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Gecko Spa Control help needed...

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Our Ecco Spa (made by Dynasty) with a Gecko Spa Control has a bad circuit board and I don't think it's replaceable. Gecko Spa Control part number is #0602-221015.  Websites show me that 3 or 4 model are a replacement for my model.  All of these spa packs look identical to my model and its very confusing on which one I need.  Are all of these generic spa packs and possibly work for me?  I've been told these 3 are a replacement,  Part #0602-221063-299, #0602-221046, and #0602-221066-300.  The 4th model, #0602-221022, looks like it may be a replacement as well.  Any help is appreciated.  



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Good Luck finding one. Why do you think it's not repairable? What error codes were you getting if any? Remove the pack from the spa and take out the dozen or so screws on the back of the pack and post a photo of the back of the circuit board. 

Where are you located?

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