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  1. Just an FYI for frame of reference. Whenever I drain/refill my tub down here on the Space Coast, my 2019 Jetsetter heats up at 4 degrees per hour (with the cover closed). So when I refill the tub, it takes about 10 hours to heat up to temperature. If I drain/refill early enough in the day, I can actually start using my tub that night
  2. The 240V allows you to operate the heater and the jet pump concurrently. It does not increase the performance of the jet pump pressure. My 2019 Jetsetter is on 110V. I'm down on FL's Space Coast and have no problem with the tub holding near temp. During the "winter" with temps in the 40's we might see the water temperature drop two degrees from 104F to 102F during a soak, unless it's very windy and then we might see it drop another one degree to 101F or even 100F after a 30 minute soak. So in your house without any breeze you should be totally fine. Note - you will need a special
  3. The Escape SE has 30 jets with a 3hp motor. The Escape LS has 45 jets, with a 3hp and a 2hp CD pump. I'm thinking a larger motor/impeller will risk damaging the plumbing. Hell of a risk on a tub this new. Have you tried talking to your dealer? You are not a satisfied customer, maybe your dealer might be willing to work with you? Don't know what the chances, but it's better than being stuck with a tub which underwhelms. Who knows they might let you trade in your tub for the Escape LS model.
  4. My 2019 Jetsetter has the Freshwater Salt compatibility. It is definitely the best saltwater system on the market for hottubs. However the replacement salt-cell cartridges are a proprietary part only available from your local dealer (usually $129 each or $350 for a 3-pack) - and since it's a newer product you can't find it online from an alternative vendor at a lower cost. Also note while the cells are rated for four months, that's not a guarantee - improper usage (running output higher than needed, or out of range water chemistry) can kill a cell faster than normal. I personally opted
  5. The Watkins high output ozonator has a rated lifespan of 20,000 hours. Many other cheaper aftermarket ozonators I've seen are rated at 10,000 hours. Be sure to research the rated lifespan of the device before buying. The last thing you want is to go through all this hassle every 13 months! Pretty sure the Watkins ozonator is only like $300 and includes a new mazzei injector with the kit Edit, yea the complete kit - ozonator/tubing/injector is only $268 over on Amazon - Hotspring PN 72602
  6. I'm on a few Facebook Hottub groups and I swear I see stories like this every week. Crazy how many people have issues with Folliculitis in their tubs. Nasty stuff, glad I've never had an encounter with it. Although it makes me second-guess using hottubs in AirBNB's and Public hotels, that's for sure!
  7. Yeah that's too much. In my 200 gallon tub, I top off with water every month or two with daily usage (normal evaporation and splash-out), less than an inch or two of water loss over that period - an inch every three days is too much. I'll bet your hottub's insulation is soaking up the water loss like a sponge. Personally, I don't have the time to play plumber so I'd simply call the dealer and let it be their problem. Good luck finding your leak!
  8. My Hotspring Highlife is full foam. My dealer includes five years free call outs for labor and service on most items (longer on the shell itself) - both main techs on payroll service Hotspring spas exclusively all day long for multiple HS dealers around the state. I know my dealer's techs use an electric hot knife to slice through the multi-density foam like butter, although some old school techs still rip out the foam by hand (which is definitely not the easiest method to handle repairing full foam insulated tubs IMO). It really comes down to who you plan to repair your hottub - I'm
  9. How old is your remote? My dealer includes a five year warranty on the remote against stuff like that - if your tub is a 2016+ I'd call your dealer and ask if it's covered
  10. For what it's worth - my Hotspring dealer has me on basically the same care routine..... Circ pump + ozonator running constantly with a nature2 (Hotspring rebranded) silver ion cartridge. The math my dealer has for my 200 gallon Jetsetter tub is 1/2 teaspoon Dichlor56 per person (per 30 minutes, rounding up) added to the tub after soaking and then hit the clean button to run the jets for 10 minutes. Test pH once a month (boost with four ounces of baking soda as needed) and clean/rotate my three ceramic filters. We use our tub for half an hour every night of the year with very few
  11. Is the leak by the motomassager unit? I see so many leaks in that section of the tub (often on the drain at the bottom of the motomassager unit) It's a 2015 NXT, should have tons of life left in it. If it were my tub I'd spend the money and call the dealer to have them fix it the right way. These are not some mid-grade run-of-the-mill hottub.
  12. What happens when you reset the system? Does anything happen? Have you checked the breaker inside your main box to confirm it hasn't tripped? How old is the tub?
  13. It's likely your tub uses some off-the-shelf industry standard components. I suggest you take some photos of the control board, topside controller, and any other detailed photos you think might be useful then post them here. There's a few helpful techs on this site who might be able to identify the specific spa-pack used in your tub and can provide some better guidance to get your tub back fully functional again 🙂
  14. Leaks can happen on any tub - from a cheap $300 inflatable tub up to a $20,000 luxury flagship hottub. The question isn't really "if" a tub will leak, but more so when it will leak. True, highend tubs tend to have a longer lifespan than any foam/inflatable tub on the market, but leaks can happen on most any hottub. (Also note - improper water chemistry can damage seals causing leaks to happen prematurely on some tubs) For what it's worth - there are several brands which make smaller 2 and 3-seater true hardshell portable hottubs which weigh only a few hundred pounds dry and less than 3
  15. The Frog system does not use a standard chlorine - instead it uses this chemical. You're not the first to try to find a replacement to refill your own frog system. The problem everyone has is that while they have been able to identify the chemical compound, there is no supplier for this chemical selling it in granular form on the market (the closest someone has gotten was a powdered format). So unless you have a Chemist friend who wants to be the next Walter White, it's a fools errand That said, I personally use a Dichlor 56 product (AllClear Spa Sanitizer) in my tub for s
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