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Filter pressure question

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Opened my pool yesterday. The filter pressure opened at 7 and several hours later was at 17,so I backwashed and readded DE. A couple of hours later it went back to 17 so I put it on circulate overnight. When I put it back to filter, the pressure was back to 7. 2 hours later it went back to 17. I turned the pump off for a few minutes and turned it back on and it was back to 7. Any thoughts? 

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53 minutes ago, Marco Pulone said:

i believe this is the  DE re compacting to the grids after loosening, and is a good thing to happen. correct me Please, I'm learning 🙂

My experience has always been 7 psi after backwashing but never after just turning off the pump for a few minutes or after recirculating. My fear is air in the system.

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Air in the system will not give you high pressure.  Perhaps, if the pump cannot get going at full flow due to air being drawn into the pump, you may get low pressure, but not high.  Think of your filter as a restriction in the system and the pressure gauge is just before that restriction.  A high pressure would indicate increased flow OR the filter beginning to get, or getting dirty and may need to be cleaned.  If your pool is very dirty (reduced clarity) it may not be uncommon for you to have to clean the filter several times before the pool is crystal clear again. 

How clear was the water before you started?

How long have you had this filter?  DE Filter grids do wear, and can collapse over time, or, if they have consistently been over charged with DE, that will greatly reduce their life as well, and give the symptoms you are getting.  Now having said all that, 17 psi on the filter is not considered an excessive or dangerous pressure.

Some systems, 17 psi is a good clean pressure.

Running in recirc by-passes the filter completely, and does little more than move the water around in the pool.    If you are concerned that you may damage something, you are better to turn off the filter pump than to run in re-circulation. 



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