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  1. If you get lucky only the bulbs will be bad. If the socket is bad then you have to dig thru the foam to replace the whole thing. I had to swap all the bulbs amd 4 sockets on my flair plus rewire half of it but was worth it. I also replaced 2 corner bulb sets amd the fiber optic waterfall lights. Backyard plus has best prices on the parts u need and you also need the tool it's only a few bucks. Tub needs to be drained to do it. For the waterfall get a plastic shim or toilet bowl shim amd wedge it in middle see if it helps the water sheer. How is the spacing across it
  2. Without seeing the spa, the piping, amd the rest of it my guess is like yours, a blockage or possibly filters are beyond cleaning and need replacing
  3. Try lally column wrap. Its bead board in strips and very flexible, can make any radius
  4. It's been extra cold here in NJ amd I'm seeing almost 50$ on my electric bill then past 2 months compared to no tub last year. So I'd say 35ish for tub usage the rest to more furnace run time on the fan (nat gas) didn't see any difference summer months amd maybe $10ish October/Novemeber. Full foam limelight flair
  5. Dont know if your connectors are similar but I did a huge repair on my hot.springs this summer. Most of the 30+ lites didn't work at all. I replaced every bulb amd a ton of wire, the clips that attached to the single feed around tub were either perfect or rotted out. I ended up cutting the factory plug off amd there was simply red amd black wire on each light. I soldered groups together amd shrink wrapped them. The waterfall was led but fiberoptic feed to that light output. Think outside the box if need be and experiment if need be
  6. Only way to get cheap into find a good used tub. Corona demand put things thru the roof
  7. Not too familiar with jandy but the first place to check is the air sensor as RDspaguy noted
  8. What test kit are you using? I do it old school. I use only liquid chlorine amd I add CYA with stabilizer powder. Once you get 30cya just focus on FC levels. Ph down ahould bring it in range easily amd just make sure TA amd CH are acceptable levels. You dont need other stuff keep it simple.
  9. Looks like it broke at a coupling. Cut it back to pipe amd prime/glue on a proper size coupling with a piece of pvc then to another coupling to the pipe we cant see in pics
  10. If you can find wrapped insulation that is basically a fiberglass batt in a bag you can cut pieces to fit vertically inside the cabinet amd use packaging tape to seal off the ends. Not gonna make a huge difference but it helps. Biggest heat loss is vertical evaporation, a proper fitting good cover is most important. Full length seam stopper is worth it when replacing cover as is wrapped foam
  11. The location it's at now is no good. I would route it to either behind the fence on right, or around the corner to the left of the window. Either way being around a corner will provide alot of protection from splash outs. This is a plug in tub not a hardwire install?
  12. Best way is to grab a speed stir. Its lighted and a magnetic pea sits in your tube amd spins. Worth its weight in gold. When it turns color and stays you have your drop count
  13. I just checked and castleonia is right the 20 is the heater. I didn't think it thru as both pumps running wouldnt hold on the 20 breaker which makes sense. Looked up specs and it came with 4kw from factory RDspaguy i had some white gunk in there and the fine bubbles got larger after cleaning. I soaked it all in vinegar its clean now. Ozonator is years old and water tests tell me I have residual chlorine that wasnt there in the past. Got a new setup ordered with all new. Tub owes me nothing dont mind giving it some love
  14. I decided not to winterize the tub amd instead did an ahhsome purge amd full cleaning Saturday as we had 50s in NJ. Cleaned the mazzei and piping as ozone bubbles were weak and I had higher residual chlorine so its dieing, ordered a new ozone setup. My limelight flair developed a drip as I was draining on the heater end caps. I decided to refill anyway amd see what happens while looking for repair kit or new heater. The slow drip eventually stopped when water heated fully the next morning but noticed I have a 4kw heater. I have the paperwork and it was replaced in 2016. I did see that a
  15. Alright you talked me out of it. Not sweating the electricity just the chance something goes and its below zero out trying to make a repair. I'm gonna see about getting a remote temp sensor and the display in the house so I know water is heated. What's a god temp to leave it at for winter non use?
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