers of insulation, but not enough to be a deal breaker. Both the Hot Spring and Caldera use a circulation pump that runs 24/7 vs the Marquis that uses the dual speed pump 1 on a programmable timer to filter. The circulation pump is more efficient than a jet pump. Based on what you are saying, I would lean towards the Niagara. But, you really need to wet test each and see what feels best for you. Ideally, do so on the same day so each is fresh in your mind.
  4. castletonia

    New Hot Tub Purchase - HELP!

    Of the spas you listed, I personally would remove Master Spas and Nordic from your list. Nordic makes a fine hot tub and they are a great company to deal with, but they are going to be on the basic, entry-level side and really don't fit in with the others you have listed. Bullfrog, Caldera, Sundance, Marquis, and Hot Spring are all considered "premium" brands. I currently sell Hot Spring and Caldera and previously sold Marquis, so I can advise on those brands. The Euphoria is a great hot tub made by a great company. I think it would check off all of your must-haves except for foot jets, which is the only place I believe the hot tub is lacking. With Caldera, the Niagara and Salina are the two to look at. The Niagara will be the more premium of the two. I think it will meet all your criteria however with it having the two captains chairs, I fell you may be a bit crowded with 6 in the hot tub. The Salina will be a little more on the basic side and not have the premium look of the Niagara, but it is a more open layout. With Hot Spring, the Pulse and the Grandee would be the two to consider. The Grandee being the more premium of the two. It has an open concept design, great therapy, and exceptional build quality. Like the Euphoria, I feel it is a little lacking in the foot therapy department. The Pulse, like the Salina, will be a little more basic, but offer open concept, therapy in every seat, and have good foot therapy. Having sat in the Euphoria and above mentioned Hot Springs and Caldera spas, my order would be Grandee, a tie between the Euphoria and Niagara, Salina, then Pulse. But, what fits me and what I prefer will likely be different than you and your family. So, a wet test is a must. You have a good list of candidates. Visit the local dealers, dry test the models you think you are interested in and then wet test the finalists (preferably on the same day so you can make an accurate comparison while everything is fresh in your mind). Research the dealer because they are almost as important as the brand you buy.
  5. castletonia

    Hotsprings Limelight Flair, 2008 wont heat

    Is the circulation pump running?
  6. castletonia

    Caldera niagra electric shocks

    I would start with an electrician or hot tub service tech. I am not either, but my guess would be heater or loose connection somewhere. Obviously if you can afford to and want a new hot tub, then that is always an option but assuming you like the Niagara, you are looking at around $12k+ to replace.
  7. castletonia

    Repair cracked valve

    It’s all glued together. You will have to cut the plumbing out and replace the shut-off valve and whatever else you cut off.
  8. Subwoofer is usually mounted horizontally on the floor. The Bluetooth device I usually screw or zip tie to a vertical piece of frame, wherever I can fit it. I’m not at work right now and don’t have install instructions with me, but I don’t recall a specific placement for the Bluetooth device. There is usually a placement location for the subwoofer.
  9. castletonia

    Will pumps run when dry?

    Pumps can turn on without water. If you hear clicking, that is the relays on th circuit board. Check to see if the fuses are good. The pumps use larger fuses, 20, 25, or 30 amp and you need a multimeter to test them. On the back of each pump, you can get to the motor shaft. Sometimes there is a plastic cover that has to be popped off. Try spinning the shaft with a flathead screwdriver. If it spins, the motor is not seized up. If it doesn’t, either it is seized or the impeller has swollen and is restricting it. i don’t know your financial investment but if it is minimal, I would consider cutting your losses and moving on, especially if there is freeze damage. What brand and how old is this hot tub?
  10. My thought for sticking with the Marino is that I know what I am getting with it. With the Sycamore, I see a nice looking layout, in my opinion. However, I see a different cabinet, different electronics, and a lot of little precision jets (not the most therapeutic). What I cannot tell is how it is insulated, what the warranty is, or the build quality.
  11. The Sycamore is a real hot tub. It is offered to larger Hot Spring dealers and you do have to buy a truckload at a time. The shell design is based off the older Caldera Moorea, which was available from 2006 - 2010. I have never personally seen this hot tub and am not a large enough dealer to have been offered this deal. I cannot comment on the ergonomics of the shell, the components, insulation, build quality, etc. Based on the few pictures I have seen and the dealers I have talked to, I would stick with the Marino.
  12. castletonia

    Evolution by Strong, 7 Year Report

    Those two 1/2” lines were probably siliconed or glued onto the barbed fitting which is why the wouldn’t come off. Usually those are just bleeder lines and most company’s will just use a hose clamp. I doubt the different psi rating will matter, but don’t know for sure. I have never seen a ball valve in a hot tub, only slice valves. Not uncommon for them to not seal as they age.
  13. castletonia

    Clarity water products natural spa

    What are clarity water products? If it claims to sanitize without chlorine, bromine, mineral, or peroxide, then it is not really a sanitizer.
  14. castletonia

    Winterized Hot Tub issues

    Everything is encapsulated in foam. The filter housing is close enough to the sides that you should have your best access there. You are going to have to remove foam. If it is leaking from the filter housing, the foam around it will wet and saturated like a sponge.
  15. That is a Hot Spot Mallorca. It was not designed to have a circulation pump so even though the Balboa pack can run one I'm not sure how you would go about adding one. The dual speed pump that you are replacing is the one that pulls though the filter and flows through the heater. If were to add a circulation pump it would have to follow the same criteria. Someone with a service background would have to provide more input if it can be done and actually work. As for the ozone, usually you have to cut a section of plumbing and add the mazzi injector. What you circled at the top left is likely just the end of a hose coming from an air control. My guess is that the hose area you circled for adding a circulation pump, that smaller hose is where you would add a ozone, but I'm not 100% certain.