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2005 Coast Spa (Bronze, Silver & Gold Series) replacement control panel?

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@souper soaker how many buttons on topside? post photos

Manual here: https://manualzz.com/doc/6271927/coast-spas---gecko-depot

Generic replacement from Gecko part number  TSC-4-10K / K4...replaces TSC -46 


I would verify with seller by phone if they actually have it in stock before ordering and also to make 100% sure it will work with your system.

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@souper soaker Ok The generic Gecko replacement is a TSC 19/K 19 that replaces the Coast TSC-34. If you lift up the topside (or look up from underneath) you should see a white tag that identifies the topside. There might be 2 screws under the overlay one on each side. If you feel with your finger you can cut a little x in the overlay and remove them to do minimal damage to the overlay but if you are sure it's pooched then just peel back the overlay.


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Located in Kelowna.

Again always phone and verify they have in stock and that it is the correct topside for your system/spa pack. You may be able to find cheaper option online.

2161 Shamrock DriveWest Kelowna BC V4T 1T9Canada(This is not a retail location)
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2 hours ago, Detlef Hoffmann said:

Is there a generic control that will fit an Ocean Spa RSC-34 ?

Please start your own thread. Post photos of the pack, Circuit board, Topside and circuit board so we know what you have.

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