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  1. 2 year old pump,inground pool. Taking long to clear,return flow is definitely lower than last year and has bubbles. Leak on the suction side? Also,never noticed or remembered,my backwash pressure is 18 psi while the filtering pressure is 5PSI. Is that normal?
  2. Found the union to the pump squirting on shutdown,replaced and everything is working perfectly,not that anyone cares.
  3. Noticed a squirt out of the union entering the pump on shutdown
  4. Pump is 1 year old and was working fine yesterday,but a multipprt union was spraying and it was cracked. Today I glued on a new union and a few hours later started the pump and cannot get suction. Admission-When I started it yesterday I primed it with 2 gallons of shock,thinking it would circulate for hours but the crack made me shut it down immediately. The shock sat in the basket and wherever else overnight. Could I have screwed up the impeller or something? When I fill the basket with water,the pump sucks it down but does not draw water through the suction lines.
  5. I have a 20+ year old superpump and have never had a problem with it. The inground pool,with a clean filter,opens at about 8 PSI. It used to require backwashing between 17 and 21 PSI. Now it requires backwashing between 12 and 15,and the pool is growing algae much quicker. Do I try an impeller first,or is this indicating a worn out pump? Thanks.
  6. My experience has always been 7 psi after backwashing but never after just turning off the pump for a few minutes or after recirculating. My fear is air in the system.
  7. Opened my pool yesterday. The filter pressure opened at 7 and several hours later was at 17,so I backwashed and readded DE. A couple of hours later it went back to 17 so I put it on circulate overnight. When I put it back to filter, the pressure was back to 7. 2 hours later it went back to 17. I turned the pump off for a few minutes and turned it back on and it was back to 7. Any thoughts?
  8. Is anyone familiar with this direct drive wall climber? My neighbor's no longer moves and I can't find any info online.
  9. My neighbor complained to me her pump basket would fill with all air in 15 minutes. She had 2 pool companies pressure test the suction lines and they were good. Is 45 minutes of holding pressure good enough? I went over there and checked the impeller,basket gasket,basket drains and fittings and they are all good. I snaked out the line for an obstruction and it was good. It is a 40 year old gunite pool with original DE filter,that had the elements and Valpak backwash valve changed last year. When I ran the pump,it never got to more than 75% water in the basket. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks. I went with the T103. 120V.
  11. Thank you. I only have 120V at the pool house.
  12. My pool pump has never been on a timer. I'm gonna need one this year as we go away for 3 weeks in July. Any suggestions on a mechanical type timer? Thanks. 120V
  13. My pool pump has never been on a timer. I'm gonna need one this year as we go away for 3 weeks in July. Any suggestions on a mechanical type timer? Thanks.
  14. My inground pool has 2 suction ports,one at the skimmer and one a foot below the skimmer. In the past I have drained the pool about 18 inches to blow out that bottom line and plugged it. Is there a more efficient and less costly way? I thought there maybe a plug with a check valve allowing to blow through but not allowing water to flow back in. Thanks.
  15. So no symptoms if shaft seal or impeller or bearing is failing.
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