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  1. What is Aqua Clarity’s active ingredient? Is it an enzyme cleaner?
  2. I haven’t heard of any other sanitizers to use in the U.S. We started with bromine and ended up switching to chlorine - it works better in our vacation rental. What about chemicals for pH & calcium and alkalinity? Don’t you use those? Amazon has the Aquafinesse water care kit for $150 and says it’s Dichlor , which is a form of chlorine. They have a 16 oz SpaMarvel for $57. It’s an enzyme that , when used , it says will lower the amount of chlorine you need .
  3. I was told it’s best to just leave it on what you want it at , which for us is 103 or 104, maybe 102 in summer.
  4. I test first of course, but when that’s I find low Alk and high or normal pH , that’s what I do. The water here is naturally low alkalinity ( 20 ppm) and the only one of those products we add is MPS , but not that often.
  5. I often have this problem ( by low I mean 20-30 ppm) and am wondering if there’s a better way to take care of it than what I have been doing. First I add a lot of Spa Up/ baking soda to get the alkalinity higher and then add Spa Down , which hopefully will lower pH more than it does alkalinity.
  6. I used to often have the opposite problem- high pH and low alkalinity , and what I did was I would raise both to get the alkalinity where I wanted it or actually even higher than necessary, and then I would use Spa Down, which hopefully would bring the pH down more than it would bring the alkalinity down. It was a balancing act!
  7. Cussed-What do you use when you purge? Or don’t you use any product for the plumbing? Do you ever have problems with foam? When we had a bromine spa , we did just the same as you , but sometimes also used chlorine shock which worked better if really cloudy. However, ours is at a vacation rental so that is a different kind of use!
  8. When you talk about shock, does it matter if it’s Dichlor/ chlorine or MPS/ non- chlorine shock?
  9. I’m always confused by the grams measurement. Is that by weight or by volume? When I do the conversion, 25 grams is about 1 ounce. If by volume, that would be about 2 tablespoons. Sound correct?
  10. I had a similar problem and did switch to chlorine but ours is in a vacation rental which is a very different situation. We had used a bromine floater . I was told the reason the manufacturer says not to use one is because bits can fall out and stain the shell. That didn’t happen with ours.
  11. “Ultra Spa is a specially formulated water conditioner that is compatible with all hot tub sanitizer systems and chemicals. It not only leaves your skin softer and smelling fresher than when you entered the hot tub, but SpaBoss Ultra Spa will also make your other spa chemicals more effective in doing their jobs like keeping the water clear and the pH level balanced. Use this product easily to clarify your hot tub water and enhance your experience.”
  12. I got on a website that sells it and looked at reviews and found this- We like the way this made our water smell and look. Like crystal blue and very pleasant smell.”
  13. Correction. I was wrong. Apparently a sensor needed to be reset by power cycling with the breaker.
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