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  1. First of all, I don't live up in Edmonton; I'm in balmy coastal Massachusetts. So, although we CAN have extremely harsh weather, it rarely goes below -10C. -7C (20F) is around my limit for the outdoor hot tub. I still bought the Arctic as it's designed for harsh climates. Second - yes, Stereos and spas don't mix - I have an external source for my music in the hot tub. Outdoor speakers, with wires to a stereo set inside the house.
  2. Spa Pad. Easiest way to go. Just make sure the ground underneath it is solid, compact, and LEVEL. 8x8 is $498. A round tub will go on a square pad.
  3. Ditto with my Arctic. Shut off the salt sanitizer when the salt-generating cells had their warranty period reduced. Now I use SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate and PH Increaser, and Spa Sentry when I change the water. Test strip it twice a week, I'd guess between filters and chemicals it's around $100 a year if even that.
  4. "Overall it was a valuable trip because I also got to ask for contacts for laying the cement patio after I tear down my deck and also mentioned if they knew people to haul away my old one." I used the E-Z Spa pad - much easier than paving/pouring cement. https://www.ezpads.com/purchase.html "By the way, have you guys heard of Thermospas? I was wondering how you would rate them." Ten years ago, I bought my Arctic. I had no fixed budget but wanted the best value for the money. In comparing Arctic, Jacuzzi, and ThermoSpas, TS ranked #3. Looked like a good product but overpriced for what I was willing to pay. And they had no local dealer. Plus the sales rep unwittingly insulted us by saying "Why would you buy anything Canadian?" Went with the Arctic. No regrets - but we are in a much harsher climate than Georgia. And we had a local dealer. And the price was a little less than what we would have paid for the ThermoSpa (or around the same, I forget). Also mystified - and - I guess it's your business, but a three person tub seems rather unusual. If you are a couple and want to host another couple, the three-person won't suffice...
  5. I had the Cambridge Soundworks speakers, bought them when they had the factory outlet (corp HQ was in the Boston area) and mounted them on the fence posts - hooked 'em up when the new tub was put in. Also rigged an iPad up for online radio - so we can hear nearly everything and anything out there in the tub.
  6. THREE? person tub - it's a rather odd (not trying to be funny) seating capacity. What if you are a couple and have another couple over? Well that's four, and realistically you might want a six-seater. The other topic = go to a dealer. The initial payout may be more. In the long run - you're going to need advice and support. If you ever heard Zig Ziglar's analogy about buying a bike for his kid - well, the same thing applies to hot tubs. Value for the money. And total cost of ownership.
  7. Many dealers tell you "DON'T" .go for the built in systems - water and THESE electronics don't mix. I use outdoor speakers hooked up to my indoor stereo - anyone else?
  8. I had ants - got rid of them with Terro spray. Mice/chipmunks/rodents = saw someone selling "Rodent Sheriff" - spray , 2 bottles for $20 (US) - on TV, and I bought it. It turns out, all it is , is peppermint oil. I don't know if it attracts ants but for some reason it makes rodents nauseous and they run away from it. And peppermint oil is safe for (non-rodent) pets and kids.
  9. You mentioned Arctic Cub. I have an Arctic Yukon (same model as the Cub, but no lounger) , and had the salt generator system. The cost of the cells PLUS Blue Falls cutting the warranty time on them, had me shut off the Onzen and go to chemicals. I likely don't use $100 (US) per year in chloronating concentrate, Ph booster, Calcium booster, etc. and Spa Sentry on water changes, and test strips. Water is fine. Ya gotta check the readings ANYWAY... and it's nothing to throw a capful of this or that in when it's necessary. Of course, it's almost always just the two of us and no bathing suits permitted at any time, so that keeps the water clean.
  10. I've had an Arctic for around 10 years now. I did have a leak - but because it is not foam-packed it was easily fixed. (pro) I have the Forever Floor and the tub also sits on a PVC pad, so frost heaves /ground pushing up is NOT a problem (pro) One of the pumps went after nine years. OK - cost me ~$900 to replace it. Also the FLO valve went , oh three years ago but that was $40 to replace it. (expected) Onzen salt generating system - shut it off after six years. Cells cost too much to replace and Arctic cut the warranty from one year to 30 days on the cells. Now we're on chemicals. Cheaper, easier. (con on the Onzen) Had to refinish the outer cedar shell - did so last year (aestheically it's nice but it takes work) Cover - had to replace the vinyl sheathing after nine years BUT - the innards/foam inserts were sealed and dry. So their covers are superb. Most covers need complete replacement after three-four years - not this one. I have a great dealer - R&R in Littleton MA. Would I buy another Arctic? Yes. They are more expensive - but IMHO - it might be worth it. Only you can determine that, of course .
  11. No owners' manual? E-mail address or phone number in it?
  12. If you go through a dealer - which, I STRONGLY recommend - for advice, guidance, and any questions you'll have post-purchase/install - he or she SHOULD have the name of at least one electrician who knows his or her stuff about installing hot tubs. 1500+ liters of water, probably 220 volts, and a number of rear ends in that water - you don't want to horse around. Spend the extra money, get the electrical permits, and DO IT RIGHT. Separate breaker, and , according to all local electrical codes.
  13. Sister, You DO want to be careful ... you do not want water to evaporate below the filter / heater intake level - I had a family member that had a hot tub - on a porch overlooking a New Hampshire lake. In the dead of winter. Some relatives used it, and reported that the "cover blew away" - (translation, a little too much booze and the cover DID blow away) ... and the water evaporated down to the low level - it froze - bye bye hot tub . But "cold night in the 30s" -- or -2C -- that's not really that cold - no harm but your electric bill? The electric company and its stockholders thank you! n-o-b
  14. Well. call your dealer! This is why I always recommend buying through a spa dealer. You're going to need service - and advice ---and guidance - and only a dealer can/will provide it.
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