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Help And Advice For Hot Tub Pump and Controller

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Thanks I am attaching a photo of the board, one of my current wiring config. The board photo has the 10 dip Switches could you tell me how to set them.   The pump specs I found on line show the current pump as two speed but this pump is single only. 
Just for conversation sake could you advise me on new equipment pump, controller/heater and top side control panel  

thanks so much this is a great forum  




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1-off (down)

2-not sure what panel you have.

3-optional, I would turn on.







10-can't read it on your pic.

I would use the same pump that was originally in it. I am not clear if your posted info is the oem pump. What brand and year was it? @CanadianSpaTechis right, too much pump can damage all kinds of things.

For spa packs, I would say Balboa vs500. But the control panel is probably different and will require some modifications to make it work. Post a pic of the control panel.

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I see you already did. The vs system does not use that topside. That seems to be proprietary (made for a certain brand of spa). The LB in your system model number appears to stand for "Leisure Bay", and was used in several brands of spas but may not be available anymore. I haven't shopped for one of those in many years, and I didn't have alot of luck finding the pack available anywhere. You may have to make some sort of adapter plate to use a vs system and control panel.

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I can deal with the top side acrylic repair or making more holes. I would rather put in a new top side panel to match the controller. 
I don't have access to the old equipment to know what the OEM was. I do know it is a 2010 Watkins tub was wired 110. I would rather use 220v. 
If replacing the equipment is not cost effective I will bite the bullet and buy a new tub. I may be able to sell what I have. 
thanks for the reply. 

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The existing hole may be too large for the plastic adapter plate that will come in the new Balboa vs500.

Costs will likely be around $800 for pack and pump.

Watkins have some unique plumbing and usually use a 24/7 circulation pump. Please post a pic of your equipment area so we can see what is going on with the plumbing.

On a watkins tub I would go with a 2HP pump at most.


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That is a strange looking watkins. I can see the sticker so know you are right, but that's a new one on me. Does it have a big control pad on the front?

@castletonia, can you identify this tub? Is any of this equipment original? It doesn't appear to have ever had an iq pack or circ pump, and has a single filter and lots of jets. Could it be running a 4hp?

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I bought it as a Hot Springs. The guy sold it to me as a functioning tub the original equipment was hit by lightning. This was a bad decision on my part. I am trying to make a working tub but open to buying a new one instead of pouring good money after bad. 

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It's a 2010 Solana SX.  It did not ship with a Balboa pack and it would have came with a 1.5HP pump.  It only uses 1 filter.  It had an option to add a circulation pump but from the factory it came with a 2 speed pump.  The thing that was referenced as a blower is the filter canister.

Guess this was re-packed with whatever was available and at the lowest cost. 

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Thanks @castletonia.

So there is your pump answer. A vs500 will run it, but you will have an issue with the topside as I mentioned.

I would guess that was a used control system from another spa that was not worth fixing. It happens quite a bit in the used spa resale business. But that doesn't excuse the single speed 4hp pump or dipswitch issues.



The pump is a must, but the control system might work fine with the dipswitches set. I would get a new heater element in there if it does though. If that heater does work (not convinced) it won't for much longer.


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