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  1. Alright you talked me out of it. Not sweating the electricity just the chance something goes and its below zero out trying to make a repair. I'm gonna see about getting a remote temp sensor and the display in the house so I know water is heated. What's a god temp to leave it at for winter non use?
  2. As long as the tub panel has seperate 20 and 30 amp gfci breakers with neutrals wired correctly it will work fine.
  3. So my hotsprings limelight has been solid since the overhaul of the lighting system in july. I foamed it all back in and redid the cabinet for now. Its new to me and pumps and heater are newer, it's a 2012. Im in NJ and it's getting colder and we are using it less and less. By December I dont see the family going in at all until spring. My worry is I'm so busy I dont check on it all week. Tonight I checked after a full week of not peeking under the lid. I worry heater or circ pump will fail and it will freeze up and create a nightmare repair. I'm a PB and I deal with enough water everyday i
  4. Are you using a standard breaker or the proper GFCI breaker?
  5. How many low drains do you have in the footwells? Usually the suction is split between drains and skimmer. If yours is pulling mostly from skimmer you have inadequate draw from the bottom. Could be a clog or debris, or depending on the tub could be check valve or diverter
  6. Glad you got it worked out amd is good now. Dont feel so bad....I spent 2 full days and $500+ replacing every bulb, a few sockets, 2 corner lights, amd the waterfall strip to get mine working. I had to rewire most of the main harness it rotted away and spent another few hrs here and there foaming it back after having to dig to repair. I couldnt deal with no lighting it's not the same experience without it
  7. See if you can find small chip gravel fines to top dress it with. Anything under 1/4" will fine tune it. Depending on the tub or will prob be ok as is they usually have a large base that will spread the load
  8. My first guess is the control panel went bad. It's not common but electronics can self destruct for no reason. I would open up the access panel gyer turning off the power to tub amd have a look around to see if anything is fried. Post some pics of the board. Sometimes the front looks fine amd it burns out on the backside
  9. It gets 220 to what terminals in low? Then what terminals in high? Did it ever work or is this the result of the pump swap?
  10. For future readers...powder cya needs to go in pantyhose and dissolve. Cut a leg off the hose and fill up about 1.5 pounds amd tie it off. Use on a broom stick amd place in front of a return and let it dissolve. Squeeze often to release fine powders. Some people drop that into a skimmer which is OK if you use skimmer socks on the basket. I dont recommend that way as I've seen them get sucked thru and clog the pipes or get back to the pump
  11. A good fix is to use a grout removal tool amd scrape the area down to leave a deep valley all around it. Keep nice clean edges take your time. Then use an epoxy tile grout to grout the joint. Doing just a patch area usually leads to the surrounding areas failing soon after so I prefer to do it once
  12. You need to get the wiring correct. Should be a 20 and 30 amp gfci in the sub box. The 20 won't have a nuetral but the 30 will so you need 4 wire for that. I have a OEM hot springs box with the dual 20/30 gfci breakers if you need one cheap I wired mine to my pool automation panel nearby and it uses different breakers so had to bite the bullet
  13. There are many variations of parts so impossible to say without details. If you can post good pictures of the board and parts, and how you wired it, we can guide you along. Be sure to check you have power to the main board. Do you have a voltmeter?
  14. Your not gonna cut out maintenence in anything that holds water. I feel pools are simple to maintain. Use a swg and a robot and you do very little. Swim spas are nice if your an actual swimmer amd exercise with it. Nothing beats an inground pool for cooling off but I'm in the northeast i dont deal with 100+ here
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