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  1. Dr Spa, I know you haven't been as active on here but would love your input on a Spa Heater issue I am having. If you have a chance your wisdom would be invaluable. Topic is https://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49342-need-help-with-hi-limit-issue-barefoot-mr88/

    I think it is a bad relay letting some minor voltage continue to get to the heater even when the board stops calling for heat, but not 100% sure.

  2. It's Michael aka, MWS, from San Martin area with the crazy hot-rodded H2X. I also have a 1998 or so, 8x8 Optima that needs a standard hot tub cover-- and remember having conversations with you about the good cover material/ choices, etc.   Got any wisdom for shopping for one?


  3. Hello I have a problem figuring out what model and serial number to use to look up info on my used hot tub. 

    They said it was a keys backyard. It seems there maybe some problems with this make of spa. 

    Please help!

    any help is a big help!

  4. You're missing your cost of gas. You'll need to compare your cost of a "Therm" of gas (generally how natural gas is billed) with 24Kwh of electricity (1 therm natural gas = 29.3kW electricity, however gas heaters are only 82% efficient).
  5. And there you have it from either a salesman of Arctic, or a rep from the factory! dang...now I gotta go look at all his posts. WHERE, well anything, is build has NO BEARING WHAT SO EVER on the climate it can handle...geez, how stupid is that? Actually, maybe he's not. Houses are insulated in the full foam style.
  6. This is the downside to this type of lifter. It's a VERY common problem. It's unfortunate that folks with disability issues think this lifter will be any easier than any others. The most difficult part of raising the cover is flipping back the first half. None of these lifters help with that, and after that, removing the rest of the cover is easier with any lifter.
  7. It could be from any number of "components". It could also be a dirty filter, or not enough water in the spa. You could try pushing to have some arbitrary component changed...but you know that saying about a snowball? It has a better chance. The dealer needs to come out, and diagnose the problem under warranty. THEN, after it's been properly diagnosed, it can be fixed.
  8. Or, maybe the little water molecules are having sex in there and multiplying.
  9. It's going to be EXTREMELY difficult to replace.....as you don't have one (at least not above ground). More likely though, one of the seals in one of the gray 3-way valves is leaking and need to be replaced.
  10. This is NOT a medical forum and it should be discussed with HER doctor.
  11. If you don't use something to sanitize the water most likely your guest will get sick, sue, and cause you to go out of business. There's noting other than chemicals to sanitize the water.
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