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Motor shuts off

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I have a 2013 Hotsprings Jetsetter tub with a single speed Wavemaster motor. Motor was whining so I replaced bearings and seal. Put it back together and now when I turn jets on the motor runs for 10 seconds and turns off. It will immediately turn back on again but only run for 10 seconds. No breakers tripping. No air locks because when pump is running it’s like a new pump circulating water very strongly. Seems like some kind of timer issue but I don’t see any timer settings anywhere on the control pad. It ran fine before I took it apart but it was whining. I must have done something wrong. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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No buzzing noise before shutting off. It’s a single speed motor. This tub also has a smaller motor which circulates water 24/7. Unit was wired just fine. I removed wires to replace parts but rewired exactly as it was when I took it apart. I just had to remove white and black wires from their terminals and remove nut holding ground wire. Is it possible to install bearings upside down?? 

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16 minutes ago, Rxgofishing said:

Is it possible to install bearings upside down?? 


Is there a second single speed motor in the spa that you can plug into that spot to eliminate the circuit board as the problem? Disconnect the pump from the board and test for constant power coming off the board when the pump is engaged on topside.

Is the motor hot to the touch when it cuts out? Can you put your hand on it for more than a second? Seems like thermo cut out.

Second/third look at wiring can't hurt. 

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I'd guess stuck or damaged start switch/centrifugal switch. The wishbone design is easily damaged when removing the rotor and can end up on the wrong side of the centrifugal switch when putting it back together. So it only runs on the start winding, which trips the thermal cutout in seconds. Won't ever get hot enough to feel it with your hand.

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