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  1. Sorry for the late reply back with results. The disconnecting the other control board worked a treat so he's waiting until after the summer and then get it fixed. Thanks.
  2. ^Thanks for this. He's currently aboard at his mother-in-law's funeral and due back on Wednesday so will report back once he tries it out. Hope it works for him.
  3. ^ He don't fancy a big repair bill this side of his holidays but wants to still use the tub, can this aux panel be by-passed and allow only the main panel outside to tub to control everything?
  4. I'll need to ask if it turned off after so many minutes or remained on. It's about 5 and 1/2 years old I believe and no panels have ever been replaced as far as I'm aware. You say aux panel which one is that, the one you operate from inside the tub or on the outside panel?
  5. The brother-in-law's Hotspring Envoy has started to turn its pumps on itself. They woke this morning to the tub pumping away. Any ideas???
  6. First let me say sorry you are having such an awful time sorting your tub, but luckily you have the ear of a great water wizard in the shape of Waterbear because if you follow his advice as I have done you will like me have this whole water chemistry under control in no time at all and never look back. I've a Coast running with 3step bromine system and water looks great, keeping it that way is child's play and my Coast hasn't missed a beat. Good luck with what you do but I would seriously listen to WB and make the switch to bromine.
  7. When chlorine levels go very high you quite offer find pH levels hit the floor and give the chlorine a false reading, adding baking soda restores pH and you might often find the chlorine reading drop a bit too.
  8. I think I was just pissed off that after all these years working with the same pool guy and thought he was decent that he would advise repairing an ageing pump that ended up costing me more than double a new one and only lasting just over a year was ridiculous. My point was for others to not be as stupid as I and look around to see whether you are being given the best advice and deal. P.S. sorry if my remarks came across as if I meant all pool professionals were the same.
  9. This is a question to the guys that really know about water quality. My pump has finally arrived after a full week of not working i.e. no circulating the water. Will superchlorinating the water after replacing the pump for a few days be enough or will I need to dump the water and replace with fresh water, remember the temperature of the water has dropped steadily to a now 23C.
  10. Sorry for making it sound like the cover is on its last legs because that's not the case, all I meant was the cover needs far more care than I ever thought possible to keep it looking good. I assumed that twice a year giving it a clean and polish would have been enough but I'm finding every two months at least.
  11. Well I thought it was time to do a report on owning a Coast Spa and possible pitfalls as I'm now 18 months in to ownership. Sorry guys but there's nothing to report, the spa has never missed a beat, everything works perfectly as well as the day it arrived and I'm still on my first pair of filters which are still looking great. Only thing I would say is that the cover needs a lot of care to keep good, might be the same for all of them, may be or constantly damp cold winter we have here but I doubt I'll see 5~6 years out of this cover.
  12. Well 10 years in and I've finally needed to replace my pool pump after the motor burnt out last week. It was a Starite 3/4HP but as this pump had given problems off and on over the last 3 years I decided it's time for a change so I've picked a Certikin Aquaspeed this time. The big shock was the price, like a mug got the pool guy to repair my aging pump last time at an expense of almost £380 which involved repair to pump and getting the electrical motor checked but it was the callout and hour rate which jumped this figure to £750. Well the brand new pump has ended up costing me only £370 delivered and the only expense after this is for the electrician to wire it up. Note to self: Always look around because guys are out to stiff you at every opportunity.
  13. My pool has swimming jets which have small valves which you twist and suck in air from the room itself to add inline as the water comes out through the jets, no pump what so ever. Don't know how it's plumbed behind the scenes but all I do know is you don't always need a blower to add air to the system and by God can these jets push with some force.
  14. From personal experience I would not store measuring strips or testing tablets in anything that can have high variations in both temperature and humidity. A cool dark room or cupboard is much better suited and the same is most likely true for chemicals.
  15. This is normal, if you read your test kit it will say to crush tablet and take the reading right away. Just ignore this reading that read over 10ppm.
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