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  1. Honestly I was torn between a J315 and the Jetsetter last year (originally thought I wanted a jacuzzi brand tub until I started researching the product offerings). However when you look at the internal construction, the Highlife tubs from Hotspring are a step up from the J300-series tubs in my opinion. Also keep in mind that Hotspring holds a proprietary patent on the Motomassager jet - you won't find this on any other hottubs (except the Hotspring Hotspot SX and TX tubs). The motomassager in the lounger on my jetsetter is the favorite seat in the tub for both the wife and I. The pressure is almost too much for my wife when I close off all other jets and send full pressure to the Motomassager for her, but I really enjoy it. Honestly I'm quite impressed with the Jetsetter's pressure considering I'm running it on 110AC. My only regret is not getting the LX because it does have a few extra jets on the lounger which would be awesome to have.
  2. After waiting twenty years to buy my first tub, I opted to start with a Hotspring Jetsetter. My dealer's prices were right around yours in 2019 so you're getting a great deal on that considering the surge in demand for tubs right now. If you can run 220v to your location, I vote for the Jetsetter LX Only thing I'd suggest is going with an Ozonator setup instead of the Saltwater system. PM me if you'd like to see a copy of my dealer's recommended care routine using an ozonator and dichlor pellets to see how simple maintenance can be WITHOUT the salt system.
  3. Really don't know much about swim spas, did some mild research when considering one for my parents but didn't get very far into the leading brands. Only advice I can offer is to avoid any 2-in-1 combo hottub/swim-spa. Get a dedicated swim spa if that's what you're ultimately shopping for. Definitely need to wet-test so you can test the power of the pump while exercising.
  4. Is the tub in direct sunlight? This time of the year my tub gets full sun exposure most all day long and it will get HOT in that tub (hottest I've seen is 105, but I also take the cover off for an hour before use to help bleed off some of that heat every night.
  5. Waaat how?? Was it the shock pressure traveling through the lines??? Wowzers that's gotta suck
  6. Is the new system compatible with 2019 models? Is there still a subscription fee for the service? I'm really interested to learn more about the system
  7. Yep, that's all it does - run the jet pump for 10 minutes. It's used when adding chemicals to the filter compartment to help circulate water around more than just the regular circ pump. My dealer's delivery tech enabled it with my 2019 Jetsetter he said it's good to get the water moving around for 10 minutes to keep things from going stale in the jet pumps if you don't run the tub for a few days/weeks. If I'm not mistaken you need to press and hold to activate the auto function. Totally fine with the cover on, although if you start to have foam issues you might notice some foam scum building up on the bottom of your cover, but this wipes right off with a magic eraser so it's not a big deal. Pretty sure that would be the Hotspring Connextion system which is an addon wireless module and annual subscription for your tub. Helps you monitor the status of your tub when you're not home. Only downside I see is that you need to pay an annual subscription fee to use the software. It's really best for people who travel often and aren't home to check on their tubs frequently.
  8. Hot damn this seems like a hell of a lot of work for a hottub you just bought for $1500 CAD and haven't even gotten to enjoy yet. I highly doubt any dealer would take a return after everything you've done with the tub so far. I'm rooting for ya to get it going again, but still seems like a lot of money to pay a huge paperweight you can't use for anything else currently 😕 In the meantime, please keep posting pictures of your progress. I love watching the progress
  9. This is a very subjective question, all three brands are built by different manufacturers, all of them make decent tubs. I'm a Hotspring fanboy, but I feel a HS is only worth the money if it has MotoMassager jets, those are proprietary to Hotspring exclusively. You'd need to wet-test a tub with those jets to determine if you like the experience they provide. For the wife and I, it's our favorite part of the whole tub - I like to shut off the other jets and send full power to the dual motomassager jets plus neck/foot jets in that seat, but my wife finds that too powerful for her comfort. Bullfrog tubs have a very innovative jetpack design which has a lot of pros and a few cons. You'll note that the seats tend to feel more upright and "flat" to accommodate the jetpacks themselves and how they slide into place - but this may be a moot point for you personally. Won't know until you wet-test a bullfrog tub to know for certain if they are comfortable to you personally and your body type. I would start by researching the models you like in your budget, then visit the dealers and see how things go. If you REALLY like one brand and the dealer, schedule a wet-test to test something from that product line (doesn't have to be the exact same model, just something from that same tier/class to give you an idea of how the jets and seats feel). As others have mentioned, the dealer is a major part of the equation as they are the ones covering warranty labor costs if/when the tub needs service. Be sure you trust the dealer to do the job right if it needs service in a year or two, and not simply hire the lowest-bidding spa tech in the region. Some dealers specialize in one brand of spas exclusively, other dealers might be big-backyard HGTV makeover style selling multiple products/brands. Not all spa dealers are alike, when you go to look at a hottub, don't just look at the tub itself, but be sure to ask questions about the dealership themselves - how long have they been in business, do their sales reps work on commission or salary, do they have techs on staff, what is their call-out fees, what do they charge for maintenance items like filters and chemicals, etc. Some would argue the dealer you buy from is just as important as the brand you buy, be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for a tub. I would also suggest you check out what Marquis and Nordic have to offer - they make a decent tub at a competitive price from what I've been hearing lately.
  10. You're going to need to test the heater.... voltage I suspect, but maybe resistance? (sorry, still learning)
  11. I mean I use an Ozonator and Silver mineral cartridge in my Hotspring Jetsetter. The only two chemicals I use otherwise are Dichlor56 and Baking Soda (to raise PH as needed, tested monthly). Setup is easy for me - fill with water, dump in three tablespoons of dichlor56 and run the jets for 30 minutes with cover off to shock the tub initially. 18 hours most of the chlorine shock has burned off and the tub is ready to use Even though my tub is Freshwater salt compatible, I currently have no desire to switch to salt. For sh!ts and grins I *might* consider testing freshwater salt once my ozonator fails in two years, but for now I'm perfectly happy adding a bit of Dichlor to the spa after each soak - it takes me 10 seconds to add the sanitizer before closing the lid so it's not a big deal at all. I get that some people like Freshwater salt, but it seems like more hassle than it's worth especially when you factor in the cost of replacement salt cells which are not sold online currently and must be purchased through the dealer.
  12. Sounds like you're on the right track. There was a discussion about this about a month ago over on another forum, looks like @CanadianSpaTech has done it before https://www.whatsthebest-hottub.com/forum/index.php/topic,25056.0.html
  13. Lol, I swear we should just turn this into a drinking game, what do you think, @RDspaguy , a shot every time someone has a problem with their cleverspa?
  14. It's a hunk of crap from a terrible Chinese company selling garbage products expecting you the customer to do the QC testing AFTER the product has been manufactured and sold. Call the store where you bought it from, demand a refund. When they refuse, call your bank and request a bank-chargeback. You were sold a lemon product and the manufacturer is and will continue to be unresponsive. Vendors need to learn to stop selling garbage products, passing off trash to customers to make a buck. Once you have your money back, come back and learn everything about hard-shell hottubs, and then watch your local classifieds for a used spa. For around $1000-$2000 you can often find a really nice used hottub (Only buy one filled with water and working when listed for sale, never buy a drained/empty tub even if owner claims it's working - you need to see it in action).
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