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  1. Susanj

    Is this normal filter behavior?

    This is at a vacation rental and I wonder if this means our service person isn't rinsing out the filter each time?
  2. Is this normal hot tub behavior? I vacuumed one day and then it wasn’t used and the next day there was more stuff that showed up needing vacuuming. The cover hadn’t been open. There was a white circular large pill size bit that might’ve been a piece of a bromine tablet and some dirt.
  3. What do you mean by conversions?
  4. In our small town there aren’t many choices of service people and we just had to hire someone new for our vacation rental. He took a class but doesn’t feel well-prepared because they cut it down to 1/2 day instead of 2 days since he was the only student! To make things easier for him I’d like to get a tester with a digital readout. Can someone recommend one? Also , I know there are apps for pools where you input the reading and it tells you exactly how much to add. Is there anything similar for hot tubs? TIA.
  5. Susanj

    Is Spa Up just baking soda?

    Yes, that makes sense, although I wasn’t raising it just a little. It was well below 6.8 to start . And the alkalinity reading was nonexistent too, although that came up more easily.
  6. Susanj

    Is Spa Up just baking soda?

    Are you saying it’s bad to have to add 3/4 cup of baking soda?
  7. Susanj

    Is Spa Up just baking soda?

    My Spa Up says soium bicarbonate, but I wondered if there are stabilizers or some inactive ingredients that don't have to be labeled. I've never before seen it needing this much to raise the pH. Though maybe it wasn't because I switched to baking soda-couldve been a coincidence.
  8. I decided to switch from using SpaUp to baking soda. Same stuff, right? But could they be different somehow? Spa Up says to add 3 Tb for my size hot tub to raise pH. I started with 5 Tb based on my past experience with this tub and it ended up needing 13 Tb! I did two at a time, waiting 30 minutes in-between each before retesting. Took forever. This is at our vacation rental and there have been 2 groups since I was last here and our service guy comes out after each one, but he's obviously not adding enough. That's the problem in a rental. NONE of them keep adding and retesting. They check it and then throw some chemicals in and leave. But who'd have guessed it would take this much? That's why I'm wondering if it was because it's baking soda now.
  9. Susanj

    Digital testers

    Are there any digital testers for a bromine hot tub? I haven’t been able to find any.
  10. Members 0 79 posts I find this interesting -the owner's manual for my spa gives recommended levels for chemicals and it is quite different from the box of test strip recommendations. Even different test kits show different recommended levels. For instance , bromine 3-5 ppm vs 2-6 Chlorine 2-5 vs 2-4 pH 7.2-7.8 vs 7.2-7.5 or 7.4-7.6 Alkalinity 40-120 vs 80-120 Hardness 50-150 vs 100-400 Maybe this just shows it's not all that critical and there is a wide range of acceptable?
  11. From what I understand, Pool Calc is a device that tests the water and tells you, based on the readings, what to add. (Or maybe you test it yourself and input the values). Can it be used for a hot tub or is there a different one that can be used for a hot tub?
  12. Susanj

    Chlorine & bromine

    Is it used after bathing or as a weekly shock?
  13. Susanj

    Chlorine & bromine

    Thanks. I know how to use bromine - a bromide starter packet on fill, bromine tabs in a floater and a shock, but how does one use chlorine- a weekly shock with a little bit during the week as needed? To answer your question , I think it's because bromine has more staying power as a sanitizer but chlorine may do a better job in clearing up cloudy water . Our situation is that we have a vacation rental with stays of 2-7 nts. No one is going to be monitoring the water during their stay. I go back and forth on asking guests to handle chemicals, like having them put in premeasured amounts of MPS or Dichlor after each use.
  14. Recently I called our spa manufacturer with a question and the CS agent said something I'd never heard before and I don't think I believe . She said using bromine and chlorine at the same time is bad and they cancel each other out.If you have a bromine tub and you want to switch to chlorine you have to empty the water and start new.From what I've read , even a bromine tub has some chlorine because of the chemical reaction with the bromine tabs. We have a bromine floater and our hot tub guy convinced me to start having him add a little Dichlor to keep the water clear . Previously we had just been using MPS. And he also still uses MPS. Comments?