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  1. Chlorine & bromine

    Is it used after bathing or as a weekly shock?
  2. Chlorine & bromine

    Thanks. I know how to use bromine - a bromide starter packet on fill, bromine tabs in a floater and a shock, but how does one use chlorine- a weekly shock with a little bit during the week as needed? To answer your question , I think it's because bromine has more staying power as a sanitizer but chlorine may do a better job in clearing up cloudy water . Our situation is that we have a vacation rental with stays of 2-7 nts. No one is going to be monitoring the water during their stay. I go back and forth on asking guests to handle chemicals, like having them put in premeasured amounts of MPS or Dichlor after each use.
  3. Recently I called our spa manufacturer with a question and the CS agent said something I'd never heard before and I don't think I believe . She said using bromine and chlorine at the same time is bad and they cancel each other out.If you have a bromine tub and you want to switch to chlorine you have to empty the water and start new.From what I've read , even a bromine tub has some chlorine because of the chemical reaction with the bromine tabs. We have a bromine floater and our hot tub guy convinced me to start having him add a little Dichlor to keep the water clear . Previously we had just been using MPS. And he also still uses MPS. Comments?
  4. Just a floating dispenser
  5. My spa owner's manual says that they don't recommend a floating chemical dispenser and that any damage to components or the shell caused by it will not be covered under warranty . Really? Are they just talking about dings in the shell? But components? The manual also states all chemicals should be added to the filter or close to it . Is that very important/ standard practice?
  6. I find this interesting -my owner's manual for my spa gives recommended levels for chemicals and it is quite different from the box of test strip recommendations. Even different test kits are different. For instance , bromine 3-5 ppm Vs 2-6 Chlorine. 2-5 vs 2-4 pH 7.2-7.8 vs 7.2-7.5 vs 7.4-7.6 Alkalinity 40-120 vs 80-120 Hardness 50-150 Vs 100-400 Maybe this just shows it's not all that critical and there is a wide range of acceptable?
  7. Is there any reason to use all 3 - MPS non chlorine shock, bromine tabs and Dichlor - or is that overkill? I started out with the first two but for water clarity it seems to help to add the 3rd.
  8. Question about using TDS strips

    I don't do maintenance myself since this is at a vacation rental 75 miles away. I can check on things when I go every 2-4 weeks. From what I understand, when TDS starts to get to near 2000 , there should be problems with getting the chemicals easily balanced, so our service person should know that and I probably don't even need to check it. He did tell me that most owners try to let it go long to save money on a refill. I'm the opposite because I don't want any illnesses or bad reviews..
  9. At what level TDS do you change out your hot tub water? My test strip says 3000 ppm , but I've read some people do 1500?
  10. I was just going by the control panel .
  11. Our hot tub is barely over a year old. We set the temp at 102 but when we go to it , it is 104.. Is the thermostat already going? Even with a good cover, does the summer sun affect it?
  12. So you don't put much faith in the TDS test strips I take it.
  13. How often do you change your hot tub water? This is kind of a question like oil change in a car . If it doesn't get much use, do you still change it say after four or five months? Even if TDS is good. Or do you only need to change it when you're having trouble balancing the chemicals?And on a related note , at what TDS reading would you make sure to change it ?
  14. There's so many different opinions you just don't know what to think.I called the hot tub dealer because I had a question about the ozonater and how to know if it's not working . There really is no way she told me , since it comes on when the jets come on so you wouldn't notice the extra bubbles . Basically my model is only supposed to last 18 to 24 months.But this is what I mean about difference of opinion- I asked her if most people in her experience use bromine in their hot tub and she said hardly anyone. From what I've read most people use bromine and it's superior for hot tubs.She did say in our situation with a vacation rental it might be better because it takes less maintenance , less frequent checking , needing sanitizer less often. When they sell a hot tub and take away the old one, she said you can always tell who's been using bromine because the tub is smelly and damaged , almost like it's deteriorating. She also said bromine is harsher on swimsuits & skin . I have read the opposite. So I asked her if we wanted to switch over to chlorine with our next fill, how would we do that? She recommended Jet Purge or Clean Starter (which apparently is like Ahh- Some). Put it in and run the jets an hour, or every hour for overnight. Drain , flushing jets with a hose. Then , besides using Dichlor (weekly with average use of 2-3 people 2-3 X a week) she suggested MPS-as a booster. Also a product called Silk Balance , a buffer that locks in pH and alkalinity and is a biofilm disperser.