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  1. The Dash was only made from 2010-2012, never seen one personally.
  2. If the jet pressure is decreasing I would take a look at your filters. Dirty filters will reduce available water flow going to your pump. For the pump not kicking in on high, does that always happen or is it random? Could be a bad pump, could be a relay sticking on the circuit board, could be the button on the control panel or the control head behind it not sending the signal to the pump.
  3. Your dealer should have an idea of when your hot tub would come in as long as it was part of their 2021 allocation. I was given tentative production dates for all of my 2021 orders back in March. There have been delays, but Hot Spring is providing weekly updates to dealers so they know how production is going. As for the Grandee, condition and price are everything. You need to see if filled and running and I would want to look inside the equipment area to make sure no issues there either. Keep in mind the Grandee has no warranty.
  4. If you have the spa frog system open the cap and pull that out. Otherwise force water back through that jet with your garden hose with the hot tub powered off.
  5. I believe the pressure switch is inside the black box. From Caldera, no serviceable parts, have to replace entire heater though I’ve never taken one part so I’m unsure if you could source the pressure switch elsewhere.
  6. 2012 Martinique. Judging by the lack of USB port on the circuit board it appears to be the “ORCA” electronics. Without calling Caldera tech support I got no idea what that D21 LED is. Do the jets work?
  7. If the LCD display is dead that is problematic because the display is obsolete. Only way to have a functional display is either get lucky finding a used one or upgrading to current electronics.
  8. They're a real company but one I would personally avoid. Sold them years ago at my previous job. The lower end products were not bad for the money but they lose their luster as the price increases because the quality doesn't match up with the price. Plus the company will screw the dealer every way possible when there is a warranty claim which is why you don't see a lot of dealers for them and rarely ever see a dealer who has been with the company long term.
  9. 2009 phase II Jetsetter. Phase II just means "Orca" electronics. If the circulation pump is running but you are still in protection mode it could be one of the sensors on the heater, more likely the hi-limit. Could also be a temp sensor, a circuit board, low water level, dirty filters, weak flow from the circulation pump. Remove all filters and make sure the water level is high enough to rule those out. If you're not wanting to have a service tech come out, the sensors are the cheapest of the parts it could be.
  10. That's an old one, 1990. If you want to pm me your email address I can send you the pdf version of the manual, but for a 31 year old hot tub, oem parts don't really exist anymore. I have zero experience with mechanical hot tub controls but I would concur that it is probably the heater if it trips the breaker when calling for heat.
  11. 4-5 years is what I tell my outdoor customers to expect and 7-8 years indoors, maybe more. If you condition the outside of the cover with a product like 303 Protectant or comparable product and take good care of your chemicals, that will extend the life of your cover.
  12. Assuming everything is wired correctly....... what software version are you running and are all the soft jumpers set correctly? I'm guessing you are running software v 1.14D and if so, soft jumper "J3" needs to be set to "DUAL" for pump 2 to have low speed. Pump 1 will be high speed only.
  13. Hot Spring and Caldera are the only brands I have ever seen where bad circ pumps trip breakers.
  14. 30 amp is everything except the heater. If disconnecting the circ pump allows the breaker to hold, then it’s the circ pump.
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