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  1. If your TA is 90 you should have no problem getting your pH below 8.0. However, if your fill water began with a TA higher than that, the Alkalinity in the water will absorb any of the Sodium Bisulfate you add until it (the TA) lowers. High TA buffers the pH and allows it to resist acids. Now that your TA is good you should see your pH settle and react to your pH Decreaser.
  2. You should not have to reset any settings on the hot tub at all. Turn the power back on, and all should start working like it did before.
  3. Without a doubt, I'd try to get that 2003 Grandee long before I'd even consider a Costco hot tub of any brand. Heck, I'd rather see you buy most of Hot Spring's competitors before you buy a Costco hot tub.
  4. Filters: The easy way to determine if you need new filters is to simply take your existing ones out. If the jet performance is markedly better, then your filters are a problem. However, filters by themselves should not contribute to some jets working and others not working at all. The large "diverter" handle on the front of the spa (near maintenance panel) should control which jets are turned on or off. This redirects jet water flow. Does turning that lever make a noticeable difference/change in the jets functionality? If not, this may be your sole problem. The smaller controls are meant to adjust air flow into individual jets. Turning these up or down should make the jet(s) feel more or less powerful (this essentially adjusts pressure).
  5. Keep in mind, manufacturer's don't have a responsibility to monitor posts on internet forums. So it's hard for them to respond unless they even know you're having an issue. If you don't contact them directly, they won't contact you directly. If your dealer contacts them, they will respond to your dealer directly. Working with Watkins (Hot Spring) myself, I can tell you they make a very solid product. Though I too have seen water temperatures above the "set temp" myself, I don't believe it's necessarily a problem with the thermistor (thermostat sensor). One of the things that makes Hot Spring Spas so reliable long term, and so efficient, is their dedicated circulation pump. This pump was changed over the last couple years. These days, this pump is extremely efficient. To the point that I've heard information suggesting that it releases 85% of the energy (electricity) usage as heat into the water that passes through it. This ultimately means it's adding a small amount of heat into the water continuously. So this can contribute to water temperatures increases when it's fairly warm outside. The thermostat in the hot tub cannot create cooling. It can only turn the heater ON when needed. So in a situation where the air outside is not causing temperature loss, and this extremely efficient pump is releasing heat into the water, it could be expected to see temperatures rise a little. And, because these spas are so well insulated, the heat is not lost as quickly as other spas, which means it's more easily heated. So, warm outdoor temps, very little heat loss, and an efficient pump adding small amounts of heat could cause a rise in temp. If you have not had your complaint resolved, I would recommend you contact Watkins (Hot Spring) directly before passing judgment on them directly. See if they can help you out. I've always had very good experience with their support staff, and have heard the same from my customers. Temperature inconsistency aside, there are many other reasons why the Hot Spring Spa was a better choice compared with Strong. Don't blame yourself for making the wrong choice just yet.
  6. The ACE Salt System works very, very well. We have numerous (a couple dozen it appears) using the system just outside of one of our three store locations. As a dealer, we actually love the product. It's easy to install, and works very well (customers like it for it's ease of use, comfort, and less chemical addition). Because of the diamond process used in the ACE system, it produces Chlorine, MPS (when Sodium Bisulfate pH Decreaser is added to the water), Hydrogen Peroxide, Active Oxygen (works kind of like ozone), and Ozone. Because ACE is used with soft water, it's much easier on your skin over all. Folks tell us when they sit in a hot tub with ACE in it that it's much more comfortable. Because it's soft, there's no need for scale inhibitors to be added. And you're not adding weekly or daily chlorine doses to the hot tub. So that saves money as well. They also suggest refilling the spa less often (which saves time and money) because you're not adding so much product to the water over time. Hot Spring recommends refilling the spa every 6 months. With our experience so far (our owner also uses ACE, as well as customers) we're growing more and more confident in believing you can refill every 6 to 12 months as well. So your dealer is not just pulling numbers out of a hat.
  7. Wow.. I'm not sure what to say. I think the little smiley face says more than the words do. Wish I could sell for that price with that stuff. LOL
  8. The Limelight Pulse is the one that should be compared with the Sundance Optima anyhow. They are fairly similar. And it should be fairly less expensive compared to the Grandee as well. It also has a different water fall on it, that might work for you better if you don't like the Bella Fontana.
  9. You need to sit in the spa yourself to answer this question. What bugs one person, another person likes. Usually though, the jet fittings are recessed into the backrest. Although they do "protrude" the area around the fitting should be molded in such a way as to make the jet fittings about flush with the seat back itself. This way you're not sitting against the jet fitting itself. I'm glad that you've stayed away from eBay as that's probably the worst option available for hot tubs.
  10. As with anything you buy on eBay, buyer beware. You want to take every precaution you can! As far as hot tubs go, I've yet to hear a good story. I've talked to one or two people who've purchased hot tubs over eBay, and both worked out poorly in the end. (I'm not talking about the folks online, I'm talking real people in front of me). Now, if you search these forums you'll find numerous posts about eBay hot tub purchases that have ended very poorly, where in fact folks are using legal remedies to try to get money back. Hop in your car and visit a local Hot Tub Dealer and have a chat with them. Will it cost you more than an eBay hot tub? Most likely. Will you actually get a hot tub? You most likely will!
  11. 12 to 20 weeks? One, that's WAY to long. Two, that's a HUGE variation of 8 weeks. Find a local hot tub dealer. If they don't have what you want in stock, it should not take more than 2 to 3 weeks to get your hot tub under most circumstances.
  12. If you wired the spa yourself, check the wire connections at the breaking (incoming and outgoing) and be sure nothing is loose. A loose wire can cause a lot of heat (and eventually electrical/fire hazard). When you first filled the spa, that heater was likely on constantly for several hours as it heated up the hot tub. So the breaker would get the most 'use' during this period. It would make sense for it to be warmer than the 20amp breaker beside it. However it probably shouldn't be "hot". If you are not accustomed to electrical wiring (or had an electrician pre-wire for you) have an electrician check it out for you. It's better to be safe than sorry!!
  13. Hard to say without knowing all the details. But with as many blisters/bubbles as this guy has all over that spa, and considering the dark color of that shell, I'd have to say there's a fairly good chance it could have been solar blisters. If that hot tub was left uncovered in the sunlight (even at 60F) for too long it could be damaged (assuming it had no water in it). Cal Spa or not, that poor guy might have a hard time getting that fixed/replaced unless he can prove he never left it empty and uncovered.
  14. The Tiger River Bengal is a great spa model. As your research has confirmed, Hot Spring is indeed a great manufacturer (well known for overall reliability and energy efficiencies). You'll be happy with their product I'm sure. Come back to the forums with pictures! I love seeing pictures of folk's hot tub installs. It's great to see the different yard setups folks end up with.
  15. You're best off telling folks what pricing you were offered, where you live, etc and folks can tell you if it sounds fair. Pricing varies across the country.
  16. Just in case you're not familiar, Paddock Pools has been in Arizona for a LONG time. I grew up in the Phoenix Metro area back when. Anyhow - Hot Spring, Caldera, Sundance are the good brands in my opinion. There are other major spa brands that work well too, but those would be my suggestions. It looks like Paddock Pools sells Caldera and Sundance (though I'm not really a fan of the Bullfrog spas they sell).
  17. hmm... maybe he was talking about silkbalance, shock, chlorine, and silver ionizer?? that would equal around $800/yr.. I'm betting the salesman was indeed talking about comparing ACE to the SilkBalance product line. We figure (depending on the system a customer chooses to use) that the ACE Salt System could save folks $300 to $600 a year. Folks who use the traditional Hot Spring EverFresh System (DiChlor, AG+, Ozone, etc) will spend somewhere about a dollar per day. Silk Balance can cost you about $600 a year, without the Ag+, DiChlor, Non-Chlorine Shock that they recommend. We've sold a couple dozen ACE Systems I think, and have yet to see a system actually fail. ACE is dependent on water hardness levels (so if you don't have soft water already, ask your dealer for the Vanishing Act product). Once you determine the appropriate Use Level setting compared to your personal usage pattern, the system works extremely well. If you want water that's soft on the skin, doesn't have a strong chemical smell, takes little work on your part, and is easy to operate, the ACE Salt System is the way to go. The Silk Balance product is increasingly popular for folks, because it negates the requirement for pH testing and balancing, and folks rave that it gets rid of "dry / itchy skin". Plus the product itself is basically odorless. We have a lot of customers who very willingly spend the extra money to use SilkBalance because they really enjoy it. If you have the choice to do ACE, I'd definitely recommend it.
  18. You really ought to visit a local Hot Tub dealer, if you have not done so already. There are a couple folks on these forums that own Costco spas, and apparently like them. But quite frankly, in my experience as a spa dealer, that's not the norm. At least not in my climate. Besides, at $4,800 to $5,500 you could probably find a well made spa through a local dealer pretty close to that. Buy local. It's not only safer, but generally better quality, and it actually comes with a support system.
  19. Great photos! Congratulations on the new hot tub! Have to say I love your covered patio. Very cool idea. So far as pricing goes, although our local Sundance dealer doesn't seem to sell many of the Maxxus model, I think you got a pretty good deal on it. That is one huge hot tub too!! Enjoy!
  20. Hopefully that view doesn't apply to ALL of us salesman who are here supporting our brand...
  21. If you like the Vista, and it's also cheaper... It seems fairly easy to me. Then again, I'm a Hot Spring fan through and through. Great spa brand. But again, I'd buy Hot Spring over D1 any day. *shrugs*
  22. Buy Local - Period. That being said, what I mean is buy from a local, reputable dealer. Keep in mind also, that purchasing a hot tub simply because it's "made locally" isn't always the best idea. We have some spas built locally up here in our cold winter climate, that are not very energy efficient. Even though they're built in a cold climate. Obviously as a Hot Spring dealer & fan, I have some bias anyhow. But the Hot Spring brand is very, very well known as a strong quality product. Even Hot Spring's staunchest of competitors will admit that Hot Spring is a great option. Compare the spas you're interested in, and see what works best for you. Sit in them if you can. Make sure each has a local dealer that can support you for technical difficulties, repairs, water care questions, etc. Watkins Manufacturing (who makes Hot Spring) has been a major player since they began back in 1977. They've got over 800 dealers throughout the world. So you'll always be able to get support from someone, which is nice peace of mind for sure. - End Soap Box -
  23. That serial number is a 2006. As an '06 it should have Stainless Steel jet coverings. So there may not be immediately visible pH induced fading. $3,800 is a pretty fair private party price for that kind of hot tub. As with any used spa, I would always recommend viewing it while it's filled and running. That way you can see that the jets work, it's not leaking, and heated properly. On a newer spa like that, leaks aren't much of a worry. However, if you're in a cold climate you want to make sure they never left it "empty" in the winter.
  24. Eehhhh..... "nice" looking perhaps. But nothing in the $4k range is even going to compare to a quality spa like a Hot Spring Envoy. Personally, I think $3,500 for a 2007 Envoy is a good deal. Assuming everything is functional (heats, jets work, no leaks, etc) I'd say it's a great hot tub that you'll most certainly enjoy. One thing to simply consider, is that you may need/want to invest in a new cover in the next couple years depending on it's shape.
  25. The 1998 Classic should have a power light ON THE SPA by the Jet controls. When you reset the plugin, does this light come on (or even blink?) If the light does not come on at all, or does not blink, then there is a literal power issue. It could be that it's simply not getting power (due to failure in the outlet, GFCI plugin, etc). It could also be an indication of a ground fault interrupt resetting the plugin as Dan suggested. 1) If you simply press the "Reset" button on the GFCI plug end, does it click or reset? 2) If you press the "Test" button on the GFCI plug end, does it click or reset? - These two can help us determine if the GFCI plug end is bad, or if it's being tripped off by the spa. 3) If the power light on the spa comes on, or blinks, then it is getting power. At this point, you'll want to start troubleshooting internal issues (usually the spa shutting down due to no circ pump action, or a heater high temp trip (can also be no circ pump action)). EDIT: Just realized this is an OLD thread.
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