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  1. Generally speaking, swim spas are going to start around $20k and go on up from there. I know the ATV line from Marquis can go from about $20k up to about $35k and Endless Pool from about $20k up to $50k+ but I don't know any other specific pricing.
  2. Those are good prices on both Jetsetters. I have not personally sat in the Jetsetter LX but I have sat in the Jetsetter and I thought it had very good power for a 110v hot tub. Given the LX is 220v with a larger pump it should have at least as much power if not a bit more. I have very little hands on experience with Jacuzzi and none with Bullfrog. I know a few Hot Spring dealers who used to carry Jacuzzi and Bullfrog and all have told me they believe both to be quality products but as dealers both lagged significantly in terms of dealer support compared to Hot Springs. While I know how a manufacturer supports the dealer may not be important to the consumer, it is to the dealer because it affects how well they can take care of their customers. At this point, I have not heard of any pending price increases though that could change. My personal opinion is I would try to make a decision sooner than later. If your dealer ordered your hot tub today it would be unlikely for you to see if before Christmas and with sales still in high demand these long lead times are going to be with us for a long while. In my opinion, Jacuzzi parts are more expensive and as hard if not harder to get than Hot Spring. In my previous life before selling Hot Spring I had a harder time getting Jacuzzi/Sundance parts than I did Hot Spring and what I could get was really expensive. I personally never agree with any argument that says Hot Spring or Jacuzzi parts are proprietary compared to say a Bullfrog or Marquis. Just because a brand uses Balboa or Gecko controls, Waterway or CMP jets, Aquaflo or Waterway pumps, etc, doesn't mean they are non-proprietary.
  3. Nordic makes a basic, but quality hot tub. I sold them for about 5-6 years and had very few issues. I'm not aware of you being able to order Nordic and have it shipped to you so the price will be determined by your local dealer.
  4. Assuming the hot tub is wired correctly, disconnect the circulation pump and see if it still trips.
  5. Need the correct breaker box first. The 20/30 box is necessary. Also need the correct wires going into the hot tub from that box.
  6. Hot Spring hasn’t released much info on it yet. Covid kind of put it on hold. I’m told possibly by the end of the year but nothing is guaranteed. My understanding is yes it will be backwards compatible and there will still be a small subscription fee, but similar to what competing systems from Balboa and Gecko are.
  7. All clean does is run pump for ten minutes and shut off automatically vs the two hour run time if you just hit the jets button. Connextion is not available at this time. It was discontinued at the end of 2019 and it was planned for re-release in 2020 as a simpler, more cost effective system. Covid-19 has delayed the release.
  8. Not an error code that I'm familiar with. Kind of looks like the actual LCD is failing.
  9. October is more realistic than September, but too many unknowns still. I’m telling my customers 12-20 weeks and to plan on the latter.
  10. I sell Hot Spring and Caldera so I have bias. Bells and whistles for the same price means one of two things. Either there are other sacrifices being made to the Artesian to give you those extras for the same price or the Caldera dealer is over charging. What price are you being quoted for the Marino and what exactly is included? Both brands are considered quality brands. I have no personal experience with Artesian and haven’t seen one in person in years so I cannot comment on their build quality first hand or how it is to deal with them from a dealers perspective.
  11. Comfort is subjective. I sell Hot Spring and Caldera. They are both owned by Watkins Wellness and I will never suggest one is better than the other. Each company has their own unique layouts and if you walked into my store and asked which one to buy my response would be the one that is most comfortable to you. I’ve never had the opportunity to sit in a Bullfrog or Sundance so I can’t offer guidance in comparison.
  12. What options do you have local to you? A brand is irrelevant if they don’t have local representation. I sell Hot Spring and Caldera so I have bias towards them. I would also consider Marquis, Sundance, Jacuzzi, D1, Artesian, Arctic and Bullfrog to be premium brands. Start by seeing what you have as local options. Then research your dealers because the dealer is who supports you after the sale, not the manufacturer, hence the importance of a good dealer.
  13. 150-250 should be fine. Much higher than 250 and you could have scaling issues.
  14. I doubt the pump is seized, if it was it would try to run first. It's possible that if the pump leaks badly when running that the motor is wet and once it dries out it may not trip the GFCI. More than likely since you have a burned wire that there is an issue with the circuit board.
  15. They’re ok. Wouldn’t be in my top 10-15 brands I would choose. Sold them briefly in my previous life back in 2011-2013. Was never a fan of the steel frame and I question how efficient they were. While I can’t keep tabs on everything from my previous job, I don’t think the ones I sold have aged very well. I personally would look at other options.
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