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  1. Marco Pulone

    Pool pump question

    well as long as the pump didnt run dry it should be fine. if it did, a new seal may be in order.
  2. I believe this is quite common, due to the small amounts being worn from the liner. in a few years it may wear through, but not soon.
  3. Marco Pulone

    Clearwater Spa, no circ or blower

    so the jet pumps 1 and 2 both work, but the circulation pump and blower dont work. Probably a stuck relay or two, or both motors are dead.
  4. Marco Pulone

    Ozone Question

  5. Marco Pulone

    heating element replacement

    If it's just the heater, buying a replacement and swapping them out should fix the issue. what spa controller does your spa have?
  6. Marco Pulone

    Can three elements (2 new) be bad? HELP!

    no, I do not believe new elements should go bad this fast. are there special 120V elements?
  7. Marco Pulone

    Spa cycles on, off frequently

    it sounds like you have either a bad board or very unlikely a bad sensor.
  8. Marco Pulone

    Filter pressure question

  9. Marco Pulone

    Filter pressure question

    i believe this is the DE re compacting to the grids after loosening, and is a good thing to happen. correct me Please, I'm learning 🙂
  10. Marco Pulone

    Marquis Vector 21

    so we are looking at a vector 21 V94L. what is your feelings about this tub?
  11. Marco Pulone

    blowing sb25amp fuse

    is the fuse powering the entire tub? what voltage is it? what model is it? is the heater on the same circuit?
  12. Marco Pulone

    Is hot tubs safe for kids?

    a good rule of thumb is to limit children 5 and under to 10 minutes. older than that you should be fine. although i would keep the water at 99 until they get to around 10.
  13. the check valve has failed on your Ozone injector. it will need replacement, or you can remove it. this is NOT a drain, do NOT cap it off unless you will never use ozone in your tub.
  14. that is a mazzei injector, for an ozonator. if your spa does not have an ozonator, it either used to or could have one added. it may be clogged, resulting in a water backup, causing water to spew out.
  15. Marco Pulone

    Dream maker spa part identification?

    well, if your spa has a seperate heater, I think you're all good. if it doesnt, you need a water jacket for your new pump.