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  1. Installed a new 520106 I got off eBay new for $42. At first did not seem to make difference when I energized system. Recycled breaker at main panel and intelliflo, IC60 & PB4-60 booster are all now working correctly. Hope this helps someone else.
  2. Should I replace the 520106 main pump relay? I have power into relay, but nothing coming out. Anyway to reset them?
  3. The contributing factor was we has power outage this past week for couple of hours. The Whisperflo waterfall, Intelliflo main pump, Polaris booster pump, and IC60 salt generator have all been replaced in last 2 years. When I select the man pump on the Easytouch the relay button on that panel lights, but no activity down on the intelliflo touchpad. Isthere a reset process for the Easytouch? Is it common for the relays to go out? transformer in panel looks fine.
  4. 12 year old Easytouch system controlling inteliflo main pump, whisperflo waterfall pump, Polaris booster cleaner pump, pool lights & IC60 salt cell. System has been running fine for months. Currently neither main pump, booster pump or IC60 are coming on. Waterfall whisperflo pump will turn on in normal schedule and also when in service doing checks. Easytouch panel lights up on panel display, and pushing Aux1 and all other selections I can hear relay bumps within panel. Meanwhile, no lights are coming on the intelliflo’s menu pad, nor is the IC60 getting power. In normal mode on Easytouch, when you manually turn on main pump there is the correct relay noise coming from that panel, but pump doesn’t get power. I’m thinking about replacing main relay 520106. Thoughts?
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