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  1. 60A CB keep tripping!

    What size breaker and is the breaker original from 2002? I would lean towards breaker but without knowing how many amps the pumps are pulling, I'm not certain. If the heater was bad. 99% of the time it would trip the breaker and not allow you to reset unless you disconnect the heater or replace it. The pumps should be pulling 8-9 amps on high speed and the heater probably 15-16, so with everything running, about 32-34 amps.
  2. That is a 24 hour circulation pump. Unless that pump is there just for Artesian to say they have a circulation pump, then that pump is what pushes water through your heater, possibly ozone, and one of the filters in your hot tub. If it fails, or flow gets restricted then the hot tub will not heat. Artesian uses Balboa electronics and if I remember correctly, "Pr" is what is displayed right after the hot tub is powered up and should go away within 3-5 minutes. It is a priming mode. If the water level is low or filters are dirty, then that could restrict flow, but you should have a different code.
  3. 1st time owner buying Caldera Geneva

    A lot of your reasons for liking the Caldera are valid. I'm not a huge fan of above the water neck jets because if the seat doesn't fit you right, then they are just annoying and splash you in the face. Excluding the front seat on the Caldera Niagara, which in my opinion is too short, the neck jets fit me good and I have had positive feedback from customers. Hot Spring and Caldera have distinct differences in therapy. Caldera I think has more power, more jets, much different style jets than Hot Spring, and the seating is more sculpted. Hot Spring has the Moto-Massage, are more open concept, and to me have less power so that you could sit in front of the jets as long as you want without having to move. It's a personal opinion which you prefer. I really like the look of the Utopia series from Caldera, probably more so than anything I have seen elsewhere. I'm not going to say having the wireless touch screen is not gimmicky at all, but I do feel that the way electronics are evolving, touch screens will be the norm in 5-10 years. Hot Spring is just early to the party. The Resort is a nice hot tub. I sat in our floor model many times at my previous job. I did float in the lounge on the resort when I had the HK40 low back jets on in the lounge. The adirondack chair is really nice, but some find it too deep. I never personally sat in or saw the Wish, so no comment on that model. You have found out first hand why the dealer is important. You can take a quality brand like Marquis and from how it sounds, even if it was the product for you, you would be hesitant to buy because of the dealer and possible future concerns. You have found a great hot tub in the Geneva and are getting a good price. Happy hot tubbing!
  4. 1st time owner buying Caldera Geneva

    They should either give you the filter that is in it + a new filter, or just a new filter. When I sell filled floor models, I put new filters in them. I don't do a purge type cleaning, but I do thoroughly sanitize the hot tub before draining and make it as clean as possible. I think it's common courtesy. As for price, $11,000, that is a good price. If that is all in, with tax, then even better. As for the in-line sanitation, probably 90% of the spas I sell go with @ease due to the general disliked smell of bromine. Now, if the smell of bromine doesn't bother you, I would do bromine. The Caldera bromine cartridges (purple color) hold more bromine and tend to last a little longer than the standard bromine cartridges (yellow color). I also find that the purple bromine cartridges last on average 4-7 days longer than the @ease cartridges due to there being more bromine than SmartChlor but also that bromine doesn't dissipate as quickly in warm water. Ask to smell some bromine tabs at the dealer so you know what bromine smells like. That may make your decision for you. If you do go the bromine route, make sure to use either the purple bromine cartridges made for Caldera or the green bromine cartridges made for Marquis. They last longer and work better on the inline system than the standard yellow bromine cartridges. On a side note, what made the Geneva a clear winner for you over the Grandee NXT? Also, what Marquis were you looking at? I'm just curious as I sell Hot Spring and Caldera, but until last year sold Marquis.
  5. Does it state to not use a floating dispenser, or to not use tri-chlor tabs in a floating dispenser?
  6. Water Stream Shooting From Filter Box?

    Your water level is really low. I just checked my floor model 2017 Jetsetter and there is water coming out just like yours, except mine is under water.
  7. Caldera Geneva prices in Dallas?

    It all depends on how your dealer prices their spas. MSRP on the Geneva is $16,699. That is for the hot tub, cover, and GFCI subpanel only. Steps, coverlift, delivery, water care , audio, etc is all extra.
  8. Caldera Geneva prices in Dallas?

    It all depends on your dealer. Their cost of doing business in Texas will be different than mine in Wisconsin. I am at $12,999 on a Geneva or Niagara with Avante steps and prolift 2.
  9. Caldera Makena or Marino?

    I can't speak for what your dealer will sell for but I would expect the price to be anywhere from $9500 - $11,000. Your local economy, the dealer's overhead, his shipping costs, etc will influence the price. For reference, retail on the Makena is $12,699 without ozone, or any accessories.
  10. Blue Ridge Spa by Jacuzzi

    You can’t remove hoses and reuse unless there was extra length to begin with. Everything is glued. I have a hard time believing the hoses are plugged. In 17 years, never seen that. If the pump powers on and actually spins the impeller, it’s more likely that the pump is air locked and or the jets could have been turned to the closed position.
  11. Caldera Makena or Marino?

    The Makena has the 24/7 circulation pump which is more efficient to run than one of the jet pumps. Makena is also a bigger spa, so I would say the circulation pump offsets the additional operating cost of it being a larger spa. As for less chemicals, again, I think 24/7 filtration does a better job keeping the water clean and slightly reducing chemical dependency. if I’m upgrading to the Makena, my reasons would be because the larger size is more beneficial or fits you better, the 24/7 circulation pump, additional therapy, longer warranty, and I do like the upgraded electronics and heater. I fit really well in the Makena, but because the lounge on the Marino does not have the foot jets, I would skip the lounge and get the Vanto instead of the Marino.
  12. Jets turn on but turn off quickly

    Could be a stuck button on the top side control panel.
  13. Caldera Makena or Marino?

    I sell Caldera. Makena is bigger than the Marino, it does have more jets and larger pumps, longer warranty, circulation pump, larger filter, and therapy (in my opinion). Ozone is technically optional on both, but it will run 24/7 on the Makena with the circulation pump and therefore be more effective. Makena also uses a different heater and different electronics. I think for the money, the Marino is a really nice hot tub but at the same time, there are a lot of upgrades that justify the price of the Makena. Build quality wise, they are similar. They have the same cabinet and insulation, but the base is slightly better on the Makena.
  14. Hot Springs Manual Questions

    I’m not aware of bleach and liquid chlorine being chemically any different other than concentration. Maybe I am wrong, but I was told bleach and pool shock were the same chemical just that bleach was about 4% chlorine and pool shock is 12.5%. I would imagine that even if slightly different, both would have a similar pH
  15. Hot Springs Manual Questions

    Clean screen pre-filter is nice if you have rust/iron or other metals in the water. It is not necessary though. I only include it for my customers on well water. Everyone has their own opinion on total alkalinity. Generally speaking, 80-120ppm is considered in range. Bioguard, whom I sell, prefers 125-150ppm. Others have said the pH is more stable with lower alkalinity. As for cyanuric acid. Di-Chlor is basically the only form of chlorine approved by really any hot tub manufacturer. If you go the stabilizer then bleach method, just be careful on the dosing of bleach and keep an eye on your pH. Bleach has a pH of 13.