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  1. I think you could have one of two problems. If the SPA does not get up to 104 degrees measured by fancy 3rd party thermometer I would bitch like hell to the people you bought it from. The bigger problem is if the SPA is in fact getting up to 104 degrees but in your opinion that is not as hot as you want it. That is my problem. It is always at 104 degrees no problem but that is not hot enough. This has to do with the government trying to protect us from ourselves. Mfg. will lose their UL certification if SPA goes over 104.
  2. Thanks, since there are supposedly tw sensors, I guess I should do it twice (once I figure out where the sensors are).
  3. I don't know much about what is under the hood. I know there are TWO temperature probes, and if the electronic spa pack senses something is off by more than a couple of degrees it will shut down the whole spa. I wish I could find a local spa tech who would be able to implement some of these suggest solutions. I have also heard of covering the temp probe with expoxy. What do you mean when you say move the temp probe on the heater coil?? Move it where?
  4. The position of the spa manufacturer and the spa pack manufacturer (Balboa) is that there is no problem because when the temp guage is set to 104 the water is in fact at that temperature. I bought a fancy thermometer to confirm. And 104' is "The Law" so to speak, in that Underwriters Laboratories will pull the UL certification of any spa mfg. that makes a spa that will go over 104' or can easily be modifyed to do so. We probably have our friends the lawyers to thank for all of this. No body wants to wind up in court. Its like the lady who sued MacDonalds because she spilled a hot cup of coffee in her lap, so now we all get luke warm coffee at MacDonalds. I find 104' enjoyable but not as hot as I want it or had it in an old fashion hot tub with no fancy controls. 106 might be perfect for me, but I will never now with this spa if I can't find a work around I can do by myself. I had heard discussions that the SPA industry was lobbying for a review. Obviously SPA mfg's want happy customers, but then again they don't want a law suit from somebody who over does it.
  5. I owned a Hot Tub once before and accidentaly got it so hot once I had to throw ice in it before I could get in. Not so with my new 'state of the art' Costco Platinum (Balboa Instruments HS200VS 240v 60hz 48a). I would describe the water as luke warm. Colder than a hot bath. Jumping in to my solar heated pool from the Hot Tub is not a big transition. Very very disappointed with the temperature but like everything else about the spa. I've tried several thermometers and am going to buy another one, but seems to be at or close to 104 degrees. I know about the industry limit. Unless the thermostat and my thermometer are wrong this reminds me of the lady who spilled hot coffee in her lap and sued McDonalds, so now nobody can get a hot cup of coffee. Thinking of replacing the electronic controls with something more primitive if I can't find a work around.
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