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  1. There should be an error of some kind if its a thermistor. I would be thinking along the lines of heater or circuit board but I wouldn't be ordering any parts without proper troubleshooting.
  2. If you have a Beam 1, which is the 110V version, there will be no difference in jet pressure if you run the hot tub on 220V. Only difference you will have is that the heat up time will be reduced drastically and the heater will be able to run concurrently with the jet pump. On average, you are only going to gain 1-2 degrees an hour on 110 volt so that 28 degrees in 18 hours is within reason. If you had a Beam II, which is the dedicated 220V version, then yes there would be a performance difference because it has a larger pump. Regardless which version of the Beam it is, if you're running on 220V, the heat performance and heat retention would be the same. It's been probably 2+ years since I have sat in a Beam 1. From my memory, it had very respectable jet pressure for being a 110V/220V hot tub. You will want to keep the air controls open, just like you would with most any hot tub to get the most power. You also have a diverter valve which will allow you to select which jets get max power.
  3. It's common for the hot tub to go into protection mode when the hi-limit thermistor goes bad. If you have water flow coming up from the floor drain then the circulation pump is running. As ratchett said, the bubbles are from the ozone mazzi. Assuming the circulation pump is running, a thermistor is the least expensive part that could need replacing in this instance and the one that would be the most common.
  4. Likely the Hi-Limit thermistor. If it is going into protection mode right away, you are not going to have the option of even turning the jet pump on.
  5. A Relay doesn’t use a 20/30 breaker. The 50 is the correct one. Have your dealer come back for a service call to figure out what’s going on.
  6. That was before Watkins bought Caldera so information may be scarce from them. Is there a wiring diagram on the inside cover of the electrical control box?
  7. I would be thinking either pressure switch or circuit board and leaning towards the pressure switch if everything else works.
  8. OEM Replacement heater would be part #76228 which is a 4kW heater w/pressure switch. You could also use part #73791 which would require a pressure switch jumper since it does not have a pressure switch.
  9. The gray wire going into the side of the heater is for the pressure switch. If the pressure switch is bad the hot tub won't heat. Hot Spring does make pressure switch jumpers that plug into the circuit board in place of the pressure switch otherwise you could DIY one and see if the hot tub heats.
  10. Never tried drying one out. What do you mean you cannot access any of the buttons? Is the screen blank or do the buttons just not respond to touch? if it is determined you need a new wireless remote, they should be readily available. Unlike the hot tub cover, it won’t take forever to get.
  11. For what its worth, I would sell the Grandee for $200 more for the same package. I personally would skip the stereo (I'm not a fan of music and hot tubs). With high demand and no inventory, your ability to negotiate really goes away. Factor in that your dealer also will incur cost increase at the first of the year along with freight rates increasing every 90 days, they probably would be charging a couple hundred more if they knew what their exact cost would be when that hot tub goes into production.
  12. Personal opinion, neck jets are a crapshoot. You can never accommodate everyone. It cost a manufacturer a lot of money to design and create a shell mold which is why you see the more premium manufacturers design and create their own and the lower end manufacturers buy the design/template and reuse it. I don't necessarily think there is stagnation within the industry, just that manufacturers are not going to introduce a half baked design. Company's like Hot Spring, Caldera, Jacuzzi, etc have a reputation to withhold and many of their models have been around for years. If they cannot substantially improve them then they don't. As a Hot Spring / Caldera dealer with local competition from the likes of Master Spas, Artesian, Maax, etc, I hear it a lot about the neck jets. I've also seen it where I've had customers interested in a Utopia Caldera and not fit ideally under the neck jets and opt for something in the Hot Spring lineup which is why I say its a crapshoot. As for the Provence, I think everyone in the industry knows that double lounger's are low volume sellers. The Provence existed in Europe before it did in the United States. It must have sold decently well over there to have been brought into the U.S. market.
  13. I'm not even aware of there being a fuse for the music, but keep in mind, I'm also not a service tech. Without any additional investigating, I would think that the wireless music component failed and that is why the hot tub is now not acknowledging it's existence. It's also possible something got messed up in the software and the hot tub just needs the software re-installed.
  14. In regards to the reputation of the manufacturer, Artesian and Marquis are sooooooo much better than Cal Spas. As someone who sold Cal Spas years ago and has been in the industry now for 20 years, I wouldn't ever consider being a Cal Spas dealer again because while they may not make the worst spa on the market, I have zero confidence they will honor their warranty and support the dealer after the sale.
  15. Assuming the electronics are original, the Caldera part number for the control board is 77089. It looks like the replacement didn’t come with the little daughter circuit board that the original has. I can’t tel by the pictures but it looks like the original might have a different configuration on the bottom right? To me it looks like there are connections directly on top of each other.
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