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  1. Nordic makes a good quality, basic entry level hot tub. I can’t comment on price, but based on past experience and company reputation, they would be near the top of my list for a somewhat entry level hot tub.
  2. How old is the water? The built in salt test is a conductivity test which measures salt and TDS. TDS (total dissolved solids) is a measure of all chemicals or anything that has been added to the water. A conductivity test doesn't know the difference between TDS and salt. The older your water, the higher the TDS. If the salt is 1,500 and the hot tub thinks its high, you likely have high TDS which requires a partial drain/refill to lower or you have dirty filters which are restricting the water flow and causing the system to falsely read the salt lever higher than it is.
  3. Yeah, that's the current IQ2020 control box, code named "Eagle". Been in use since Q3 2012 on Hot Spring and probably a similar time with Caldera. To my knowledge, have always been made in China, but I can only verify back to 2017 when I first became a dealer. Those electronics were pretty darn reliable. I think I only had one relay board fail and cannot recall any of the main boards failing in 5+ years as a dealer. I wasn't a service tech so this is getting beyond my knowledge level, but if there is power going to the hot tub and relay board isn't fried, I would have to assume main board. If that is the case, you have to buy the entire IQ2020 control box and you would then need software installed and software jumpers set.
  4. I think Nordic and Viking are probably your best options in that price range. If you don't mind a full roto-mold hot tub then you could also look into Freeflow and Dressmaker. The Hot Spring Prodigy that ratchett suggested is a great hot tub, but you would be hard pressed to get it for under $12k. While I am no longer a Hot Spring dealer and haven't seen the 2023 price increases, I was at $13,999 back in the summer after the last price increase.
  5. Remove the filter to ensure it’s not the issue. Assuming it’s not, then you either have a pressure switch issue or circuit board issue. You cannot tell by looking at the pressure switch if it’s bad/open/closed.
  6. It’s for speakers if you choose to have music installed. Those two oval caps on top of the hot tub can be removed and pop-up speakers installed. That clear hose is where you would run one of the speaker wires through. There will be another one on the other side of the hot tub for the other speaker if you were to look for it.
  7. Looks like the LCD is failing. Unfortunately, the electronics mfg they used from Q3 2009 - Q2 2012 did go out of business and the displays are no longer available. Unless you can source a used one, a new control panel and control box + software are what will be needed. Probably looking around $1,000 in parts plus you will need the software from your dealer
  8. Generally speaking, Hot Spring, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Bullfrog, Artesian, Marquis, and Dimension One are all regarded as premium brands. That being said, you need local representation or the brand is irrelevant. I would also probably consider Saratoga Spas since they are made in upstate New York. Decent brand that not many people outside of the Northeast know about. As for dealers, not sure really how close to you they are, but Apollo Pools & Spas in Lakeville is a great company (I know the owner). Mainely Hot Tubs and New England Spas are also good dealers. What kind of budget are you wanting to work with?
  9. Does the first pump have low speed? If I'm understanding your post correctly, you press the jets button once and nothing happens. Press a second time and the pump turns on high speed. Press a third time and the second pump turns on (its single speed). Press a fourth time and the first pump shuts off and press a fifth time the second pump shuts off. Is that correct? If so, it sounds like the pump lost low speed or the circuit board is not sending power to the low speed terminal (if that's even possible). I never tried this, so maybe wait for an actual service tech to respond first, but I wonder if you could switch the black and red wires around where the pump goes into the circuit board. If you could and it works, then you could verify if the circuit board is the issue or the pump. I know it can be done manually when bench testing a pump out of a hot tub, I just don't know if the electronics are dumb (or smart enough) to prevent the hot tub from trying to run it that way.
  10. Which breaker is tripping? If the 20A, likely the circulation pump, especially if it doesn’t trip when disconnected. Circulation pump gets power as soon as the breaker is on, nothing else does. Otherwise I would think bad breaker, especially if that breaker is from 2001. Heaters will rarely trip a breaker on a Hot Spring. I personally never saw a heater trip a breaker in 5 1/2 years as a Hot Spring dealer.
  11. No personal experience with Wellis but I would want to have a reputable retailer supporting the product. Wellis is an importer (non-North America made) of hot tubs and the idea of importing hot tubs, while getting more common, also means less options for support and parts availability. Used all depends on brand, condition, and price. Viking is an entry level hot tub. Nothing wrong with that, but keep that in mind when looking. I would probably pick a Wellis over a used Viking. But, if that used hot tub was a premium brand (Hot Spring, Caldera, Marquis, Jacuzzi, Sundance, etc) then I would probably go the used route. There is a reason that the Wellis retails for less than wholesale on the Jacuzzi, and its not because you are paying for the Jacuzzi name.
  12. Tried sending you a PM but I got an error that you cannot receive messages.
  13. Unfortunately I'm no longer a Hot Spring / Caldera dealer so I don't have access to any plumbing diagrams anymore. If you call Hot Spring their customer service will probably provide it to you.
  14. Not a Sundance dealer here. The McKinley is a 680 series Sundance, which is their “entry level” collection. Similar to a Hot Spot from Hot Spring, Vacanza from Caldera, and J200 from Jacuzzi. It is typical for manufactures to have an exposed wood frame at those price points and have the ABS bottom pans on higher end models.
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