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  1. So I didn’t know they made that kit and bought the homegamer k1005 kit with the plain dpd testing. The chart only goes up to 5 with that. If I want to run higher to take care of any outbreaks could I use my bromine fasdpd and just divide by two to get a fc number? When the dpd test runs out I will get the fas-dpd kit. Unless you feel I shouldn’t even use the dpd kit. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am going to run chlorine in the pool. I know I need the CYA tests and chlorine tests. What do I need to get to supplement my kit?
  3. I can’t remember the common size but my big jets with spinners turn themselves off after a while. They spin themselves shut. The jets that do have almost no friction when turning on and off. What part provides that? Just the tailpieces or something more?
  4. That’s a coupler fitting. It will fit 1.5 inch pipe inside of it. You need to measure the pipe you cut that’s the correct size. To clarify I don’t know much about spa stuff but if I see the picture correctly, pvc pipe is rated off the pipe size not a coupler size since that accepts the pipe
  5. My heater is configurable if you change the wiring. My hot tub has a tsc-44 top side which gecko said only the metal bodied spa pack would work on. Like rdspaguy said. Get pics of the heater and the sticker on the heater. Probably be good to get a picture of the topside controls too.
  6. If your la spas is like mine then you have a circ pump with a low flow U shaped heater. This is the one I replaced. Says in stock. Probably should call the guy and make sure. https://www.poolandspapartssuperstore.com/gecko-alliance-ctrl-gecko-s-class-la-spa-p1-p2-p3-cp-oz-aux-lh-115v-230v-3-72-7107-0202-205096-0202-205110-0202-205116-3-72-7053/ Edit: I would probably try to find someone to repair it though I personally wouldn’t recommend spacare.com , my dealings with him were very undesirable. I ended up having to replace the whole pack.
  7. I would think if you raise hardness that wouldn’t be an issue? @waterbear care to comment? I only ask because I filled mine with soft water and adjusted hardness to 200 ish.
  8. Do you have a water softener? Just fill it through that and add calcium chloride. Or fill it 3/4ish with soft and 1/4 with hard water.
  9. You think the guy is looking nationwide for a free hot tub? If so this post it’s 10 years old! Try Facebook marketplace or Craigslist everybody is wanting a free tub right now.
  10. Are you talking about nitros? https://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13634-nitros-approach-to-water-maintaince/
  11. Yes but have lost some water due to over flowing and a hose coming off. Have just cowboy’d a little more sodium bromide to it. I was at 60 ta and it was still rising. I lowered to 7.6 and will see where ta is. I have to be getting close to where it will balance for a while. Do you recommended borate strips or can i just guess. I put in the right amount when I filled the tub but have lost probably 1/3 to 1/2 since filling. I added enough borates for 1/3 cap of the tub. I was using the gentlespa stuff.
  12. Okay that was some easy science, I dosed it with bleach enough to raise chlorine 2.5 ppm. The outcome was bromine raised about 2.5 ppm. That makes it easy to know how much to put in.
  13. Also, @waterbear you mention that when using bromine to kind of embrace higher ph and not fight it. My results are TA 60 PH 8.0 CH 200 With borates. Should I target a lower ta and aim for 7.6? 7.8? Should I just let it be?
  14. I haven’t paid attention to how much I use to raise bromine. I use regular bleach. Does the table for raising chlorine translate into bromine level when adding chlorine? I should be measuring but I just dump some in and test them dump more in till I get there. It would be nice to have an idea how much to add to bump it up.
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