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  1. Our young one had an accident in the hot tub tonight. Has never happened before. Relatively hard poop that stayed in her bathing suit with maybe 5 little thin floaties pulled out of the water. Bromine was around 7 ppm with an ozontator. Just shocked the hell out of it to spike the bromine up + cleaned the filter. What are my next steps? Just drain it, vacuum out the jets, wipe everything down, and refill? Is that it, or on the flipside, is that even necessary if the bromine was high + is really high now and will be kept high for a while? Thanks
  2. Any idea how I can check that? Google makes it sound like it is supposed to be under the filter? Tub is currently full. Tried to find info, but I'm coming up short. Maybe it was missed at the factory or installed incorrectly.
  3. There are 3 - pump 1 pulls through the skimmer and pump 2 pulls through the 3 suction blocks at the bottom. As far as I know, pump 1 only pulls through the skimmer/filter.
  4. When my pump is on low speed, the filter creates a weak vortex/whirpool above the weir/basket; on high speed, the vortex/whirlpool makes it through the weir all the way down to the basket, causing the filter and pump to take in small amounts of air. I've confirmed there is no debris in the basket and no debris in the filter or weir. Weir is being sucked all the way down properly. When I remove the weir, the vortex is still there, but again, not strong enough for it to reach the bottom/to put air into the system. I've ensured my water level is correct based on the manufacturers instructions + this was tested when I was in the spa so the water was even higher (it happens regardless of whether nobody is in, 1 person is in, or 2+ people are in). It's almost like the weir is designed to narrowly and/or the filter is sucking too hard. I've tested it with opening/closing every air valve and jet in different ways with no success. Filter is from factory. Tub is 2 weeks old. I've emailed the manufacturer. Has anyone heard of this before? It's noisy and I highly doubt adding air down the filter into the pump is doing any good. I can't simply remove the weir, as it clips in and holds the basket + filter in place when the pump is not on. Temporarily I can do this when the pump is on high speed, but that's beside the point. Again, the water level is sufficient. My friend has the exact same hot tub and his does not do this.
  5. I've had my bromine-based tub for about a two weeks and since getting the pH, TA, CH, and bromine in line, I've had daily pH rises that I am unable to stop. I had 2 different kinds of test strips + a phenol red kit - typically the drops are showing a higher pH than the strips; in fact, often times the drops will show red/8.2+ (filling to the fill line + adding 4 drops + inverting as per the instructions) and the strips will show somewhere in the mid to high 7s. I had my water tested yesterday and it came back as follows: pH: 7.2 TA: 73 CH: 127 Total Bromine: 5 TDS: 700 They suggested adding 9.75 tablespoons of SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 to hit their suggested TA of 125-150. My manual suggests that 80-120 is acceptable. I added 4 tbsp of baking soda, which increased my TA (it looks like it is around 70 now after more reducer was added). Checking the hot tub this morning, the pH is once again showing 8.2+ using the phenol red and in the high 7s using the test strip. This has been a daily occurrence over the past week, save for yesterday when I added baking soda. I find the phenol red is all over the map - almost as though the red color if affecting the water color rather than the reaction - I tried two tests this morning, one was 8.2+ and the other was around 7.7 - difference was adding 2 drops and inverting then adding another 2 and inverting vs adding all 4 at once and inverting. I've heard people of both sides of the fence - get your TA in line and then adjust your pH vs. a low TA (60+) is fine, just control your pH. I do have an ozonator and noticed a decent amount of bubbles coming from the other jets when the filter runs. Could this be enough the be raising my pH daily? Should I try to spike my alkalinity by putting in ~10 tablespoons of baking soda + aerate? This will undoubtedly raise my pH, which could be brought down by using my pH reducer (using Aquarius pH Reducer - granular from Canadian Tire), but I'd rather not add a pile of both substances if it is not necessary. Or am I doomed to needing to add pH reducer on a daily basis?
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