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  1. Unscrew battery, remove battery from wireless remote. Power cycle hottub. After tub powers up and lights are flashing on dock, install battery into wireless remote. Long story short - your controller lost it's connection to the tub.
  2. Question - did you take the subpanel from the previous owner or buy a new one? I'm fairly certain Hotspring Spas require a special subpanel and not a generic one: https://azhottubco.com/product/estore/parts/watkins-gfci-50-amp-subpanel-convertible-spas-pn-301756-hotspring/ If you're using a standard subpanel that might be the issue, I don't think you can use a standard hottub subpanel with hotspring tubs.
  3. Damn! That's rough! The M-series are the best looking tubs Bullfrog makes. When the M series first came out I saw a few complaints about the jetpack clips, but hadn't heard anything recently from any new M-series owners. That's awful, Although I'm happy to hear the factory is aware of the problem and has ceased production currently, at least they're not continuing to sell known lemons! Keep us posted how things turn out, I'm curious to see how Bullfrog will handle this fiasco.
  4. Thanks for the post! I'm surprised there isn't more biofilm in those lines, wonder if the previous owner ever purged. From the pictures it looks like you're ripping out the foam by hand. Don't you have a hot-knife in your toolbox? They slice through foam like butter with enough wattage - get the power set right and you'll be able to slice through the foam without damaging any other components (PVC plumbing, silicon tubing, or electrical wiring). Or is it the way they route the plumbing around the tub that makes it such a PITA?
  5. Not that I live in the coldest climate, but we bring our bathrobes out to the tub. Tub is close to the house so it's not that far of a sprint lol. The only thing I add is a teaspoon of dichlor56 pellets to my tub after each soak. So I simply bought a sugar dispenser with a spring loaded trigger - one click is enough chlorine for our 30 minute soak. Takes me all of 10 seconds to dispense chlorine, hit the clean button, close the lid then run inside the house lol. I know some people build a DIY hotbox for their towels/robes using a large cooler and a heating mat, but I don't need that
  6. How old is the filter in your tub? How frequently do you clean it? Try removing or replacing the filter and see if that helps.
  7. Call your bank and ask for a charge-back. Next time don't buy an inflatable hottub which apparently goes through literally zero testing before they pack into a box and ship to the customer
  8. I vote you order an OEM cover from Hotspring through your dealer. Be patient and wait. It will arrive eventually. The sooner you order the sooner it will arrive. The OEM cover will fit best and retain heat better than anything else on the market since it was made specifically for your tub. Seven years is indeed a great lifespan for the cover, anything over five is pretty great.
  9. OhYuck is a weak purge product, these days the industry leader is a brand called "AhhSome" which we add to the water and run the jets for 30-60 minutes before draining. The same nasty gunk comes out of the plumbing, but there will be a lot more of it. I literally just went through a purge three days ago From my experience, you want to tackle this gunk ASAP - don't even wait to drain the tub. Grab some paper towels, gloves and start cleaning the scum line right away while it's still hot/wet. The more you can clean off right away, the better. Once you've drained the
  10. I've always seen people suggest 4x4's for the frame (be sure to toss in a few cross-braces as well). The only other suggestion I see is to make the frame an inch shorter on all sides so the water runs off the edges of the tub onto the stone, and not directly onto the PT frame
  11. This is an 8 year old thread. Start a new thread. Be sure to tell us what type of hottub you have, and the guys around here often like to see a picture or two of the equipment compartment including a picture of the main board to look for any signs of damage on the board itself
  12. Pretty sure those are used as hand-grips to help move yourself into position.
  13. Yep, all four side panels can be easily removed by popping off several metal clips on the bottom of the panel. They slide out (nice thing I like is that you can buy other panels if you break one or want to change up the color/style of your tub in a few years). The Hotspring Highlife tubs also use a multi-density spray foam. Weekend-warrior DIY repairs on both can be a PITA for this reason. However professional repair techs utilize a tool called a hot-knife to carefully slice through spray foam like butter to cut away and access any part of the tub they need. One thing
  14. I vote for the Envoy. I've heard some negative feedback about Dimension-One tubs recently from technicians. Seems their electronics or control systems can be a PITA to work on if something goes bad. Hotspring is also a much larger brand overall than D1. One thing to note about the Motomassager is that pressure and oscillation speed changes when you close other jets around the tub. Every larger and medium jet in the Envoy can be closed to increase water pressure to the motomassager. In my Hotspring Jetsetter with all the jets open the Motomassager is rather lackluster in experience. Bu
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