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question about pentair amerlite grounding

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So, had to get a new light. Old one leaked and destroyed the insides. On a budget so didnt go fancy, as light is never really used and didnt want to spend a fortune. Had a Pentair intellibrite halogen and replaced with a pentair Amerlite. Incredibly hard to get old wire out, so after reading suggestions  to remove the ground wire, i was able to get it out. Its a 100 foot run. Got the new light cable and a new #8 green ground wire in fairly easily with wire lube. NOW, when I was removing the old light, the bolt on top holding housing into niche was seized and it took the threading out with it. I figured once I got the new light I would figure out how to get it to stay. But now after reading the install manual, the bolt that holds the light is also part of the ground system by I guess bonding the light housing to the metal in the housing which in turn goes to ground lug to #8 ground back to power source.

   So, I went in pool with my goggles and saw the flat metal ring around niche and saw how it connected into where the bolt would go to hold light in. But now, I have nothing to thread onto. SO, first question is, is there a way to fix this so I am sure i am getting the proper ground? I saw a metal ring you can buy for about 50 bucks that seems to fit into the housing and has the notch on bottom and the screw hole on top. Would this tie into the ground if I were to use that? Any other ideas or solutions to this problem. Im guessing Im not the first to have this problem?

  One last thing, in removing the ground, I had to remove the potting compound. After putting new ground on lug, I covered it up with some jb weld wet area stuff. DO I need to use potting compound? I guess if I have to, I can lower pool at end of season and do it if needed, as yuou cant do this underwater, right? Right now, to drain it to fill it back up takes a toll on our well and we get iron that turns everything orange, as well as pool green, so really would like to avoid that for now, mid summer. 

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As long as you make metal to metal contact do what you can to make it work. When you say the threads came out what doea that mean. Is the niche metal or plastic?  

The potting compound seals the ground lug from the water. The chlorine content will degrade the exposed wire amd after time could eat it all the way thru. Potting compound can be found in any electrical supply house amd many places online

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