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  1. Doubt he'll be around anytime soon.... he hasn't been here in six years
  2. How old is the spa (a serial number can be decoded to determine age). Is this the flashing light on the front logo? If so that should mean high limit sensor has tripped (test water temperature - is it over 108F or is it colder than set temp?). Also since I know the guys are gonna ask, take some photos of the wiring diagram and the control board, etc. If you see any scorch/burn marks around anything try to get a closeup photo and post them here.
  3. Jeez, I paid $8400 for my 110V Hotspring Highlife Jetsetter less than two years ago - that's a huge step up from the Hotspot line for only about 22% more in price I think Aquaterra sells some spas which fit that size constraint - they're also watkins spas
  4. Literally every brand worth buying is jammed up right now. Not only have there been countless supply-chain breakdowns over the past year, there has also been an unprecedented surge in demand for hottubs - everyone stuck at home the past year made the decision to improve their home life every way possible, including hottubs and backyard makeovers. Back in November 2019 when I purchased my spa, every name brand was no more than 3-5 weeks lead time for special orders if it wasn't in stock. By the summer of 2020, most brands were quoting 10-12+ months lead time (I think Marquis got up to 18
  5. TL/DR - No. HudsonBay spas is an LPI brand of spas. They are a terrible company who builds budget-grade spas using the cheapest components possible - since they are a mail-order product they are also constructed with essentially zero insulation to reduce manufacturing and shipping costs. When bought new (from sites like HomeDepot) they are extremely overpriced for what you're getting. LPI is a terrible company, they sell the same products under multiple brand names to obfuscate the customer making it harder for you to read all the negative reviews on the company. If you vi
  6. I would never buy/take a drained/empty tub - that is a can of worms you don't want to open........ When you remove the water and let a tub sit dry, the air will get to anything metal (like the heater element which may start rusting) and the seals which can start to shrink and deteriorate in as little as one week after a spa has been drained. Hot Tubs have the best lifespan when left filled with hot sanitized/balanced water and running. Real talk - if you watch the local classifieds daily (since pros are also watching for used spas to flip and re-sell) you can often score a used (WORK
  7. Lol, well my three seater isn't exactly a budget grade spa - my Jetsetter has a multi-density spray foam insulation and a properly fitting cover to retain heat - so any heat generated is retained and not bled off. Also my spa is out on the back patio in direct sunlight all day long so that helps the water heat up. From May to October I set my water temp to 96F and my water temp will never drop below 98F unless I throw open the cover for half the night to let heat bleed off. Well my Jetsetter is wired for 110V so the heater cannot run concurrently with the jet pump (instead the
  8. Same here on Florida's space coast - I only use the heater for about six weeks. Otherwise this time of the year my spa heats up to over 103F (too hot for summer time for me). So I make it a routine to throw open the cover for an hour or two every night - the spa's circulation pump helps bleed off heat fast for me.
  9. First, inspect the condition of your cover - Is it cracked/broken or ill-fitting? Heat rises, so having a properly fitting cover in good condition is the most important thing. If you have or know someone with a FLiR thermal imaging camera - this is a perfect opportunity to use it, keep the cover on and look for where heat is escaping around the cover. Next up, the best thing you can do to increase energy efficiency besides the cover is to add insulation (if there is space available for more). Grab some black contractor grade trash bags and then stuff them with stone Rockwool insulatio
  10. Depending on when you bought your Aria, the controller might be covered under warranty (should be five years if I'm not mistaken). I'd call the dealer if it's been less than 5 years and get them involved. Alternatively @castletonia is our resident Hotsprings expert who might know an easy fix
  11. Best bet is to head over to their website and email them for a copy. However the truth is the owner's manual usually doesn't contain as much useful information as most people expect/hope to find. Your spa likely uses generic industry standard components (either balboa or Gecko) - it'll have a pretty standard topside controller. If you can't find a manual, just post some photos of the topside controller and the air valves in question - I'm sure someone can help answer your questions.
  12. Depends, how are the local dealers you're buying from? Are they local, reputable with an established history of reviews from satisfied customers you can find online? Or are they a fly-by-night traveling circus hottub expo? In most cases the dealer you buy from is responsible for warranty labor costs, not the manufacturer - so be sure you trust the dealer you're buying from since you'll be stuck with them for a while. The last thing you want is to buy from a dealer located hundreds+ miles away who won't return calls and sends out the lowest bidding repair tech in town when you finally d
  13. Nah, I'm kidding - it's just snake oil. If you pull out that red "HotStick" and replace it with a straight pipe, your tub will still heat up at the same slow and energy-inefficient rate because the actual source of the heat is the pump itself. Dreammaker spas was actually acquired by another company (Jacuzzi's parent company), these days all new models contain a true 1kW/4kW heater - they did away with the "HotStick" years ago. Even their cheapest budget grade "EZ Spa" which used to contain only a hotstick now contains a conventional 1kW heater.
  14. 5x7 is a pretty common size for a 3-seater (one lounger and two bucket seats). When you account for wall thicknesses, framing, plumbing and insulation, I don't think you can find much shorter than that in a square/rectangular format. I think your best bet is going to be a round tub like one of these https://softub.com/product/sportster-140/ https://www.nordichottubs.com/impulse/
  15. In many cases (but not all), the dealer you buy from is responsible for warranty labor costs not the manufacturer. You'll be stuck with the dealer for the duration of the warranty so better do your research before buying. Doesn't matter if you *really* want a spa from XYZ brand and the only dealer in town has a reputation for sh!tty customer service with techs known to do more damage in the process of fixing something else - you're gonna have a bad time. I personally am a fan of the Hotspring Highlife series - they are built to have a long lifespan (when properly cared for natch - tub
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