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Is my wood wall pool a total loss?


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Hi all,

We have a 20 x 40 inground wood wall pool.  Thought we were going to get ourselves a new liner but when they removed the old, they found a few rotting wood walls, a couple panels that are bowing in and the track is bent or disintegrated in some spots.  The deck around the pool is concrete.  

Contractor says we can't just replace the walls- backfill will fall into pool.  Is there any way to salvage this without having to remove the pool and concrete, fill it in, wait for it to settle and start over?  Would love to hear your ideas!




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7 hours ago, JAP said:

yes.  The walls are wood.


I dropped a mention to our pool experts. Hopefully one of them will have some advice for you. 

I'm inclined to recommend you frame out and pour concrete walls inside of your existing wood walls. You'll have to get creative with the skimmer, but I see no other solution that doesn't involve digging it out. Who buries wood behind a pool liner? That's an intentionally temporary pool. I can't imagine doing all that work just to put biodegradeable materials in the dirt. It's just stupid.

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Thank you!  The hole is from a ground hog who made his way through 20 feet of mulch, under a deck, under the concrete pool decking, through the wood walls and to the liner.  I guess that says something about the integrity of the liner! :)  

With a quote of $16K just to tear it out, we're really hoping there is a fix. 

Thanks again for passing this on. 


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I’m no pool contractor, but assuming you are happy with a wood pool, why not just break up the concrete above the trouble spots, temporarily remove the backfill, replace the wood (with pressure treated???  (Can’t believe I’m typing this)) replace the backfill and compact.  

I would call call up Carl from Bushwood Country Club to handle your gopher problem.   - sorry, I couldn’t resist.  

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