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  1. The Sycamore is a real hot tub. It is offered to larger Hot Spring dealers and you do have to buy a truckload at a time. The shell design is based off the older Caldera Moorea, which was available from 2006 - 2010. I have never personally seen this hot tub and am not a large enough dealer to have been offered this deal. I cannot comment on the ergonomics of the shell, the components, insulation, build quality, etc. Based on the few pictures I have seen and the dealers I have talked to, I would stick with the Marino.
  2. Evolution by Strong, 7 Year Report

    Those two 1/2” lines were probably siliconed or glued onto the barbed fitting which is why the wouldn’t come off. Usually those are just bleeder lines and most company’s will just use a hose clamp. I doubt the different psi rating will matter, but don’t know for sure. I have never seen a ball valve in a hot tub, only slice valves. Not uncommon for them to not seal as they age.
  3. Clarity water products natural spa

    What are clarity water products? If it claims to sanitize without chlorine, bromine, mineral, or peroxide, then it is not really a sanitizer.
  4. Winterized Hot Tub issues

    Everything is encapsulated in foam. The filter housing is close enough to the sides that you should have your best access there. You are going to have to remove foam. If it is leaking from the filter housing, the foam around it will wet and saturated like a sponge.
  5. That is a Hot Spot Mallorca. It was not designed to have a circulation pump so even though the Balboa pack can run one I'm not sure how you would go about adding one. The dual speed pump that you are replacing is the one that pulls though the filter and flows through the heater. If were to add a circulation pump it would have to follow the same criteria. Someone with a service background would have to provide more input if it can be done and actually work. As for the ozone, usually you have to cut a section of plumbing and add the mazzi injector. What you circled at the top left is likely just the end of a hose coming from an air control. My guess is that the hose area you circled for adding a circulation pump, that smaller hose is where you would add a ozone, but I'm not 100% certain.
  6. 2005 Hot Springs Sovereign

    It all depends on your local market. If the hot tub is in perfect condition, probably $2,500 at the most but it also wouldn't surprise me if you only got $1,500 either.
  7. Thermospa-Paid for, but no ozonater?

    $1500 is absurd for an ozone. I cannot see any scenario where an ozone cost more than $400. If you cannot find it, take the cover off the control box. There will be a schematic on the inside of the cover. Find where the ozone should be plugged into and that will tell you if they installed it.
  8. cal spa atlantic model

    The 9000 control panel was not a common one, most had the 5000 series control panels. You can check eBay and Craigslist, or your local dealer, but I think new will be your only option.
  9. Brand new and need help! :)

    The Relay and Rhythm are the mechanically the same hot tub. Relay has a lounger and the Rhythm does not. Price should either be identical or within a $100 or each other. I prefer and sell more of the Rhythm, but it is personal preference regarding a lounger.
  10. Winterized Hot Tub issues

    I’ve seen one filter housing crack before, but would consider it unlikely. Could also be a horizontal loop of plumbing at a similar height. I would pull off a side panel and if there is wet foam start there. Usually frozen hot tubs have the most damage right at the bottom, not that high up.
  11. Winterized Hot Tub issues

    I doubt you cracked the actual suction return fitting. Likely it is either fittings behind it, manifolds, or 2” flex plumbing. if your above freezing now, I would just let it leak down until it stops. Then you will know at what level the leak is at. At that point, you either take a side off, look for wet foam and start digging or if possible, tip the spa up and remove the bottom and look for wet foam and start digging. Be prepared, you could have multiple leaks.
  12. Bromine not registering

    Is this an inline frog or floating? If inline, what brand / model of hot tub? Also, what color bromine cartridge, yellow, green, or purple?
  13. 2007 Vanguard Side Removal

    If it is the moto-massage, you are best accessing it from the bottom. If it doesn't look like the sides come off, then they won't easily. They are likely stapled and glued from the backside.
  14. Brand question

    Between the two, I would choose Maax, but depending on your available options, I think you can do better than either.
  15. Caldera Kauai Spa

    The circulation pump is supposed to run 24/7.