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SPA service access challenge, suggestions?


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Hoping to get a spa soon (maybe Bullfrog M8) and was thinking might do a stone surround. Issue is how to access service panel. I can flip it around and leave access panel side exposed in the back but less desirable considering easier to enter spa at control site in the front and the seating arrangement.

Not sure how possible is to slide a spa back for service on an as need basis.  For drainage, I can have some removable, easy to access small "door" cutout if installed as usual with control and service panel towards.

Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated!



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Thirty years ago my best friend's dad built a new home and installed a top of the line Jacuzzi hottub in a vault submerged into the floor of a fancy patio room.  That sucker lasted less than a decade before it cracked and leaked (details are vague, but it sounds like there was a leak which was inaccessible or the shell was severely cracked).   There was no way to fix the tub without pulling it out of the vault, and since the room was built around the tub, no way to haul out and replace it.  They ultimately boarded over the tub and put down carpet in the room.  Legend has it that tub is still sitting in it's vault 20+ years later.  I'm tempted to convince them to let me dig it out and see if it can't be restored.    That'd be something cool to see, shame it'd still be stuck in that room unless we cut open a wall! haha.

Every side of a tub needs to be accessed to fix some leaks.  If you really want to submerge your tub in a vault, leave yourself a 30+ inch gap on all sides of the tub and build a false floor around the tub to fill this gap.   That way you or a technician will have all the space they need to work on the tub without moving it.   And on the plus side, this gives you flexibility a decade from now to replace the tub with something else if you get bored or this tub breaks. 

Just my $0.02

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Job I was at yesterday to quote for a manufacturer to repair. Deck built after the spa was installed and it's tight all the way around with joist underneath as tight as the decking. Frozen spa that has multiple cracked manifolds (counted 38 lines on the one I could see and it's not the only one) and not covered under warranty. So customer asks "how much to repair"?...  "In this case lets start at $1000.00 to get it out and onto the deck and then I can quote you on the repair" Now where's my chainsaw and I won't be rebuilding the deck when I'm done 

See this all the time...tubs sunken into the deck, tubs in concrete vaults, tubs surrounded by ornamental rock.

I can fix anything but if I can't get access... no can fix



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