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  1. Answering my own question. Added the boric acid to the hot tub-dissolved fine, no issue.
  2. I got granulated boric acid for my tub and ready to add now after adjusting the water chemistry. Issue is that I was hoping to dissolve half of the amount needed in a bucket with water from tub first prior to adding but the boric acid does not seem to want to dissolve. Any suggestions? Do I need to remove the filter so it does not plug up? Many thanks!
  3. I appreciate your reply. I'll probably have to be somewhat creative to come up with a solution that may hold the cover.
  4. Hello, My hot tub is located in an 3 wall stone enclosure (above patio surface) with access to the service panel. I am not able to accommodate a cover lifter and even if I could, my preference would be to move the cover away while the tub is being used. I have no issues moving it around a bit. Would appreciate any suggestions to temporary house the cover to keep it off the floor in the immediate vicinity, either a vertical or horizontal setup might work. Any ideas welcomed! Thanks.
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I got some ideas based on the replies.
  6. Hoping to get a spa soon (maybe Bullfrog M8) and was thinking might do a stone surround. Issue is how to access service panel. I can flip it around and leave access panel side exposed in the back but less desirable considering easier to enter spa at control site in the front and the seating arrangement. Not sure how possible is to slide a spa back for service on an as need basis. For drainage, I can have some removable, easy to access small "door" cutout if installed as usual with control and service panel towards. Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated! Thanks.
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