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  1. Would need to see a pic. Mortar isnt always used, thinset is common as well. Depends if you plan to remove all of it or are trying to repair and blend it
  2. FB and Clist is your best bet. Tubs are in demand you should have no issues selling if priced well
  3. The price difference isnt huge when upsizing filters. Bigger is always better. Plumbing pipe size is irrelevant based on sq footage of pool volume.
  4. The ideal way is to have matched equipment and use an automation panel to run it all. I'm a Hayward guy, so pentair isnt my forte, but some vsp have a relay function to output that may be able to switch signal another device. What model pump do you have
  5. You need something larger like a scarecrow that also moves with the wind. I've seen those blow up things used to promote a bizness or event that has a blower motor on the bottom and makes the "guy" ripple with air in a wave pattern. Feces in the pool is a major problem. Public pools have strict requirements for water chemistry. A robot like a dolphin S200/300 would be your best bet if there is no port currently in the plumbing for a suction powered robot. The dog pee theory doesnt work as ducks dont smell anything. They are visual so you would need a full time guard dog actually on site
  6. It's ok to do this on 2-3 sides. You either need a slope away from the tub amd you retain the earth and butt to the retaining walls, or you make an elevated platform using retaining wall blocks. You leave access for the main panel, amd you would have to slide it out empty for a major repair on other sides.
  7. 100% agree on VGB covers on every suction point, pool or spa doesnt matter. Even older pools with single main drains can benefit from a VGB cover. Things happen in a nano second in a pool or spa, be safe not sorry you didnt
  8. Starboard isnt needed at all, chopped mat is strong as anything. Theres a guy on YouTube and the net who has a big site amd sells everything you may need direct. I haven't used him in a while but I did quite a few fiberglass coated decks years ago. Call him he knows everything fiberglass amd can tell you what you need to do Fiberglass site dot com
  9. You have to attack it from both sides. Remove backfill amd use chopped strand mat and resin and veneer both the front and back. You have to either mechanically sand your attachment points for adhesion, or use the proper chems to open up the pores in the original glass material.
  10. Its gonna cost more but it can be done. Just gonna be slower on moving the dirt. My first experience with a pool build was brownstones in brooklyn NY. The small cocktail pool was hand dug amd 20 guys took turns digging amd running buckets thru the house into the dump truck double parked out front. Theres always a way
  11. Good trick for a nice caulk job is take 5 min amd run tape carefully leaving a 1/16 to an 1/8" gap around the flange. You tape the edge if flange leaving a 1/16 there too. Run your bead tiny like posted above with a 45 cut leaving hole small on caulk tube amd wipe with your wet finger really well. Pull tape after it tacks in a few min amd you have a factory looking bead of schmooze
  12. Those are nightmare pools to repair. The best amd longterm fix is to install liner track on wall face and turn it into a liner pool. Only prep is to grind out those bubbles. You can feather them back in with regular bondo
  13. The drain should be filled with concrete amd flushed smooth amd the liner placed over with no penetrations. At the minimum they should have just left liner intact and installed the cover grill. No reason to cut liner I'm on an abandoned drain
  14. Need more details. Was the pool always unlevel or is this new? How did the contractor handle plaster amd tile of the pool if not level? This could be major issue with the skimmer for starters. Pics?
  15. Do you actually have amy flow at that speed coming out of the returns? Not sure how you control solar but 1500 isnt enough for solar. I have a small 4 panel array amd run 2100 on a full size Hayward VS for optimum flow.
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