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  1. @CanadianSpaTech hi so I've just got home from work and done the same test again, now this time I ran a earth rod into ground and then measured from the water to the rod, same reading a 0.2v. I also did the same wet foot test I know I shouldn't be I wanted to be sure I'm not just going crazy, same result if I am ground and wet feet and touch the water I feel the discomfort of the shock. Now for the fun part.. I switched isolator off and re did the same test and still recieved 0.2v and a tingle when I touch the water and I'm grounded. How?!
  2. @CanadianSpaTech hi thanks for the reply, I have just checked with my multimeter from a nearby earth block and the water is reading 0.2volts. Im certain it isn't anything to do with my electrical supply to the property as that's the industry I work in there's also isn't a transformer or any other power supply near my property apart from the main I'm fed from. The network I'm fed from is a pme system so would placing a seperate earth rod hooked upto the tub solve the problem?
  3. OK I feel like I'm going crazy with this. I work with electricity I'm a cable jointer so I'm somewhat knowledgeable about electric however I'm not a domestic electrician. I've had my had tub for around 12 months and never had an issue until the other day I was balancing the water stood at the side of the hot tub barefooted and I felt a tingling sensation in my finger tips in the water. I tried the same thing but with my shoes on and felt nothing. I removed my shoes again and the sensation came back. I had my electrician round and he couldn't pick any volts up with a test pen and said he can't
  4. Hi Steven, thanks for your reply. No I didn't get the included instructions so thankyou for posting them for me. I will take your advise and do another 2 purges I also didn't know that the water needed to be treated so I will try that too. Thankyou for your help.
  5. Hi ive had my hot tub for 8 months now and i have completely brought this issue upon myself. I havent used the hot tub for the last 2 months but left it running. So a week ago i decided it was time to get back in it. I noticed small yellow flakes at the bottom of the tub, nothing floating, no sort of mold or foam just the deposits on the bottom. Ive contacted a few places to see if they had any idea what it was and i was told biofilm. I am now £120 into cleaning products and 4 days in to scrubbing the hot tub everynight after work. The last product i used was ahh-some it foamed up
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