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  1. Hi Regina, I had chlorine and swapped over to a salt chlorinator and yes, found it heaps easier to maintain
  2. Just as a follow up @Pool Clown and @RDspaguy, why does Pentair and Viron suggest an overflow pipe between the pool and Spa? Is this just a nice to have and you can still make things work using the 2 methods you have suggested above?
  3. Thanks @Pool Clown , very much appreciated. So having an overflow pipe from the spa in to the pool is just a nice to have and will not cause any significant issues on the system?
  4. Thanks again @RDspaguy I assume it's not to much of an issue with the Spa overfilling when transitioning from pool to spa? Even the Pentair suggests an overflow pipe between the pool and spa? I guess you don't overfill the spa in the first place and when you transition back to pool mode the excess water will transfer back to the pool anyway
  5. Thanks @RDspaguy. Would you know if this system works if there is no spillway from the spa to the pool? I have been told the Connect 10 has issues if there is no spillway
  6. Hi, hoping to get some advice. We have a inground pool and spa next to each other with no spillway. The pool and spa run of the same pump, salt chlorinator, filter and gas heater. We would like to install some automation so that we can switch between the pool and spa without having to manually turn the valve to divert the water. We would also like to control the pool and spa lights and some garden lights. Is this possible and what automation system is recommended. We also have the EQ25 Salt Chlorinator and the AI pump so need the automation so the pool can filter and adjust the PH and Salt Chlorination levels as required. Any advice would be great as have been told that the Connect 10 will not work as there is no spill way between the spa and pool. Thanks in advance Andrew
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