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  1. Cusser

    Circuit board

    Too much electrical resistance, which causes heat.
  2. As expected, the new "rope" supplied with that thermometer is junk too. I think my skimmer basket is too small for most thermometers to fit in it, but will consider that. My skimmer baskets don't seem to last that long either, they crack and break, even when I use genuine Hayward...
  3. Cusser

    Leisure Bay 2004 model 45000 g2

    Also seems like high price to me for 14 year old spa.
  4. Let's clarify" the heater is tripping the GFCI not the actual circuit breaker on the side of the house, correct? If so, was the GFCI replaced? An electrician might wire up the heater temporarily outside of the spa, see if that trips anything. Then maybe run a jumper to the equipment housing and see what happens then. Luckily my own spa is from 1988 and just uses a screw-in heater element from Home Depot or Ace.
  5. Cusser

    In ground pool level

    The water level will be closer to the edge on the low side. In reality: no pool is perfectly level. How far "off" are you talking?
  6. Cusser

    Is Spa Up just baking soda?

    No, not saying that at all. But if one has to add massive amounts of baking soda to get the pH to move up just a little, then add small increments of sodium carbonate.
  7. And make sure your filters are clean or sand filter backwashed, will improve suction.
  8. Cusser

    Water temp at 104

    My spa is in Phoenix on the patio, so covered from most sun. Some afternoon sun can hit it. When my kids were little and we used it as our "swimming pool" in the summer, had to leave the spa cover off a night or two per week to let water evaporate to cool the water enough to use, went well over 104F.
  9. Cusser

    Is Spa Up just baking soda?

    In general, there are two chemicals used to raise pH of spas and pools. Sodium carbonate powder is stronger, will raise pH more per pound. So one needs to be careful when handling it, as it by itself has pH about 10. Sodium bicarbonate powder (such as Arm & Hammer baking soda) will raise the pH if low or close to proper level. The container labels should detail exactly what the chemical is.
  10. Cusser

    broken drain hose?

    NO1UNO - that a picture of Mike Tomlin ?
  11. Cusser

    Hot Spring Pressure Switch

    I wouldn't run without a pressure switch unless I was there in front of it. You or a plumber could install a universal pressure switch.
  12. Remove each fuse separately and test for continuity with ohmmeter function of a $15 multimeter.
  13. |🎉| first video!

    |💁🏼|not even half of my hand 

    |💄| comment a 💄 if you enjoyed this video

    ❤️- lex

    Hello I would appreciate any help with diagnosing this problem. I have a 2010 outdoor hot spring jacuzzi. I detected a slow leak on left side of the 6 kW heater made by Watkins . When I run the tub the jacuzzi runs fine and still heats normally could this be as simple as repairing a gasket within the heater. I called the store I bought it in and to no surprise he told me he has been doing this for 20 years and with out looking at it said its a 1000 dollars to install a new one.   My hunch is that the gasket is cracked . Is there a way I can check and how. Again I would appreciate any help on this matter bc I use this tub for pain.   Thank you steven






    1. Cusser


      "without looking" ??? Sounds like the time an auto repair place "diagnosed" my 1984 Jeep Cherokee needed a new carburetor from the front desk so I could pass emissions test, and an emissions tech turned a screw and pulled off 1 vacuum line temporarily to lean the engine so I could pass for $20.

      Take a good look-see, or even call an independent pool repair guy, plumber, or handyman to take a look.  Sure, could be a simple gasket replacement or similar.

      On my own 1988 CalSpa, I can replace its heater element or gasket in under 10 minutes and $15.

  14. Cusser

    broken drain hose?

    One can also buy a 120 VAC submersible pump, about $60. I use one on my above ground pool, and on my spa if I want to drain it quickly.