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  1. Pool Clown

    Rheem Electric Pool heater

    Start here: https://www.rheem.com/product/specialty-series-heat-pump-pool-heater-m6450ti-e-hc/
  2. Pool Clown

    New guy here with a few questions!

    Does the skimmer have its weir? This is the door at the entrance of the skimmer that usually makes a clunking noise while you are swimming. If you don't have that door, the skimmer wont do much skimming. as far as pointing the jets, monitor the prevailing wind over the pool and adjust accordingly. which ever way you point them, they should have a bit of an upward angle as to move the surface of the water.
  3. Pool Clown

    Correct setup flow heater and pump

    Plumb the heater on the discharge side...
  4. Can you post a picture of the "controller". Most are just a valve that runs on water flow(from the pump). You should be able to either leave it in place or remove it (and replace the housing cover). Should not need to remove the housing and replumb with pipe.
  5. Pool Clown

    backwashing Polaris

    Water jets are used for two important functions of the Polaris. To drive it, and to vacuum up debris. If you get debris in the jets they wont give the "thrust" need to either drive the unit, or vacuum debris into the bag.
  6. Pool Clown

    Spa overflow into new Gunite pool

    Either the dam or spillway is not level (higher on one side), or the trailing edge of the spillway is not consistent all the way across.
  7. Pool Clown


    Correct, the pool should only "drain" when the valve is in backwash. Recirculate should merely just by-pass the filter and return to the pool. Do you get some water back through the returns in recirculate? If so, you may have a ripped or damaged spider gasket in the valve body causing water to leak into the backwash port and drain out. I'm also assuming that when you say the pool is draining that you are getting water out of the backwash line, yes?
  8. Pool Clown

    backwashing Polaris

    The finger screen at the wall fitting, or inline, should be catching all the debris, and a "back washing" should not be necessary. But that is in a perfect world. Best answer is when ever you notice that the unit is not moving as quickly it used to, or picking up as well as it used to, that would be the time to back wash.
  9. Pool Clown

    Solar heater

    1. Im sure that you cannot expect that to heat your pool unless you increase the scale...by alot! 2. try slowing the water down to see if that helps the heat rise.
  10. Pool Clown

    Filter Pump Will Not Turn Off

    Try searching "Pentair relay" on the pool parts website of your choice Oh... here! 520106 That is for Pentair automation (IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, Sun or SolarTouch, etc.) Or Jandy: OneTouch, Etc. Compool systems are: RLYLX
  11. Pool Clown

    Aqua rite chlorinator

    May need a rectifier kit.
  12. Pool Clown

    Pool Light Replacement

    If you can get a friend to help you, you may be able to get the cord to move if one of you pushed while the other pulled. Yes, one of you will have to get into the water! You may also try the advice of the previous poster and see if you can get away with just replacing the bulb and gasket. Note: if you are going to go this route, you MUST replace the gasket or it WILL leak. If you replace the gasket and it still leaks, then that is proof that the fixture has failed and needs to be replaced.
  13. Pool Clown

    Filter pressure question

    Air in the system will not give you high pressure. Perhaps, if the pump cannot get going at full flow due to air being drawn into the pump, you may get low pressure, but not high. Think of your filter as a restriction in the system and the pressure gauge is just before that restriction. A high pressure would indicate increased flow OR the filter beginning to get, or getting dirty and may need to be cleaned. If your pool is very dirty (reduced clarity) it may not be uncommon for you to have to clean the filter several times before the pool is crystal clear again. How clear was the water before you started? How long have you had this filter? DE Filter grids do wear, and can collapse over time, or, if they have consistently been over charged with DE, that will greatly reduce their life as well, and give the symptoms you are getting. Now having said all that, 17 psi on the filter is not considered an excessive or dangerous pressure. Some systems, 17 psi is a good clean pressure. Running in recirc by-passes the filter completely, and does little more than move the water around in the pool. If you are concerned that you may damage something, you are better to turn off the filter pump than to run in re-circulation.
  14. Pool Clown

    Spa draining

    It appears that your suction side actuator has either stopped working, or has been turned off (at the little switch). Did this start happening a day after you last used the spa?
  15. Pool Clown

    No Flow And Cell Reversing On Jandy Aquapure 1400

    A service light indicates that you need to "camp out" at the panel for what could be up to 5 min to see the service code that will only display for about a second. A tone or beep usually accompany the code. It will be a three digit code. More than one code may be displayed.