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  1. I've never seen or heard of this product before but because it is referencing 2004-2008 Hot Spring and Tiger River I'm guessing it was meant to work with the "PUG" electronics and not the "ORCA" that this Limelight Flair care with. Just to peak my curiosity, would a Balboa pack be able to work with the Hot Spring heater? Or could you even retro it with a M7 heater and that circulation pump?
  2. Company I worked for years ago dropped Cal Spas for that same reason. Warranty wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.
  3. Only option is to either find a used control panel or upgrade the electronics. $2k is a high estimate. I would expect parts to be around $1,000 and then whatever labor and service call fees your dealer would charge.
  4. I'm in Wisconsin with a Hot Spring SX running 120V. When I did my last drain/refill in late November, it took almost 36 hours to heat from 47 degrees up to 104. If I was running 240V then it would probably have taken 8-10 hours. I keep my hot tub at 104 in the winter. I use my hot tub daily for between 25-35 minutes. I am shielded from the wind from the south and west but exposed from the north and east. My coldest soak has been in -5 with winds between 5-10 mph. I started at 105 and after 30 minutes I was at 101. A Jetsetter is better insulated than my SX and is a bit
  5. It was made during the 2nd quarter of 2013.
  6. I cannot imagine how your cover survived 10 years without cover plate. I would never use a CoverCradle without a cover that has the plates. At this point, a either ordering a cover with the plates or a different cover lift are really the only options.
  7. It is odd. Of all other brands I had experience with before Hot Spring and Caldera, rarely would I ever see a circulation pump trip the breaker. 2016 Pulse would not have had ozone standard, would have to have been added.
  8. Heater is on the 20A on this hot tub. 30A powers everything else. With Hot Spring / Caldera, whenever I hear of the 30A tripping immediately, it is most often the circulation pump. Other than the circuit board, it is the first thing to get power. Could also be a bad breaker but if I were a betting person, I would go with circulation pump. Are you the original owner? If so, depending on when you purchased in 2016 this is likely still under warranty. Parts/Electronics are a 5 year warranty.
  9. Could be a bad breaker but I think more likely a bad circulation pump. Disconnect the circulation pump from the circuit board and see if the breaker holds. If so, bad pump.
  10. I assume you have either a Hot Spring or Caldera hot tub with dual breakers 20A/30A. If so, which model and how old? Does the 30A trip instantly when you reset it and if not, how long does it take to trip?
  11. All you need to update the software is a flash drive and the software files. It's pretty simple to update the software and set the jumper settings. The software is proprietary so your dealer will need to provide you with the files and directions or if they won't, you can pm me your email and I can send you files and directions.
  12. The Aria has more jets which is part of why the additional pump. On the Aria you will be able to run more jets with maximum pressure vs on the Sovereign you will have to choose which jets can get maximum pressure. See attached pics. As for salt vs no salt, that is a preference. I like the salt system and would choose it for myself. Salt will be a higher cost water care option vs regular chlorine or bromine.
  13. I'm guessing 20-25% of that is for the service call and labor to come out and do it. The remote should run you $600-$700 and if it wasn't for needing a software update you could just buy the remote and pair it yourself.
  14. Technically no. What you need to make sure is that whatever ozone you choose is the same voltage and has the same type of connecters to connect to the circuit board. I have seen some mfg's void the warranty on ozone's if you have to alter the plug in any way.
  15. PM me your email address and I can email it over to you
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