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  1. • If you turn on the air injectors and a lot of bubbles foam you have a foam problem. If you turn the air injection off and the bubbles dissipate fairly quickly most likely the bubbles are caused by non oxidized oils and organics. ummmm, most likely the cause is a high total dissolved solids levels (think minerals). Could this also be caused by Borate?
  2. Thanks Again Guys. It is an older spa, maybe 6-7 yrs old. So I guess I'll need to call them directly if I can't get the noise down. I placed the spa on a hollow boxed deck and it amplifies a really deep humming that I can hear through the house and all the way in my front yard. In other places I can barely hear it, but I'm sure one of my neighbors is getting the blunt of it. I have added a rubber mat under and some fiberglass insulation and rubber around the door panel. It has helped a bunch but it still quite noisy. On the next refill I will spin the spa so the access door is pointing toward some bushes and away from the houses to minimize the noise for my neighbors. Chris
  3. Thanks Guys, I don't even know where the control box is!! But figured it wasn't going to be possible but thought I'd ask just in case..
  4. Hi, I have a Dream Maker spa that I keep on a timer because of the noise late at night. Because the power is cut off each night the thermostat gets reset to 100 degrees every night and I have to manually set the temp to 103. My question is; is there a way to change the default temp to 103 degrees? I tried to figure out what type of controller it has but I had no luck. Thanks for any help. Chris
  5. Great Guys, Really appreciate the info.!!
  6. I just tested for Bromine with a dpd test and felt it was pretty low as I put 1/2 tbs of mps in the tub last night after soaking. I left the water in the tube while I looked up how to use another test and when I picked up the tube again in a few minutes the Bromine test had become very dark and indicated that the Bromine was over 10. I tested with an oto test and it also indicated that the bromine was about 2ppm. Any reason for this slow rise in the test? I checked a second time with both tests with the same results. Weird? or just something I never knew about?
  7. Yep that is the one... Thanks. And thanks for the interest in my post. Maybe someone will find it useful sometime.
  8. It may be a bit of both but there is certainly a lot of vibration that is increased from being on the box deck. I opened the cabinet and stuffed some strips of the rubber mat that I had left over and some fiberglass insulation in areas that seemed to have alot of vibration. I also added rubber matting around the cabinet door to keep it from vibrating as much and insulation to the inside of the door between the vents. Not sure what exactly worked but it is much much quieter now. As a side question. I noticed I long bare wire attached to the outside of the pump. Is this the thermometer/ thermostat? If I move it away from the pump will it allow my tub to get hotter?
  9. Ok so I've placed a 3/4 inch rubber mat under the tub and I don't notice any difference in noise, in fact it sounds louder as I've rotated the tub so the pump is closer to my house... The pump has a rubber gasket between it and the base of the spa but it is thin and looks pretty hard. Do you think getting a thicker, softer piece of rubber would help? What if i used a separate piece of rubber under each mounting screw rather than one solid piece of rubber? Hope some one here has fixed this before. Thanks Guys!
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't able to sign in for some reason... I wonder if the mats that have holes in them would be more or less effective than a solid rubber mat? Anyway I'll follow up on here to let anyone who may be interested in the outcome. Will be a couple weeks as I don't want to dump the spa until after I return from Memorial Day weekend. Thanks again and hopefully I wont be locked out again...
  11. Hi Everyone. Just found the forum and within minutes I was able to fix the water problem I was having! However I still have a bigger problem, my spa is ridiculously LOUD. I have it on an 8" deck that sits directly on the ground. It's as if the deck is acting like a guitar body and is amplifying the hum... I was considering getting some rubber mats like for under children's play equipment or you find in gyms but don't really know. Any experience? or ideas? Thanks guys, great info. here. Forgot to mention that I have a Dream Maker with the plastic body that uses heat transfer to heat the spa so it runs alot. Also, I just added a timer so it turns off overnight which is already a big improvement.
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