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  1. If the water is cold, I would wait the 2-3 hours. Chemicals don’t always react quickly in cold water. I have a few customers that use almost 1lb of pH down on each fill due to high total Alkalinity. i have never experienced high pH after using a phosphate remover so I cannot be of help there.
  2. When using a salt water system, whether it be ACE, or something else, you need to use soft water. Regardless, the soft water is not the issue.
  3. castletonia

    Newbie needs help with purchase

    You need to sit in these spas dry to get a feel for the comfort. Your all over the place in terms of size, layout and price. All the prices you listed are within reason.
  4. That is insanely high for phosphates. I would do a system flush and drain ASAP. After refilling, I would deal with the phosphates first. No idea what EZ tub start is. I would seek out a product specifically for Phosphates and it likely will have to be a pool product since there are very few specifically made for spas. Natural Chemistry PHOSfree and Bioguard Pool Tonic.
  5. Same part. That’s what it looks like if I go to order if from Hot Spring. They make you get all the plumbing parts even though you just need the internal parts.
  6. Your Grandee appears to be older then than 2006. The image I attached is for a 2004 Grandee and the valve on the left appears to be what you have making your spa early 2004 or older. The part number for the valve on the left is 73482 and depending on the retailer will be around $30.
  7. castletonia

    Caldera cantabria or hot springs envoy nxt?

    Both are quality spas. I was a Caldera dealer through 2018 and have been a Hot Spring dealer since 2017. Both models are the upper tier from both manufacturers. Even though the Cantabria is a decent amount larger, I personally do not think it fits many more people. The Envoy is 5 and maybe 6 in the Cantabria. I think Hot Spring has a better filtration system and is slightly better insulated. It also has the wireless touchscreen control panel where the Caldera is a fixed touchscreen. ABS frame on the Hot Spring and wood on the Caldera. The UltraMassage lounge in the Cantabria is really nice, so long as you fit the lounge well (I didn't, floated like crazy). Assuming you are looking at 2019 models, then both will have the Freshwater Salt System. If the Caldera is a 2018, then no salt whereas the Hot Spring is salt compatible regardless of year. Ultimately, you need to wet test and see which is a better fit for you. Consider the dealer as well since they are the ones taking care of you after the sale. I would expect the Envoy to be about $1,500 less (at least that's what my price difference was last year).
  8. Should be plug-n-play. Only need to worry about software if you are replacing the main control board.
  9. To the best of my knowledge, once the foam absorbs moisture it loses its insulating capabilities. I’m sure it will eventually dry, but anytime my company does an in-foam repair and there is wet insulation, we remove the wet insulation and replace it.
  10. Having only been a Hot Spring dealer since 2017, I can’t comment fully on the issue. However, our dealership services all Hot Spring sold previously in our territory and in the last 2 years, have done 3 of these repairs. I was told the years most affected are 3rd quarter 2009 through 2nd quarter 2012. I estimate in my areas there could be 200-250 spas in the field with Moto-Massages from that timeframe. Not sure I would call it a widespread issue, but it is enough for Hot Spring to acknowledge it. As for being covered outside of the warranty period, you would need to talk with customer service, they would be the ones to make that decision. In my experience, customer service will approve an out of warranty repair under reasonable circumstances or if you are just past the warranty period. I’ve seen Watkins go above and beyond for both Hot Spring and Caldera when other manufacturers would just flat out say no. My advice would be to contact customer service, be polite and respectful and see if a mutually acceptable resolution can be found.
  11. The "Insert" is part number 73356. Price should be $20-$25. Either your local Hot Spring dealer otherwise a Google search pulls up the part online at various retailers. Your "Handle" is also cracked. The warm gray part number is 73327 and the cool gray part number is 73316. Price should be $8-$10.
  12. I have attached a diagram of the complete valve. I think your insert is broken, or at least that's what it looks like to me based on the angle of the picture you took.
  13. castletonia

    HotSprings Grandee Not Heating

    Water feature should not have any impact on heating. Is the circulation pump running? I have been a Hot Spring dealer for about 2 years now and while I am not a service tech, I do order all the parts we use for service and heaters are not a part I order a lot of.
  14. castletonia

    Watkins Hot Spring - No parts

    Unfortunately not. You are dealing with two different electronic manufacturers in addition to software differences.
  15. It could also be a software issue. Your dealer can flash software to the circuit board and it may solve the issue. I have only sold Hot Spring for the last 20 months. I have had zero control board issues and 1 heater relay board on product I have sold. We took over for a dealer that went out of business and there had been Hot Spring representation for the previous 30 years. With current gen electronics (2013 - present) I have seen no control board issues, 1 heater relay board, 1 bad control panel and 3-4 bad wireless remote control panels. I am a small sample as I am only 1 dealer, but not seeing many issues. I would consider your situation an exception but as I posted in another thread, stuff happens. It’s unfortunate but that is why you have the warranty. I hope it is nothing other than software but if it is and you have a good dealer, they will take care of you.