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  1. wow this forum is basically dead compared to what it used to be. Save yourself some time and money, purchase via Costco. 8 years in with no complaints, looks like the day I bought it. DK117
  2. Hello Gentlemen, it's been a while. I finally asked the webmaster to reset my password so I could grace you all with an annual update. I've been pretty lazy with my water chemistry resulting in a seized pump needing to be rebuilt last year. My EZ coverlifter rusted in half. Overall my 2009 "Costco" tub is running like a champ. I've never had a problem with it. There was a lot of bravado on this site in 2009 about the junk coming from Costco. Does one tub refute those opinions? Of course not. Were those opinions dead wrong in my case? Yes. Happy Tubbing. DK117
  3. I almost missed my year 5 update. In short all is well. I purchased a new cover this year. I'd like to get new headrests but mostly for cosmetic reasons. One of my rotating jets seems to have gone bad, but that was free from Chad at Strong years ago. I don't think I've opened the cabinet this year. Not much to report. I'm enjoying my tub a lot less frequently than year 1 and 2. I'll have to look around for the new chemicals brand name, but I stopped using Dichlor then bleach and while more expensive I am now maybe once a week with messing with it. While absolutely of no statistical relevance, I'm 5 years in with no problems on my Strong from Costco. Still happy with my purchase. Looks like the current version of my spa, while not a perfect match is either $1500 to $2000 more at Costco today. Maybe I got what I paid for, maybe I got a good deal as Strong (evolution) entered the market with Costco. Enjoy your tubs! DK117
  4. hmm, my 2012 update post deleted, but I'll give my one and only 2013 post a try. I almost forgot about this site and it took me two days to remember my password. Anyway a few weeks ago I passed 4 years, no issues. I don't use my tub as much as when it first arrived, but it's still running like a champ. See you next year. DK117
  5. Well thanks for asking, my CSXi80 from Costco is doing just fine thank you. Three years no issues. See you all next year. DK117
  6. again, I don't think I'm really qualified to do the stare and compare but spec sheets should be comparable. Strong Dimensions: 91 x 91 x 36" Gallons: 400 Seats: 6-7 Marquis Exterior Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 34" Water capacity: 350 gallons Capacity/seating: 5/6 I'll be the first to admit that the Strong wouldn't be comfortable with 6 or 7 people, but the water capacity, is that a big deal, 14% more capacity? I'm also going to have to go to Arf on this one, more servicable design Marquis wins? I'm thinking we won't find the perfect like to like spec sheet. DK117
  7. Guru, thanks for taking the time to put this together. I've never seen a Marquis, so I'll have to take your word for your line item assessment. I do feel there are several opinion statements vs like for like, but again until I learn more, I have to accept your assessment. I do have a friend with an Arctic Cub that they got through the dealer, but during the County Fair at $6500. I know there are decent dealer tubs out there in that range, normally on "sale." So I'll turn to a question that we don't talk much about. What is "showroom price?" Is this a sale price, a floor model? Costco.com has sales too, but I can guarantee everyone in the domestic US gets the exact same price on any given day for a Costco sold spa. No negotiations. I hope this isn't deemed as going too off topic, but I don't think you insiders here undertand how unpleasant the dealer experience is for a new tub buyer. It's really impossible to overstate that point. The ease of purchase is worth hundreds of dollars. So before we get too far into the like for like (is that a lounger?) Is there any way to verify your $5995 claim? thanks again. DK117
  8. Spawn, thanks. I'm mostly avoiding the other thread, we'll see where it goes. In response to your post here, I'll just add, that the "Option" button doesn't even do anything on this tub Finally, anyone can post in this thread. Guru and I happened to PM about it, and I assumed some of the other pro's would want to chime in as well. If not we can go back to the other thread(s). I was/am hoping this one might be more enlightening, but if if feels self serving to some people, I'm ok I can move on. DK117 PS there were a few one pump Strongs that were sub $4K. Costco doesn't seem to cary those any more, the one pump tubs are now up to $5K. Ultimately this thread might be moot as the Strong/Costco tubs are getting more features and higher prices, I saw one at $8500 the other day, but it's gone now. Not much use in a lot of this discussion if Strong/Costco isn't sub $5K. edit: something odd on the Costco website tubs I can now find one of the $4k ones Evolution Spas™ Mediterranean 50-jet, 6-person Lounger Spa still mostly bullets though.
  9. cabiniet thickness. That's a tough one to answer as it is variable. Yes the panels (of which there are 8) are about 2 inches. The rest of the sides are about 3 inches, the sides close to the base and shell is 4 inches. I don't know if that helps clarify or not. DK117
  10. I seem to be in zone 8 or 9. Hard to tell from the picture but temps are rarely below the 30's and almost never in the teens, maybe a few days a year. I've been told it is irresponsible to make engergy usage comments without metering my tub, so I won't make specific claims. But I will say that in this mild weather zone, and with kWh being about $.07 two years ago, I just now learned we're now at $.0816. Regardless, I haven't noticed the electrical bill going crazy in the last two years. If I understand you correctly, I'm ok with flex-inside-rigid construction. I paid $4799 for this tub. Including cover, steps. I paid $300 to move to the back yard, judging from other owners experiences I was ripped off. They paid from zero to $150. Totally dependent on the driver/moving company, plus access to the tub's final location. Your measurement question is a good one, I think others have commented that this 7 foot tub feels smaller than other 7 foot tubs. Measurement you requested is 84 inches. I've never had more than 4 people in the tub at one time. Don't worry about hatin' my tub, I'm not. Good conversation thus far, thanks. DK117
  11. I'm going post hot_water's spec sheet. Please either respond here or PM me with updates, additions or corrections. I'll continue to edit this post until we have a complete sheet. The CSXi80 has: * Balboa VS series controller. Standard heater (not titanium) * Waterway Executive 56 pumps (2) with the AO Smith 12A, 2 speed motors * Continuous cast acrylic shell with acrylobond backing * Polyethylene cabinet, rotomolded in several pieces and assembled with stainless steel screws. No frame - wood or metal - at all. Tool-less access, 8 total removable panels (2 per side). *Full ABS plastic bottom *50 sq ft filter (pleatco supplied w/ spa) *80 waterway (marked MADE IN USA) jets. 60 "bullet jets" DK117
  12. I think they are all technically real jets, but yes, 60 of the 80 are bullets. the ones you sit on, I have turned down to the lowest setting just short of closed/off. It can provide a good massage to the hamstrings if needed, but I'd agree with your assessment, not ideal placement. Aesthetically, yes, each to their own on the cabinet. I'm a wood guy too, maple hardwoods throughout our home, custom alder cabinets. However, outdoors I ditched the wood deck for concrete pavers, and my pet peeve is warped, rotten, and discolored wood spa cabinets. Having seen pictures of Strong's new faux wood cabinets, I prefer that look. But the faux stack stone goes well with the surroundings at my place. Bottom line, lifetime guarantee on the cabinet. Not sure if that will sway your aesthetics, but in my opinion it's one of the bigger selling points for this spa. DK117
  13. perimeter insulation. Evidently similar to Arctic or at least same in theory. The only insulation is some foam towards the bottom of the shell, almost looks structural as in holding things in place vs insulation. I've removed nothing but the panel Panel removed. DK117
  14. I thought it would be interesting to have the experts provide the pluses and minuses of the Strong CSXi80 based upon a "visual" inspection." I'll post any pictures requested. This is a 2 year old Evolution (Strong) CSXi80 purchased via Costco.com Original cover was taking on water, Strong replaced cover (not the core) at 1 year. Jets in the right middle chair were swapped out for rotating massage jets, neck jets swapped out and turned off. Edge of Spa Shell Please post your impressions/comments. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two about my tub. DK117
  15. A quick Google search provides me with the specs, I mean facts, for my spa, it doesn't make me any smarter. How many times must I say that this is my first tub, that all the pro's here have vast and vo·lu·mi·nous knowledge on a subject that I have little. And honesty Guru, I'm not asking for you to do a review of my tub (why did you want pictures?) I think it might be an interesting exercise, but my intention was for us to be a bit more specific when discussing the various tubs that Costco sells. I do think you have an accurate assessment of my purchase decision. After experiencing less than positive impressions at Arctic and Hot Springs, then inadvertently attending a Master roadshow ... and quite a bit of sticker shock ... well I had a long standing relationship with Costco, I purchased from Costco as a dealer knowing that a close family friend returned a spa to Costco the previous summer (different manufacturer.) Do I want you to validate my decision, no. But even you have acknowledged that in some situations "a Costco tub might be an ok choice." Finally, how does my tub rate on your criteria? I'm not sure, the little information that has been transferred to me in the last two years on this forum is that only time will tell. Evidently I need to have a trouble free tub for at least 4 or 5 years before I can offer any facts or educated opinion. I'm ok with that, at least I paid a lower markup than with a local dealer, that's a fact. DK117
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