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  1. Seems to me I read somewhere that it's non serviceable circuit board. I'm located in Kentucky.
  2. Our Ecco Spa (made by Dynasty) with a Gecko Spa Control has a bad circuit board and I don't think it's replaceable. Gecko Spa Control part number is #0602-221015. Websites show me that 3 or 4 model are a replacement for my model. All of these spa packs look identical to my model and its very confusing on which one I need. Are all of these generic spa packs and possibly work for me? I've been told these 3 are a replacement, Part #0602-221063-299, #0602-221046, and #0602-221066-300. The 4th model, #0602-221022, looks like it may be a replacement as well. Any help is appreciated.
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