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  1. I bought it as a Hot Springs. The guy sold it to me as a functioning tub the original equipment was hit by lightning. This was a bad decision on my part. I am trying to make a working tub but open to buying a new one instead of pouring good money after bad.
  2. I can deal with the top side acrylic repair or making more holes. I would rather put in a new top side panel to match the controller. I don't have access to the old equipment to know what the OEM was. I do know it is a 2010 Watkins tub was wired 110. I would rather use 220v. If replacing the equipment is not cost effective I will bite the bullet and buy a new tub. I may be able to sell what I have. thanks for the reply.
  3. Thanks I am attaching a photo of the board, one of my current wiring config. The board photo has the 10 dip Switches could you tell me how to set them. The pump specs I found on line show the current pump as two speed but this pump is single only. Just for conversation sake could you advise me on new equipment pump, controller/heater and top side control panel thanks so much this is a great forum
  4. This may answer some questions regarding the pump. I pulled of the cover to the wiring connections on the pump motor there is only connections plus the ground so this pump Executive 56 PF-40-1N22M cannot be wired for 2 speeds. I guess I will still check the controller to see if it will operate a 2 speed instead of 1 pumps. Considering the age of the controller it is probably beneficial to replace everything with the proper equipment. I would appreciate any recommendations. On a side note I did contact Balboa to get their take on the controller with one pump. They are going to call me and d
  5. I looked the motor up on line see the attached info thanks.
  6. The 4 Hp came with the tub. It was put on by the guy I purchased it from. I am basically trying to get the tub to work without sinking any more money in it. I am getting great assistance on this forum. I am aware that the controller is old and will need to be replaced sooner than later. It would be nice if I could find a matched pump, controller/heater and topside controller panel at a reasonable price. Thanks for your reply.
  7. I removed the cover on the "moto massager" the thing a ma bob moves up and down with the flow. I will further investigate the wiring and post back. I very much appreciate your assistance.
  8. Thanks. Hopefully the controller and heater is ok. Sounds like a plan. So the two speed pump will work with the existing controller even though it is designed for two pumps?
  9. What I thought was a blower must be something else the wires are two small.
  10. yes I installed a 50 amp GFI disconnect outside. Even if the heater is working. Is this beast salvageable. thanks Heyward
  11. The temp of the tub increased when I turned it on but I cut it back below 100° to save energy. The power connection is correct the wire colors may indicate otherwise. I was unable to locate 6 3 with a ground so I used 6 2 and added the neutral. Hot legs are Black and White And the neutral is white and black. I live in a small town and my choices are limited on the wire. next question. What are suggestions should I buy a new tub, I learned my lesson with the used tubs. Thanks
  12. Thanks I just happened to have a picture of the switches. I changed one switch Yesterday to read temp in centigrade to see if it Panel would respond and it did. I will send additional pictures this evening if I get home before dark. I am at the hospital with my wife today she has hip surgery. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Attached is Photo of actual circuit board as it is currently wired. By the way I opened the pump yesterday to make sure it was not air locked and water immediately leaked out no air. Thanks for the help.
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