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  1. We are a group of 40+ ex customers, whom are supporting those within it who have not received their full refunds, the first unrefunded member is from February 2009...... the earliest Refunded memeber is from September 2007, eventually refunded in JUne 2010....... The total money taken from this group from Scotland to Cornwall is a staggering £300,000 Plus,,,,,, some of us have fought through the County Court HMCS online system, some have used solicitors, & some have just 'fought' to get their hard earned money back..... Presently the money still owed out to our un-refunded members at thi
  2. As a duped but refunded customer of this unscrupulous company we are helping many customers in the same position as we were. IF you have bought a hot tub from this company and parted with your money but not had delivery but are being told it has not been 'shipped' yet then please post/message on here and we will ALL help you. They also operate under many other web domains.........but it is still THE TRADE PRICE GROUP
  3. Same company as The Trade Price Group aka SPa Serve aka;- Insparations first choice hot tubs & loads more do not trust them, search the other posts on here and can you trust them website... NOT TO BE TRUSTED... you will be duped out of your money for more info message me
  4. Beware;- UKHOTTUBSFORSALE.COM is The Trade Price Group aka SPa Serve, Endless court Judgements against these conmen, NOT TO BE TRUSTED message me if you want solid info, we have masses, and are assisting Trading Standards with their case against the four partners;- Simon Foster Katie Foster STuart Cox Patrick Murray Jonathon Husselbee is the General Manager, just google him and you will see complaints from claimants who have won against them in court and Husselbee was the one who calls just before to pay you off.. IF YOU do get sold anything from them BUY IT WITH YOUR CREDIT
  5. We are in process of claiming our £4590 back from 12th August 2009. Collating all information from the hundreds maybe even thousands of ex customers of these two comanies, we know there are more of you via their other 'older' sales arms, Insparations, hdi enterprises, first choice etc., We also welcome recommendation from anyone who has since bought and received their purchase from reputable companies with good back up service, unlike THE TRADE PRICE GROUP & SPA SERVE. Thank you!
  6. there are four partners, and the tubs do come from j&j china, and the distribution/mother co is Spa Serve and the sales arms are The Trade price Group, ukhottubs, first choice, hdi enterprises (folded I think already along with Insparations)....... they are professional con men, liars and we have just found out the salesman who visited us gave a false name and was actually one of the partners........ we won't give up on this and are flabbergasted at the number of helpful contacts and details coming through to us now........ whatever anyone does out there do not buy from these people, d
  7. We are taking Trade price Group to court at this moment, have had meeting with Trading Standards giving full statement, Contact us direct on kaywat@hotmail.co.uk with any info as we are collating full file against these crooks, they MUST BE STOPPED
  8. Finally, Small claim has been lodged, (they are defending under their unfair clause in their contract 4.2).. anyway Hurrah we have now had TRADING STANDARDS OFFICER VISIT OUR HOME and he has taken a full STATEMENT from us and we WILL be giving evidence against SIMON FOSTER, STUART COX, JONATHON HUSSLEBEE OF THE TRADE PRICE GROUP RUGELEY aka, UKHOTTUBS aka SPA SERVE ............ we will happily go to court as witnesses for STAFFORDSHIRE TRADING STANDARDS when they get the case against them, even if our SMALL CLAIM we have ongoing doesn't satisfy us. We have also written to every Newspa
  9. HI anyone else out there instigated Legal Proceedings against this company, they are linked to Spa Serve we understand, we have been well and truly mislead, and are substantially out of pocket. Any help much appreciated.
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