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  1. I also agree that the area is a red flag !!! Power disconnected, soaking a rag in vinegar and letting it sit overnight should dissolve the corrosion. The copper strips themselves can be cleaned with steel wool.
  2. Just to filter. My CalSpa is a 1988 model, and I always had issues with its factory filter cartridge housing leaking, plus the big plastic "nut" kept breaking and was at least $20. Plus access to even remove the housing was ridiculous. So I routed the plumbing out of the cabinet, with shut off valves on both sides of the filter, and used an aftermarket Hayward filter unit which seals at the top. I cover this all with a wooden box I made, not in the photo.
  3. I have a spa filter I routed outside of my spa cabinet, has worked fine for a decade now.
  4. I would think so.
  5. Many spas have a flow sensor to prevent electricity from getting to the heater element if the flow is too low, for safety.
  6. I'm responding, even though the poster did not start his own thread. purchased a Doughboy brand above-ground pool liner for my 15' pool and had it professionally installed (installer said Doughboy was best). Same installer as 14 years earlier when entire pool was installed. Within a month I discovered a leak at a seam, a bad seal in the manufacturing process. Doughboy wanted me to cut out the area with the leak, and also the area with a Sharpie-written manufacturing number, and ship that to them for evaluation (10 year warranty or so). Well, that was obviously out of the question (I could put a pencil through the hole), and they would not accept a local Doughboy dealer's opinion either. Finally after fighting for 2 months (and doing a home-made patch), I told them that I would just post the facts everywhere on the Internet, and Doughboy realized that loss of even ONE pool sale would be worse than replacing the liner. So they agreed to send a new liner if I would pay shipping, and I reluctantly agreed. Well, that liner has been in a closet now, and I've got apparently leaks in 2 other places, so that newer liner might go in next spring, and I'd try doing that myself. Believe me, sad that sometimes one has to complain a bunch to get action. UPDATE 2021: In April 2021 I needed to drain the water and planned to fix those two leaks, but when mostly drained a windstorm came up and damaged my pool structure and tore the old liner to shreds. So a week later, my daughter and I installed that liner that had been in my closet, my first install, took us 3 hours and 3 upright posts needed to be shortened due to rust from leakage/damage.
  7. My 7-foot 1988 CalSpa holds like 300-350 gallons. I use a floater and 1" bromine tablets, my floater holds like 7 tablets. I keep pH in the range. Once every week or two I use some monopersulfate shock. I don't use any other chemicals except use a leak sealer product like every two years, as I have a yet-undiscovered leak not in the equipment section.
  8. Ha! Try submitting an E-mail question for a 1988 spa. You won't think nearly so highly of them
  9. That looks like a simple flexible PVC hose with hose clamps on each end. Hardware store, Home Depot typically sells in coils or by the foot. My own CalSpa is way older than yours, doesn't have a similar hose, so can't tell you where it goes.
  10. First of all: what's a "C pipe" ???? Got a picture of yours, and the flattened area? Because may cause more trouble than it's worth to "fix" it.
  11. Sounds like it's picking up a short to ground (like its GFCI is operating properly to protect you) or its GFCI is malfunctioning.
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