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  1. Moved topic to correct section. Since it is about a tub, it should be in the Portable Hot Tubs & Spas section.
  2. PoolSpaForum.com will be going through a major upgrade of the server as well as forum software in the near future. Please keep in mind that there will be some downtime and/or errors until everything has been upgraded and made fully compatible with each other. We expect that the upgrade will be fully completed after at most one month. We value all of our forum users and want to provide the best possible experience for all of you. -Webmaster EDIT: We have just done a MySQL server update. Please report any issues you may be having. We will need to do another update soon. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. EDIT 2: We are aware of the errors displaying topics. It has been fixed. We are still going through upgrades to the site. Future updates will be posted here. EDIT 3: Regrettably we had quite a long bit of downtime on the forum. Thank you for your patience while upgrades are being made. Soon we will be upgrading the actual software for the forum. EDIT 4: We are happy to announce that all upgrades are complete!
  3. Many hot tub owners struggle with watercare and its among the biggest topics debated here on this forum. Serum Watercare has developed a two-step process that is really easy and is the only program that appears to treat contaminates, dislodges biofilm from the plumbing system so your sanitizer can do its job and cleans the your expensive spa filters. Plus, Serum Total Maintenance keeps the spa in perfect balance for up to 4 months. FOR POOLSPAFORUM VISITORS, WatercareRX is offering three programs to our visitors: FREE SHIPPING Free Shipping. On PSF orders http://watercarerx.com/pages/poolspaforum Enter promo code: PSFREE BUY THREE, GET ONE FREE For customers already using Serum, they can save 25% http://watercarerx.com/pages/poolspaforum Enter promo code: PSF25 MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE WatercareRX is offering a no-risk 100% money-back guarantee to anyone who isnt amazed with the results Take a look at the amazing before & after photos and videos. (http://watercarerx.com/pages/poolspaforum) They originally launched a product called aah-some for jetted bath tubs and have fantastic reviews here on the PSF. (In full disclosure this firm is a current advertiser after years of positive review on our site and you may see their ads periodically). We rarely go so public about endorsing a product, but believe Serum Water Care represents a paradigm shift in spa water care. First, I tried this product on my own spa and was shocked with the results. This stuff really worked. I liked it so much it also tried it on my jetted whirlpool bathtub with similar results. Let us know what you think or send us your results. Thank you, Webmaster
  4. Over the past 4 days our site has been continously attacked with a vicious malware attack. This has caused our site reliability to be spotty at best as our PoolSpaForum engineers have been working 24/7 to upgrade our servers and install a new firewall to block access from China and Russia which historically are the source of these types of attacks. My apologies to our members who have had a challenging time gaining access to the site. A leading site monitoring security firm, sitelock.com helped us add additional security measures to make sure the site is available 24/7. These upgrades are now complete and should result in superior 'up-time' and reliability going forward. Thanks you for your patience. PSF Webmaster
  5. FYI, Marquis Spas has also received the TradeCertified Status for superior spa construction.
  6. Hello. Webmaster here. We have been hit again by a large group of spammers from Russia and China. My apologies to our loyal community. First I would like to thank our moderators who are doing a fantastic job of trying to delete any spam posting almost instantly. They deserve our thanks and appreciation to keep this the best forum in the industry. To fit this spam battle, we have deployed two strategies: 1) Today we took the rare step of adding an additional qualification question for any new registrations. This should eliminate some computer from posting messages instantly. 2) We have also BANNED more than 3400 IP addresses of highly suspect locations known for promoting spam. Unfortunately this action may also prevent some GOOD members from posting a message. If you are affected by this please send us a personal IM and I will reactivate you. Regards, Webmaster
  7. Our site was hacked and it has taken us several days to reinstall. Thank you for your patience. Please update us of any additional issues.
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