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  1. Thanks. Very helpful information.
  2. Are there problems with using a chlorine/ bromine neutralizer like Thio-Trine? Seems I’ve read something about that in the past.
  3. We have a bromine spa and have been keeping calcium at 75-150. But most guidelines I see say it should be higher, like 150-250? Or 250-450. I ' m trying to remember but I'm pretty sure we keep it low because when we got it, the manufacturer said it should be that for an acrylic spa. What do others do?
  4. How long do pumps and heating elements generally last? TIA.
  5. We would NEVER leave the water untreated between guests! I have spent SO much money and time on this that my son - law- thinks it’s not worth it. 😊 There is a shortage of people/ companies maintaining them in our small tourist town. We have hired companies/ people and have been unhappy with them. I started checking with a test strip before I used it when I’d go every 2-3 weeks & the results were usually not adequate. I think they toss in chemicals and don’t wait the proper amount of time for rechecking, for one thing. No one is as invested as the owner. So I decided to
  6. Sorry to keep going on about this. We DO treat it between rentals. But that seems an odd way to classify something as public. Arent the public ones checked multiple times a day? A vacation rental hot tub is classified as private, though I think t should be treated as in-between private and public. I AM going to have pre-measured containers of shock for them to add after use. It's still hit or miss because we won't know how many got in or what the level was when they got out, and the level determines how much to add. As for having it near
  7. "Ozone is continuously shocking your water, in addition to a small degree of sanitizing. Only a small degree because it only treats the water in the pipe, not the entire spa so cannot get to all contaminants." But doesn't shocking serve to boost the sanitizer?
  8. So even with an ozonator, you don't think I could do the higher level every 2-3 weeks then.
  9. Thanks, RDspaguy. I was never very good at chemistry. So you shock to turn the bromide back into the sanitizing form of bromine? By your definition I am shocking frequently-"you should shock any time your bromine reading is low to reactivate your bromine bank or reserve. Which will be after it is used. " That is what I do. But I thought weekly (approximately ) I needed to use more to get the reading up higher , maybe 5-10 ppm, no?
  10. I have searched and can’t find an answer. With a hot tub ozonator I’ve read you can shock less often. But if not weekly, then how often should it be done?
  11. I ‘ve heard some say that the floater should come out when people are in the hot tub, though I don’t know how important that is . What’s important is that they put it back in when they’re done. We’re going to switch from the floater to the in-line Frog system because the floater doesn’t seem to be bringing up our bromine levels overnight all the time. (after use in the evening when it might get to 0).
  12. Yes, , I realize that is why you shock with MPS ( or Dichlor). Doesn’t it serve to reactivate the bromine so to speak?
  13. I am more concerned with it being irritating to the bather, of course, than their swimming suit. So am I correct in thinking that in getting the bromine to a level of a 5 rather than a 10, it won’t do as good a job of cleaning/ shocking? It’s possible that it could go over 10- that’s one of my apprehensions about following the directions.
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