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  1. So, had to get a new light. Old one leaked and destroyed the insides. On a budget so didnt go fancy, as light is never really used and didnt want to spend a fortune. Had a Pentair intellibrite halogen and replaced with a pentair Amerlite. Incredibly hard to get old wire out, so after reading suggestions to remove the ground wire, i was able to get it out. Its a 100 foot run. Got the new light cable and a new #8 green ground wire in fairly easily with wire lube. NOW, when I was removing the old light, the bolt on top holding housing into niche was seized and it took the threading out with it.
  2. I am going to add some pics as I am not sure what the part I am referring to is called, but I am helping neighbor fire up her hot tub that's been dormant/empty for about 5 years. It's inside. No leaks so far and all electronics seem to be functioning properly, but when I turn on the jet 2 (it's a balboa vs510sz control box), i hear a sort of rattling, knocking noise, like a ball or a something knocking around inside the jets. I pulled the panel from the area of suspected jets, and sure enough, the noise is coming from these "jet" fittings. spa side, they are two long narrow jets that for a t.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place for this post. Please redirect or let me know and I'll move it to proper location.... Had this heater that came with pool when we got the house. first try didn't work, but ended up being the orifices, and after cleaning the burners and all, it was working great...for about 2 seasons. End of last season, went to turn it on and it just cycled about 3 times and then just shut off. I get the 3 flash led which means ignition lock out. Anyway, at the time, I ordered a new ignitor. The old one I tested, and I was getting no continuity. Installed the new one, and
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