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  1. If you try this: Don't mix, danger !!!! One at a time, rinse in between.
  2. Yes, spa covers are expensive, I'm due for a new cover myself. I have a 1988 CalSpa, and am on at least my 4th cover. My spa sits on my covered patio in Arizona, obviously gets no snow and very little rain; however the "winter" sun does hit on the cover. Theoretically, if the styrafoam slabs are not waterlogged, a cover could be made to fit; but you'd obviously be talking about a local company, unless you know upholstery....
  3. Post pictures. And don't be a girly man !!!
  4. I agree that there's been or still has a leak, and that calcium carbonate has deposited from the water. Vinegar-soaked rags would be my choice to try to remove the deposit, but the leak still may need addressing.
  5. I guess I've read that 110V spas need to heat quite a few hours per day. If so, won't that generator be running a lot?
  6. I have a 1988 CalSpa with a small leak I have been unable to locate (one side is 8" from house wall). So about a decade ago I started using Fix-a-Leak once or twice a year, and it does work. https://www.fixaleak.com/
  7. Nice photo of the leaky drain valve
  8. Does the circulation pump REALLY run 24 hours? Something definitely seems out of whack, and for a new spa yet. I'd speak to the manufacturer directly. Anyway, I'm in Arizona, the temperature yesterday was 114F, so OUR water can get hotter than designated temperature in the summer. We used to leave the cover open 1 or 2 nights a week to cool the water for our kids to swim.
  9. Well, you really need the pump fitting to match your spa, to minimize install "modifications". I have replaced the pump seal on my own spa (a 1988 CalSpa) just once which also has a Hayward Power Flo pump. What about just getting a replacement electric motor that will bolt in to your pump? You have an A.O. Smith electric motor. Any local pool pump rebuilders in your area, there are several in the city I live in??
  10. SO SAD that Hayward cannot help; I'd call them back and try to talk to someone older than 40 years old.... Is the electric motor bad, or just the pump seal leaking? Typically, my go to place has been Doheny's Hayward Power flo Manual130.pdf Hayward Power Flo SP1500 series.pdf
  11. Wow - that spa is really good looking. Have you have a spa repair company try their hand at fixing that? I do agree that it is best to have access to all sides, my own 1988 spa has one side 8" from a block wall, so is inaccessible.
  12. I'd temporarily bypass the magnet/switch to try.
  13. That's baking soda, identical to Arm & Hammer baking soda at Walmart, etc. Your white precipitate is likely insoluble calcium carbonate, like a hard water deposit. That will not readily dissolve....
  14. What is the chemical composition of this “Alkinlinity Increaser”? The container should say, or look it up online, like manufacturer's SDS documents. Likely is sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate....
  15. Oh, crap !!! I've only been hosing off my filter, for 34 years now !!!
  16. I'd let it sit in the sun a few days (or a couple of hours here in Arizona) to dry out. If mine, I'd remove those screws and look inside, and let moisture escape from there too. The hair dryer thing might help too, but might take a while, don't let anything burn or melt. If you can return stuff at no cost to Amazon like with Amazon Prime, might not hurt to order a replacement just in case. I have an above-ground pool, and if we get a severe rain, my pump motor might need a couple days to sit and dry out before it works/stops actuating its GFCI.
  17. Interesting. Because in 1988 we had an 84" spa installed on our existing concrete patio covered by a solid roof, and we/the spa dealer NEVER even measured to see if there was a slope to that slab. I'm under the impression that the slab being flat is way more important to it being level. Anyway, just last year (1988 spa still is in use) I was curious and took some photos, found it a little off-level.
  18. After this occurred, did you test the receptacle for power with an AC voltmeter or even a lamp? I would think that a tub would need to be on a dedicated circuit, and likely a ground fault circuit, so check to make sure a breaker or GFCI hasn't tripped. In most homes, stuff like refrigerator and washing machine get their own 20-amp circuits, where stuff like lights, TV, stereo uses shared circuits. In my home, after I added an over-the-range microwave in place of a simple vent fan, use of the countertop microwave at the same time tripped a breaker, so I had to tap into another circuit for that.
  19. I'm not letting my 1988 CalSpa read this !!!
  20. If your location is Phoenix. might be worthwhile to check out http://www.arizonaspacovers.com/
  21. Someday on mine I'll try marine epoxy.
  22. Great. I'd get a strap wrench, a curved-jaw oil filter wrench, or a curved Vise-Grip type wrench for future "expeditions".
  23. I've had my CalSpa since 1988. In the old days, we didn't heat it in summer, used it as our "swimming pool", the kids loved it. In fact, being in Arizona, we left the cover off overnight one night a week to allow the water to cool, the ambient temperature heated the water so much. Maybe 15 years ago, the electric company changed away from the "time of day/demand" rate where one would be surcharged for the highest single hour demand in that month; so I started leaving the spa at 104F full time on the temperature setting control, and was surprised how few minutes per day the heat/pump actually came on. Now in summer I keep same temperature and just have filter run 2 hours a day. Since I use a leak seal product to seal an inaccessible leak, I don't like to let temperatures vary too much.
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